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  • My name is Urban Ericsson and I havebeenworking at the SLU library for 6 years. My main focus duringtheseyearshavebeenissuesconcerningscholarlycommunication and especiallyOpen Access. In thisproject I thinkwehave the oppurtunitytolearnmoreaboutwhatOpen Access can and willmean for both researchers and libraries.During 2014 two workshops will be conducted in collaboration between the SLU University Library and Makerere University Library. The overarching theme of the workshop is Open Access (OA). I haven’tyethad the first meeting with Andrew and Agnes whowill be my partners at the Makererelibrarybutwehopeto start the moredetailed planning in the coming weeks.
  • Step 1: Takes place in order to make it possible to combine with the library's first course (early 2014). Here the themes will be initiated and developed. It is done in collaboration with stakeholders at the University of Makerere. This opportunity is therefore primarily intended for SLU and Makerere University to identify local needs and knowledge around open access and digital university repositories. The results of step one also generates knowledge about attitudes towards open access, existing infrastructure, publication patterns and more. In this first step, it is mainly the local perspective and the conditions of open access that is in focus. Step 2: Run in combination with the library's second course (Autumn 2014). On this occasion, a larger invitation made ​​to reach representatives of OA on the African continent and other key stakeholders in the field of OA. The topics of the second workshop will rely on the outcome of Workshop 1. As a result the workshop develops knowledge of how the process of open access changes the requirements of the scientific communication for both the library and the researcher. Together, these topics help providing strategies for how to develop common goals for scholarly communication and to support research collaborations, networking and infrastructure, both locally and globally.
  • O aworkshop 131017

    1. 1. University Library Innovative Doctoral Education for Global Food Security Workshop: Sustainable infrastructure for scientific communication – global and local perspectives on open access Urban Ericsson 2013-10-17
    2. 2. University Library The aim is to contribute to – and develop knowledge and skills about Open Access (OA). The workshop will be about OA both as a phenomenon and how OA initiatives are about to change the landscape of scholarly communication and the consequences for researchers and the library.
    3. 3. University Library Preliminary themes Open Access and the researcher Open Access and the library Dissemination, Highlighting and Exposing Research Contribute to the infrastructure of publishing Researchers' attitudes towards Open Access Support and Policy (How to work locally) Impact and Metrics How to make the repository a success Green and Gold: two ways to Open Access Technical systems and metadata (OAI-PMH, Dublin Core) Infrastructural changes (business models, transparent research processes)
    4. 4. University Library A two step workshop