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  1. 1. SEXTING: JUSTRIGHT ORUNREASONABLE?By: Chasity Coward & Alondra Delgado
  2. 2. What is “sexting”?
  3. 3. Would anyone like to beclaimed as a sex offender justbecause they accidentlyreceived an inappropriate andunprofessional picture from arandom friend?
  4. 4. Well, did you know that in2013, not every case has toresult in being registered as asex offender?
  5. 5. Texting would be very dangerous if this wholeclass decided it was okay to send an explicitmessage.This is why the consequences ofsexting are necessary.
  6. 6. “A study of US teens showed that about 39%had received texts or emails with sexuallysuggestive content
  7. 7. Was the message intended forhim or him and all hisfriends?
  8. 8. Watch This!!!
  9. 9. Questions What is the percentage of teens that havereceived sexual content that was intended tobe sent to someone else? 40%
  10. 10.  Who is more likely to have sent a nakedphoto or video of themselves: Male orFemale? 13% are female 9% are male