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Course Name: Hyperion SmartView
Course Duration: 15 hours.
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Course Topics
Introduction to Smart View
 Oracle’s Hyperion ...
BISP Solution Inc
Taking Data Forms Offline
 Offline Planning Overview
 Offli...
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BISP is an IT Training and Consulting Company. We are Subject Matter Experts for DHW and BI technologies. We provide Live virtual Online global IT support and services like online software training, live virtual online lab services, virtual online job support with highly intellectual professional trainers and skilled resources , predominantly In Oracle BI, Oracle Data Integrator, Hyperion Product stack, Oracle Middleware solution, Oracle SoA, AIA Informatica, IBM Datastage and IBM Cognos .
BISP has footprints virtually across USA, CANADA, UK, SINGAPORE, SAUDI ARABIA, AUSTRALIA and more by providing live virtual support services from India for fresh graduates, opt students, working professionals etc. Being a live virtual online training the support , training and service methodology is just click away considerably reducing your TIME,INFRASTRUCTURE and Cost effective.

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Smartview course-content

  1. 1. BISP Solution Inc Course Name: Hyperion SmartView Course Duration: 15 hours. Course Description: In this course, you learn how to use Smart View to enter and analyze Planning data. You learn how to enter data into grids, work with task lists, manage the Planning approval process, take data forms offline, and use ad hoc tools to analyze data and create data slices. You then learn how to embed dynamic data points into Microsoft Office documents, and how to import Workspace content into Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Exercises provide hands-on practice. out how to use Drupal's documentation to learn about the rest. Take Away: Student Guide, Lab Guide. Class Delivery: On-Line ( Interactive Web Based ) Audience  Business Analysts  Developer  End Users  Project Manager Course Objectives  Open and navigate data forms  Enter,spread,and calculate data in data forms  Perform approval process tasks such as validating and promoting planning units  Open and complete task lists in Microsoft Excel and Outlook  adhoc analysis to to analyze Planning data slices  Set Smart View options  Connect to shared and private data sources  Manage Planning data in offline mode  Embed dynamic data points into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint  Import Workspace documents into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint  Navigate the Smart View interface  Describe the key features and benefits of Smart View for Planning
  2. 2. BISP Solution Inc Course Topics Introduction to Smart View  Oracle’s Hyperion EPM System  Smart View Overview  Oracle Hyperion Architecture  Installing Smart View  Smart View Excel Interface  Connection Types  Connecting to Data Sources  Smart View Options Entering Data in Data Forms  Working with Data Forms in Excel  Entering Data  Annotating Data Cells  Calculating Data Values  Submitting Data  Monitoring Planning Jobs in Job Console Managing the Approval Process  Planning Approval Process Overview  Viewing Planning Unit Details  Validating Planning Units  Resolving Data Validation Errors  Changing Planning Unit Statuses  Annotating Planning Units  Setting Up Out of Office Assistant  Moving Version Data Between Planning Units Managing Task Lists  Task List Overview  Opening Task Lists  Viewing Task Details and Instructions  Executing and Completing Tasks  Printing Task Detail Analyzing Data with Ad Hoc Analysis Tools  Ad Hoc Analysis Overview  Starting Ad Hoc Analysis  Zooming In and Out on Dimensions  Formatting Ad Hoc Grids  Selecting POV Dimension Members  Pivoting Dimensions and Removing Dimension Members  Saving Ad Hoc Grids  Cascading Data Slices
  3. 3. BISP Solution Inc Taking Data Forms Offline  Offline Planning Overview  Offline Planning Process  Downloading Data Forms  Connecting to Offline Data Sources  Entering, Analyzing, and Adjusting Data Offline  Synchronizing Offline Data to Planning  Refreshing Offline Data Form Definitions Embedding Dynamic Data Points  Embedding Excel Data Points in Word  Embedding Excel Data Points in PowerPoint  Copying and Pasting Data Points across Microsoft Office  Changing the POV in Word and PowerPoint Importing Workspace Documents into Microsoft Office  Integration Overview  Importing Workspace Documents  Editing and Refreshing Workspace Documents