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Skillsume USA


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A cloud based resume screening engine that makes browsing through volumes of resume a breeze.
Manual identification of keywords is a thing of past, rely on the smarts of the Skillsume processing engine to automatically extract all the relevant keywords along with the expertise level associated with them.
Simply upload a job description and all the resumes that you want compared against the job description and see the magic.
A sorted list of candidates appears in minutes along with a visual representation of the job and the candidates' profiles.

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Skillsume USA

  1. 1. SKILLSUMÉ Automated Resume Screening | +1 303 378 7171 |
  2. 2. The Problem • Recruitment/placement firms employ a large number of recruiters to achieve scale in their business • These recruiters spend most of their time in manual review of resumes sourced from, etc. • Scaling up operations becomes an expensive propositionConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  3. 3. Traditional Candidate SearchGoal is to find look alikeof the picture below Smiley face, facial hair Search Smiley face, facial hair, human SearchConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  4. 4. HM RP Textual Job description 6 Manual extraction of 1 Refine job Potential keywords description Failure understanding, cycle repeats Points Internal/External database search (semi-automatic) 4 2 Resumes for HM’s perusal 3 Resume stack (manually Collection of sorted) resumes/online profiles 5 Spend time in talking to selected Backend candidates Processing
  5. 5. The SolutionConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  6. 6. Ideal Candidate Search Find The whole job is taken as input instead of partial human identified search stringsConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  7. 7. SHM RP Textual Job description 1 2 Share Jobsume back to validate understanding Jobsume of job description Push button 4 listing of matching profiles URL for the for quick initial shortlisted screening candidates’ profiles and Skillsumes skillsumes Collection of 3 resumes/online profiles Spend more time in talking to selected Skillsume enabled candidates Processing
  8. 8. ScreenshotsConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  9. 9. Screen shot: Candidate’s Resume UploadConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  10. 10. Screen shot: Candidate’s SkillsumeConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  11. 11. Posting new Job
  12. 12. Skillsume of the job (Jobsume) just posted
  13. 13. Jobsume Edit
  14. 14. All jobs posted by me: FIND CANDIDATES for this job
  15. 15. Bingo..
  16. 16. Contd.. List of candidates suggestions
  17. 17. Jobsume & Skillsume diff view
  18. 18. Filter the search results if required
  19. 19. SummaryConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  20. 20. Key highlights S automatic extraction of K enables keywords from job/profile descriptions I L search engine built L is a ground up for profile S searches U the need for tedious M obviates manual resume reviews E and sortingConfidential Copyright © Antezen
  21. 21. FeatureRoadmap
  22. 22.  Enhanced ‘Sume engine facilitating Super truly automated referral based hiring RecruiterFE  Support for proprietary training PowerA sequence for the AI engine RecruiterTUR Public  Facebook App allowing professionalsE Skillsume to create their own SkillsumeS Smart  Skillsume – Jobsume base product Recruiter introduced today 2012 2013-14
  23. 23. Contact DetailsShashank ShekharPresident & Email: Website: Twitter: @antezenSunil JavajiCTO &