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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Prejudices
  2. 2. What is a prejudice?A prejudice is a judgment towards a person or a group of people, usually unfavorable
  3. 3. Prejudices can refer to... Gender, usually against women...
  4. 4. Gender prejudices … but also against homosexuals
  5. 5. Prejudices can refer to... Social class, either against poor people...
  6. 6. Social class prejudices …or rich people
  7. 7. Prejudices can also refer to age
  8. 8. Some people have racial prejudices
  9. 9. Some people have religious prejudices
  10. 10. Others have prejudices against different nationalities
  11. 11. Or against people who arehandicapped or disabled
  12. 12. Prejudices are:● Irrational● Unfair● Dangerous, because they may result in irrational violence based on irrational beliefs
  13. 13. We all have prejudices...● Prejudices have a cultural and historical origin sometimes.
  14. 14. We all have prejudices...● Some other times, they are based on an irrational fear to those who are different to us.
  15. 15. So when you meet someone new, when you see someone who is different to you, forget yourprejudices! Most of the times your prejudices will be wrong if you use them for that person! Take your time. Dont judge someone withouttalking to that person, or without listening to him or her before!