Words of Wisdom by Imam Hussain (AS)


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Words of Wisdom by the third Imam, the master of martyrs, the symbol of peace, freedom, justice, and human rights for Muslims, Imam Hussain (AS)

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Words of Wisdom by Imam Hussain (AS)

  1. 1. Words of wisdom from IMAM HUSAIN (a)
  2. 2. The one who loves you will prevent you from sin and the one who is your enemy will provoke you towards sin. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.118, hadith # 1]
  3. 3. A nation that tries to achieve happiness of creatures by angering God can never be successful. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.44, p.384]
  4. 4. Wisdom reaches perfection only by following truth. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.127, hadith # 11]
  5. 5. Weeping from the fear of God delivers a person from the fire of hell. [al-Mustadarak al-Wasael, v.11, p.245, hadith # 12881]
  6. 6. Hastiness is a kind of stupidity. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.122, hadith # 5]
  7. 7. Among the signs of the causes of ignorance is engaging in discussion with one who doesn’t possess rational thoughts. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.119, hadith # 5]
  8. 8. Beware ! Do not oppress the one whose helper is no one except God, the magnificent and the powerful. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.118, hadith # 1]
  9. 9. Beware ! Do not be among those who are concerned about the sins of others while neglectful of their own sins. [al-Kafi, v.8, p.49, hadith # 9]
  10. 10. Letting loose from God, the glorified, means that the servant is given plenty of blessings but prevented from being thankful. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.117, hadith # 1]
  11. 11. The most generous of the people is the person who gives to those from whom he has no hope of return. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.121, hadith # 4]
  12. 12. The one who relieves a believer from distress, God will deliver him from the distress of this world and hereafter. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.121, hadith # 4]
  13. 13. Do not say behind your brother-in-faith about him that which you yourself do not like to be said about you. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v.75, p.127, hadith # 1]
  14. 14. Know that the requests of people towards you for seeking help is among the blessings of God upon you. Therefore, don’t grieve this blessing (by grieving those who request for help) as it may turn into wrath. [al-Bihar al-Anwar, v. 75, p. 121, hadith # 4]