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Islamic art


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An introduction to Islamic Art in English.

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Islamic art

  1. 1. Islamic art
  2. 2. General characteristics- Islamic art is especially famous for itsarchitecture.- There are very few paintings and sculptures,because the Koran did not allow therepresentation of Muhammad, Allah, people oranimals.- However, islamic art is very fine.
  3. 3. Representative buildingsThe most important buildings were:● Palaces (for the caliphs)● Mosques (temples for praying)
  4. 4. Palaces They usually had gardens and fountains. This courtyard is the Patio de los Leones of the Alhambra (Granada)
  5. 5. PalacesAnd these gardensare the Generalifegardens, also inGranada
  6. 6. PalacesPalaces consisted of two areas: - Public area (used for welcoming theambassadors who went to visit the caliph) - Private area (the residence area of the caliph and his family)
  7. 7. Mosques Mosques were the buildings for praying in public, especially on Fridays. This is the umayyad mosque of Damascus.
  8. 8. Parts of a mosque The muezzin called to prayer from the minaret. The Giralda in Seville was the minaret of the old mosque. The mosque was destroyed, and now the plant is occupied by the catholic gothic cathedral.
  9. 9. Parts of a mosque Some minarets had funny shapes. This one is helicoidal, and its in Samarra (Irak)
  10. 10. Parts of a mosque After going through a door, we find a courtyard or patio. There is an ablution fountain which is used for ritual washing and spiritual purification before prayer.
  11. 11. Parts of a mosque The prayer hall is a covered area with columns. Muslims pray here. This is the interior of the Córdoba mosque.
  12. 12. Parts of a mosque The quibla is the wall muslims face when they pray. The quibla is orientated towards the holy city of Mecca.
  13. 13. Parts of a mosque The mihrab is a small niche in the quibla where the Koran is kept.
  14. 14. Parts of a mosque The mimbar or pulpit. The imam (the muslim priest) leads prayers from here.
  15. 15. Pics of a few important mosques
  16. 16. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
  17. 17. Mosque of Cairo, Egypt
  18. 18. Cordoba mosque, Spain
  19. 19. Blue mosque, Istambul
  20. 20. A summary of the parts of a mosque● Mimbar● Minaret● Courtyard (with an ablution fountain)● Prayer hall● Quibla● Mihrab
  21. 21. Decoration of islamic buildings
  22. 22. The interiors of islamic buildings were richly decorated
  23. 23. Decoration ● Muslims used arabic calligraphy symbols as decoration. ● Usually, they sculpted verses from the Koran.
  24. 24. Callygraphy decoration
  25. 25. Decoration They also decorated the walls with beautiful vegetal designs called ataurique.
  26. 26. DecorationOr geometric designs
  27. 27. Decoration● Sometimes, the materials they used were not very rich: simple bricks, plaster, etc.● But they also used noble materials, like glazed tiles or hard wood like oak or birch (especially for the mimbars).
  28. 28. Decoration (glazed tiles)
  29. 29. Archs
  30. 30. Different types of archs
  31. 31. Archs ● Lobulated arch
  32. 32. ArchsA horseshoe arch, themost typical islamicarch.
  33. 33. Domes
  34. 34. Domes ● Mocárabes (as if they were forming stalactites)
  35. 35. Domes ● Caliphal crossing dome.