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Kick off

  1. 1. Kick OffThe Launch of The American Football League In Lagos
  2. 2. Social & Academic Benefits• Scholarship awards• Improved academic performance across selected schools• Overall positive results will get schools shortlisted.• Improved health of the younger generation• Positive energy channeled into sports and study
  3. 3. Schools• Four secondary schools will be selected.• The number may rise to 6 to incorporate AIS and another private secondary school.
  4. 4. The Numbers• N12million take off fund.• To be raised by selling naming rights for each of the 4 teams at N5million each.• Sponsorship rights of N3million per team.
  5. 5. League Directors• 2 year contract• There will be 4 directors• NAFL Managing Director: Theodore Omalu who doubles as NAFL president• Programme Director: Mike Mitchell if available or an expatriate coach from the US.• Director Finance & Sponsorship: TBA• Director Marketing and PR : Abiola Aloba
  6. 6. Directors’ Functions• Coach development• Referee recruitment and development• Academic accountability oversight through coaches• League schedule development• Facility supervision and use• Public relations and promotion.• Brand marketing and identity
  7. 7. Coaches• 4 Head coaches• 12 month initial contract• Responsible for: – Personal growth as a coach – Player development – Academic progress monitoring and advancement of athletes – On field safety and training – Player accountability.
  8. 8. Venue• All games will be played at Teslim Balogun stadium• The second venue option is the American International School Football pitch.• The latter will be ready by Q1 of 2012.• Teslim Balogun may be used as the LASG contribution with stadium costs counted as a sponsorship fee.• The funds from sponsorship may also be applied for stadium rental
  9. 9. Direct Sponsorship• This covers total League sponsorship• N15million price tag.• Full naming rights and exclusive branding and leveraging.• Full broadcast rights and spread across all platforms.• May be spread across 2, 3 or even 10 non competing brands.
  10. 10. League Sponsorship Associates• Associate sponsorship covering :• Venue Branding• Broadcast partners: Paying for airtime to air games• Product and service support.• Minimum entry is N1million per season.• Minimum of 5 in a worst case scenario• 12 Associate Sponsors in a second position to raise target funds of N12million for season 1
  11. 11. LASG Support• Venue use for games.• Sponsorship support through direct intervention with LASG partners.• Direct liaisons with oil services and exploration brands.• Tax rebates and incentives where possible to partner brands for all support towards the league.• Media support through existing state platforms : Eko FM, LASAA and LTV.• LASG is expected to provide the balance through direct subvention or through indirect subvention from its partners.
  12. 12. NAFL Support• The NAFL will with the support of the NFL IFAF and other parties will provide• 100 Flags $2000• 60 game jerseys and helmets $9000• 500 Cones $500• 100 American footballs $5000• Yard markers $2000• 500 Branded T shirts and shorts for players $5000• DVDs and CDS and Books $30000• Training parachutes etc $10000• Total commitment $63500
  13. 13. Target Sponsors• Mobil • CFAO group.• Chevron • Coca Cola• NNPC • Pepsi• Briscoe Ford • GTB• Radisson Blu • Access Bank• Four Points Hotel • Citigroup • HMO • IGI Insurance • Sovereign Trust Insurance • LASACO
  14. 14. Media Partners• LTV• DBN TV• Hi TV• NTA• CNN to cover the league launch as follow up to the first touchdown in Africa• Programmes will be aired for free for season 1 after which a negotiated airtime purchase will be embarked upon.• DSTV via Super Sport may be considered.• Complete Sports will run American Football based editorials and report on the league and Nigerians in the NFL
  15. 15. TV Rights & Coverage• The TV rights are currently worth zero naira.• Thus media partnerships will be brought to bear.• cover match highlights and post game shows.• This also provides ROI for sponsor brands.
  16. 16. Direct Media Benefits• Direct media value in excess of N20million on NTA network and other partners via: – Spot placements – Venue branding visibility – Screen branding during transmission – Intra game spots during switches in play or sides. – Time out spots – Half time stat reports – Statistics centre powered by an Actuarial firm or consultancy
  17. 17. Spend Direction• League directors N5.4million• Head coaches N2.4million• Player allowances N2.88million• Administrative costs N3million• Housing for coaches N3million• *Technical spend N3.53million – * Borne by NAFL IFAF and NFL
  18. 18. Timelines• Media hype and pre sale November and December 2011• Training starts January 2011• League Kickoff February 2012
  19. 19. Demonstration Game• There will be a demonstration game at the National Sports Festival in 2012.• The game will be between the top two teams in the league.• The game may also be between two invited college teams from the US.
  20. 20. Thank You• With this breakdown we look forward to:• Immediate support from LASG where possible• This will immediately involve content airing on LTV to educate the citizens about the sport.• This plan works for the junior amateur and senior amateur leagues.• Juniors are aged 12 to 17 secondary school students• Senior amateurs are aged 18 to 24 university undergraduates or equivalents• All must be in school with proof of academic existence prior to sign up.