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Exam the land relief


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Exam the land relief

  1. 1. 1 1. VOCABULARY. Define the following terms and write down the translation into Spanish. 2 points Plateau:______________________ Groundwater:____________________ Delta:______________________ Cliff:________________________ Continental shelf:____________________________ Cape:_______________________ 2. QUESTIONS: A. Relief was formed by two kinds of forces. What are they? 1 point Name __________________________ GROUP___________DATE______________________ Lee atentamente todas las preguntas. Puedes responder en el orden que quieras (comienza con aquellas que te parezcan más sencillas), pero señala su número. Pregunta cualquier duda, piensa antes de contestar y ¡suerte! Recuerda se generos@ en tus respuestas. Spelling mistakes: Your grade is: SOCIAL STUDIES. Geography. The land relief: . 3rd Trimester
  2. 2. 2 B. Explain the difference between a ria and a fjord and write an example. 1 point 3. MAPS. Label the map with the name of the continents and oceans. 1 point
  3. 3. 3 4. DRAW AND EXPLAIN. A. Elaborate a drawing of the Earth’s structure and explain each of the parts.1 point B. Elaborate a drawing of an earthquake and explain each of its elements. 2 points
  4. 4. 4 5. PHYSICAL MAP OF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT. 2 points. SPANISH ENGLISH RIVERS 1. Mississippi 2. Amazonas Amazonas 3. Colorado Colorado 4. Orinoco Orinoco 5. Mackenzie Mackenzie 6. Río Grande Río Grande LAKES 7. Lago Titicaca Lake Titicaca 8. Lago Ontario Lake Ontario 9. Lago Superior Lake Superior 10. Lago Hurón Lake Huron 11. Lago Michigan Lake Michigan 12. Lago Erie Lake Erie ISLAND AND ARCHIPIELAGOS 13. Cuba Cuba 14. Jamaica Jamaica 15. Isla de Vancouver 16. Isla de Baffin 17. Archipiélago de las Antillas 18. La Española 19. Groelandia 20. Islsa Malvinas MARES Y OCÉANOS 21. Mar del Caribe o de las Antillas Caribeean Sea LAND RELIEF 22. Montañas Rocosas Rocky Mountains 23.C ordillera de los Andes Andes 24. Brazilian Plateau 25. Guaina Massif 26. Appalachian Mountains 27 Aconcagua 28. Bolivian Altiplano 29. Pampas PENINSULAS AND GULFS 30. Peninsula del Labrador Labrador Peninsula 31.Peninsula de Alaska Alaska Peninsula 32. Península de California California Peninsula 33.Península de Yucatán 34.Península de Florida Florida Peninsula 35.Golfo de México 36. Golfo de Panamá CAPES, STRAITS AND BAYS 37. Cape Horn 38. Magellan Strait 39. Hudson Bay