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Drought ppt (1)


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drought with a perspective from settlement geography and environment. with a case study of USA and Haryana India.

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Drought ppt (1)

  2. 2. JUSTIFICATION TEXAS IN U.S • Texas is second largest and populous state in U.S. • Texas leads the nation in livestock production , production of sheep and goat products . • Texas would be the 14th largest economy in the world by GDP. ( gross domestic product). • texas is the best state in u.s…. since it is hammered by droughts throughout centuries it highly matters. HARYANA IN INDIA • Haryana is also one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia and its. • Haryana is India's largest manufacturer of passenger cars, two-wheelers, and tractors. • Since 2000, the state has emerged as the largest recipient of investment per capita in India • Haryana is also one of the wealthier states of India and had the second highest per capita income in the country
  3. 3. • Historyof Texasbegins with the arrival of the first Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) in the region now known as Texas in 1519, who found the region populated by numerous Native American tribes. • During the period from 1519 to 1848, all or parts of Texas were claimed by six countries: France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America—as well as the Confederate States of America in 1861–65. GENESIS OF TEXAS TIMELINE FRENCH TEXAS 1684–1689 SPANISH TEXAS 1690–1821 MEXICAN TEXAS 1821–1836 REPUBLIC OF TEXAS 1836–1845 STATEHOOD 1845–1860 CIVIL WAR ERA 1861–1865 RECONSTRUCTION 1865–1899 U.S STATE OF TEXAS
  4. 4. DROUGHT IN TEXAS & TIMELINE OF DROUGHT • The main culprit of the intense 2011 dryness was a weather pattern where the surface temperatures are cooler in the Pacific. This in turn creates drier,warmerweatherinthesouthernU.S. • A drought occurs when a region stays abnormally dry for a long enough period to cause an imbalance in the water cycle • 2011 was the driest year ever for Texas, with an average of only 14.8 inches of rain. • The high summer temperatures increased evaporation, further lowering riverandlakelevels.
  5. 5. PRE & POST SCENARIO OF DROUGHT (2011) POST SCENARIO: • Texas: $5.2 billion in agricultural losses throughJuly • Livestock $2.1 billion, Crop losses $3.1 billion • $13.1 billion in agricultural losses since 1998 • The Texas Water Plan is the state’s response to drought. • As of June, 2014, 70 percent of Texas is stillindrought conditions, while 21 percent is in the worst two stages of drought, either extreme or exceptional drought. • EVEN TEXAS IS FORCED TO DRINK TREATED WASTE WATER. The cost of trucking in water to Groesbeck (population 6000) would cost over $60,000/day. • Looking at the history, it’s clear that drought and extreme weather are nothing new to Texas •The first droughts are recorded in 1870 PRE SCENARIO:
  6. 6. SEVERITY OF DROUGHT IN TEXAS A warning sign along the shore of the dried O.C. Fisher Lake this summer in San Angelo, Texas.
  7. 7. GENESIS OF HARYANA • On 1 November 1966, Haryana was carved out on the basis of that the parts of Punjab which were to be Haryana's "Hindi-speaking areas. • With just 1.37 per cent of the total geographical area and less than two per cent of India’s population, Haryana has carved out a special niche of distinction for itself PRE AND POST SCENARIO OF DROUGHT PRE SCENARIO POST SCENARIO • IN 1970,HARYANA ESTABLISHED CHAUDHARY CHARAN SINGH HARYANA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY. • agricultural and manufacturing industry has experienced sustained growth since the 1970S • The year after 1989 witnessed a very favorable monsoon for agricultural production in the Country. • HARYANA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY ,WHICH IS THE BIGGEST UNIVERSITY IN ASIA THERE WAS PLANTATION OF TREES AFTER DROUGHT IN HARYANA Haryana is also one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia and its.
  8. 8. DROUGHT IN HARYANA AND TIMELINE & SEVERITY DROUGHT IN HARYANA • About 50% of the state has a moisture deficit. • Out of 12 districts in the state, 4 are drought-prone. • The main problems with agricultural drought in this region are erratic rainfall; poor soil fertility; and limited, poor-quality irrigation water. TIMELINE 1979 1981 1982 1986 1987 1989
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