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A TG story i made, i was plan to test the site with 3-4 slide story but things go out of hand

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  1. 1. I wake up feeling weird in my chest what going on, I was in my bed register in the new online game “Anime World GX”, it is new Early Access game on “Flame Game Website”, it new kind of RPG were you live in a world that look like anime and be what you wont. I sleep after I finished the register and make my character, I’m a guy but I made my character a High School Girl with long Brown hair named Hime, who wont to see man ass for three hours. I look at my chest I feel something heavy on it, maybe the mouse stuck on my shirt. Oh shit I have boobs, what going on, my room is girly and is that girl panty . These is not my world it is anime world am I dreaming or what
  2. 2. I wear my clothes and get a key, it is my main weapon in these world, it is a game after all, look like there few Peoples stuck in the game world same how, and I’m one of them. The main goal on these game is have fun the way you like, you may go and fight Evil or be Evil you self, be a pirate or policeman , or like me be a school girl, Still can go out and fight it is like GTA5 with anime characters. The school not far away and the rood lead to a hill, why all anime schools on hills. I find out that most characters are NPC (Non-Player Character) and there Real player here and there, you can’t know if you didn’t ask or be a real smart to tell. I meat a girl name Koga and become Friend and tell her my story.
  3. 3. She tell me that a common story here because it is new game in beta state, if you have AMD and Radeon it will work fine but start glitch with Intel and Nevada. She part of Monsters Hunter Club, Clubs in these game like Guilds in other RPGs she ask me to join sense I have nothing better to do. I use my Key to use my power to fight with koga a monster live in the near wood. It was not a strong monster after all both of us LEVEL-1, levels in these game much less thin other games, it only 9 levels but there so much upgrades and level make you deferent in so many way. Our Club is small, it only five girls, including me, the club president name Aika, she a funny girl and stuck like me, but she is a girl in real life to and make fun of me from time to time about being a guy in real life.
  4. 4. The game and the club take me life, long time have ben and still stuck in the game. But I try not to think of negative, our club reach level-3, it not that high but still doing will, we take a memory shot for that new rank, silly Aika show her butt. In these Photo is anther two member I didn’t talk about, Rai and Kai, Rai is the girl in black, she the other guy in the group, but not stuck like me. Kai is not stuck but play a lot, we don’t know if she a boy or girl in real life she ask us “Never talk about my real life, I hate it”, We respect that good friend know when not to open deep wound. I even get my own pet to play with when the non-Stuck members go home.
  5. 5. It get boring when the other girls go, Aika just sleep or chat online with her friends. I try to find anther hoppy, or a job, I work in made cafe, near the school, my work hours is after midnight, after all the club members play from 6PM to 12PM, then sleep go to school. In the café I meat others who stuck like me and work here because they bored. Non of the girls was a guy like me, but one of the boys was a 38 years old woman, she model her character after her young son. I made new friends in my night job and mos the time it was nice. Ross (I weird name in a game all the characters have Japanese name it not a rule but a I find few non-Japanese names in these game)
  6. 6. No one take the work here that serious it is a game after all, but we work out to get our café in the top-10 café in the game. It is nice system for a game, you don’t need to fight to play you can make shops or be explorer do other jop, it like many games at one, it like a life. One day one of the worker name Maho ask me out, I get panic, I tell him I’m a guy and that wrong, but he tell e that what if there was never a way to return to my old body will I stop living, you need to live now, The past is the Past, tomorrow is tomorrow, but what important is now is now. I know he say that because he just a horny boy thinking of the busty girl front of him. I dress up for the date and go out to watch a movie.
  7. 7. I didn’t know you can watch movies in these game, that new. The only selection was anime movies, you get it anime world so anime movie is the real movies, that was a bad joke. I tell him before we get inside, (NO TUOCH), he agree, half way the movie he touch my hand, I try to say something but stop, then he put his arm behind my back and grap my other arm and put me near him, I must tell the truth I like it, I love be in other man arm, it kind of safe. After the movie end I tell him “I said no touches”, he said “You was touching to”, “Shut up” I said that and laugh, did I fall in love with that joke, did I fall in love with a guy. I start thinking about my life in these world more seriously.
  8. 8. The girl in the club join a beach event call “Bikini Beach” Aika said we need to do other things then just kill monsters. It is event were we play same beach games and compete with other clubs. I was thinking of Maho all that time and what to do about it I talk with Aika about it and she tell me that I must go for it, we live once and who know when that bug will be fixed, if it get fixed in the first place. Rai say that that will be great, and she in love with anther guy from the music club, but Rai is gay in his real life, so I don’t know. Kai in other hand tell me her story, or can I say his story!! Kai is guy who hear about the game bug and wish it happen to him, he wish to be a girl, and he hate his real life body.
  9. 9. He was hospitalized many times for damaging his body, and try to kill him self few times to. No wonder he never open up with us about his real life, he have sad life to be born in the wrong body, be he look like to be happy with us. He tell me more, there a company that take care of taking you 100% to the game world he he plan to leave to real world forever, so far he didn’t because there are a chance of death or worst, but now he can do it. Look like the Game company make more money that way, it take lots of money to do it and sale the body for hospitals, every one win. “What about return to real world I” ask
  10. 10. “The “Get inside the game” is the easy part but go out look like to be difficult. “ Kai tell me that. Look like they can do it if you stuck in the game for short time, but with time go by, you DATA get updated by the game, each update and each leveling up make it harder to return back to normal. “Do what make you happy live you life” kai throw her wisdom on me with smell we rarely se on her face. That leave Koga, I didn’t ask her so far because we so close and I know that she will agree on it, there no way she will tell me not to do it, and that I wrong.
  11. 11. “Don’t to do it, that wrong.” I surprised when Koga tell me that, it not like her at all. “Koga, why?’ I ask “what wrong in finding my happiness, all others say it ok” “the others are Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid,” she said that screaming the last word making the other girls looking at us. “what is wrong….” aika said that to us. “You all stupid” she said that and run away. “What happen to her” kai ask me “ill look after her” I said that and go after her, “Ill handle that me self ok”
  12. 12. Dame that girl so fast, you can’t find Ninja class in that game if you are not one. What make her cry any way it not like …… Oh shit did I fall from cliff, my leg hurt, I can’t move can any one help me. “Hime are you ok” that was koga “I’m here, help” “you idiot, you can’t take care of you self” she take me on her back to take me to other girls. “why you get mad at me, did I do anything wrong” I as and she say nothing
  13. 13. After few minutes she start talking “who is that guy you like any way, what good about him” “will he is funny, but I will not say I into him that much, I into the idea of dating live me life” “Oh I see so you not I love with him” “I can’t say I’m or I’m not” “So you maybe go with anther guy” “Will the options is there” “Don’t take it the wrong way, but didn’t you think about be with…” she stop look at me “What about a girl” and her face turn red. “Will I was a guy and I think part of me still like girls” I stop and think “why you ask about that?” She look at me with a tear on her face “ I love you, don’t be with other guy, don’t be with other girl, It …. hurt”
  14. 14. You what, she hug me try to kiss me, I face away, and she look at me with a tear in her face. “So that you answer“ Koga said “No, it just I was not ready, why you didn’t say any thing before” “ I was wish for the day you be a guy again and meat in real life I want to be yours “ I kiss her and put my hand on her chest “you so worm, I wont to be with you but not later, I can’t put my life on hold, let be with each other now. She put me on the worm sand and start to kiss me, dame it that girl don’t west any time at all.
  15. 15. We return to the girls, we get rank-162, after all two member leave for two hours. And Aika was really worry about us “you two look tired” “yah’ “Did you do sex” …. “Oh great, we lost because you two was horny” “It not like that, it was the heat of the moment” “Good luck girls, we going to the club, that was nice day for some of us” aika said that to me and smile
  16. 16. Next few days we was so open about our Relationship, we kiss and other things. Koga plan to do the body transfer, and live with me in these world, if I can’t make you live in my world ill live in yours. She ask me If I wont her to be a guy for me, I said I like her the way she is. …. Ok I ask her to make her Breasts bigger by two sizes, will I still a guy somewhere. We get a house, after all these things cheep in a game world. We get small wedding, Maho was there with anther girl he start dating after me, that make my conscience feel better, after all thanks to him me and Koga will live together forever in electric dreams .
  17. 17. Cast Shinomiya Himawari as Hime Saegusa Wakaba as Koga Isshiki Akane as Aika Kuroki Rei as Rai Futaba Aoi as Kai and Maho