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Refined lead created by alok gupta african industries


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African Industries Group one of the best steel leading company of Nigeria.African Industries manufactured steel, Chemicals, Non ferrous materials and Glass.
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Refined lead created by alok gupta african industries

  1. 1. Refined Lead Created by Alok Gupta African Industries
  2. 2. • Lead is one of the seven metals known from very ancient time. It stands 4th in consumption worldwide after Copper, Aluminum and zinc. • Lead is manufactured from lead ores such as, Galena and also from scrap batteries, lead dross, lead paste etc. Lead produced from its ore is termed as Primary lead and lead recovered by recycling process of Scrap lead is called secondary lead.
  3. 3. • Refining Crude lead produced from furnace is loaded into refining pots for purification. The pot is heated indirectly by natural gas fired burner. The stirrer helps in chemical reaction of lead with refining agents. After the process is completed and approved by the laboratory, molten lead is poured out into rectangular shaped ingot molds. Lead ingots weight is between 22 / 25kg. for more information email us on :
  4. 4. Thanks For More Information Contact US: P.O. Box 1006, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: +234-1-2773400 E-mail ID: website: