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Poetry Powerpoint


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Poetry Powerpoint

  1. 1. Animals By: Allen Chandler
  2. 2. Wolf’s Eyes  Wolves eyes... are the most beautiful eyes to look into. What do you see when you look in those shimmering eyes filled with fright? You will see eyes filled with fright and pain for her little one's death. What do you hear in her sweet howl? You will hear her howling in pain because her little one is gone forever. If you look... in her eyes filled with fright and pain you will see a wolf who needs our desperate help. If you listen... to her howl you will hear her desperate cry for help that will never come her way again.  Jinx Natta
  3. 3.  This poem is about the fear and coldness that is in a wolf I chose this poem because I enjoy wolves. I like how mysterious they can be. The poem is a free verse. The poem also has a sad and a little depressing mood to it.
  4. 4. I Wonder Where My Lions Are?  I wonder where my lions are? I wonder where my lions are? I wonder where my lions are? They are safe running in heaven in that beautiful park that God own in Heaven together with the other animals Also in heaven they are protected by God Because God doesn't allow any hunters in heaven Like here on the earth But there is no animal cruelty in heaven But the place that have animal cruelty is on the earth The people that lives in heaven are more educated than on the earth The people in heaven respect the animals in heaven The people on earth don't respect the animals on the earth The people in heaven have a lot of love for the animals The people on the earth don't seem to have any love for the animals Even when I sleep I dream of heaven and I see the lions and other Animals Living free in the park And I must say that the park in heaven that God made is beautiful But at the same time I thank God for giving the animals a beautiful Home  Aldo Kraas
  5. 5.  This poem is about the comparison between earth and heaven for animals. I picked this poem because I am highly against animal cruelty and poachers. This is a free verse poem. The poem is also kind of like a big metaphor because of the heaven and earth comparison.
  6. 6. A Fox’s Delight  dancing by night and hunting by day, we have heard the call, the moon is our light, the sun is our soul, as all we have is each other, we find our love, and it is our delight, as day falls to become the beautiful night, we sing and dance to the sound of the drum, as fire shines and water glistens, we love this time for it is our joy, as many of us are filled with delight.  Nicholas Spandrel
  7. 7.  This poem is about the day in the life of a fox. I picked this poem because foxes are the best. I mean everyone loves foxes. This poem has personification. It talks about how the sun is our soul. Also, there’s a little imagery in there.
  8. 8. The Elephant’s World  Even though an elephant has a better Memory than me- I think one can see- There's more stress in The lives of the discontent- Worry - Worry - Worry For elephants only lie On their Tum - tum They eat peanuts & Think 'Yum - Yum' They want nothing- They only want to keep What they Have- They understand that They must lead The Tribe & Hunt - Gather They wouldn't rather Have it any other way- I think it's safe to say That elephants Live in a World That we may never Understand  Benjamin Michael Clark
  9. 9.  This poem is about elephants and how the whole peanut thing is a lie. Elephants actually have to hunt and stick together in the wild. I chose this poem because I’ve always liked elephants since I was little. This poem has sort of a rhyme scheme and an end rhyme thing going on.
  10. 10. When Dolphins Dance  When dolphins dance mid sea and air, God smiles from Heaven's Throne! They've found a life beyond compare, With freedom all their own! No wonder that the dolphins dance, With smiles and twinkling eyes! No wonder that such sights entrance The hearts within the wise... It's like there's magic sprinkled there, As if some spell were cast... Or like the answer to a prayer That's somehow here at last... For dolphins dive, then take a chance, From dark depths fast to rise! As if their deepest joys enhance Each time they pierce the skies! Behold the precious joys of life, Each time we seize the day, To meet each moment without strife, Before it slips away! Take heart, and think like dolphins do! Keep young at heart, my friend! That way, God's smiles will shine on you, On that you can depend!  Denis Martindale
  11. 11.  This poem is about how majestic dolphins are. I picked this poem because dolphins are pretty cool in general. And did you know that dolphins travel in packs, Mrs. Love? Well they do! There is some rhyming in this poem too!
  12. 12. A Mouse’s Tale  I was forced from my accommodation and went to live in a field of grass. I dug a tiny hole in the soil and in it I began to relax. Later, I dug the hole much deeper, so as to escape the winter cold. The snow and rain passed over and spring began to unfold. The green grass turned to barley and I really enjoyed living here. My home was ploughed up yesterday, that’s twice in less than a year.  Orlando Belo
  13. 13.  This poem is about a mouse trying to stay away from the snow. I chose this poem because I respect the mouse. I respect the advantages it has with its size. A mouse can travel to unseen places through cracks and tiny holes. This is a free verse poem
  14. 14. The Boy Inside The Turtle Yesterday was an extra-long day for the boy with no arms or legs. Neighborhood children played outside his window. A soft machine, they circled, joined hands, closed eyes, jumped up and down: shoelaces, giggles moving in time. One caught the boy peering. The boy contorted out of sight, his breaths lumped on one another like cows in a mat house. He twisted too slow. Look, it's the turtle! The children gassed like an audience responding to a laugh sign. He shifted his weight left to right back left, again right, then felt from his chair- a pilot balling out of a crashing plane. He was familiar with this Falling. So was his mother. She'd surrounded his chair with six layers of towels. He waited there like a spilled bucket of green paint. When he no longer heard any semblance of playing, he called his mom for help.  Jeffrey McDaniel
  15. 15.  This poem is about a boy with no arms or legs. It’s comparing the boy to a turtle and its shell. I chose this poem because it made a somewhat morbid but also really good connection between a turtle and a boy. This is a free verse poem. But to me there’s also imagery. How the poet wrote this kind of made me feel like I was watching the boy rock back and forth
  16. 16. Lion’s Roar  In the jungle, a lion's roar, Loud rumbling from it's core. Magnificent mane of golden brown, He is a king but wears no crown. Predator and enemy they have two, Human hunters, Hyenas too. The lion and his lioness pride, If you cross them, run, don't hide. The roar of a Lion, The rolling sound of thunder, The chase of a Lion, His prey runs asunder. The Lion's roar is his symbol, Of Strength, Of Leadership, Of pride, The raw Roar sound is tribal, His pride, so true, abide.  Philo Yan
  17. 17.  This poem is about the superiority and leadership a lion has. I picked this poem because lions are the kings and queens of the jungle. Lions run everything. That’s why I like them. In this poem there are end rhymes up till the end.
  18. 18. Robin’s Egg Blue  Five baby robins watch Daddy Robin soar; (hold up 5 fingers) One baby leaves the nest, and now there are four. (thumb) Four baby robins, high up in a tree; One flies to catch a worm, and now there are three. (index) Three baby robins had nothing to do; One tried his new-found wing, and then there were 2.(middle) Two baby robins frolicked in the sun; Another robin chased a bug, and then there was one. (ring) One baby robin, left all alone; And this baby robin decided to stay home!
  19. 19.  This poem is about five robins in a nest. All but one leaves the nest. I chose this poem because I have a blue robin that flies around my yard every once in awhile. This poem has end rhymes. Also this is actually a ballad.
  20. 20. Five Senses Supreme is red and white It tastes like won ton soup It sounds like a G It smells like that plastic bag It looks like that box logo And it makes me feel like Yeezus
  21. 21. Cinquain Swag Dopeness, Freshness Shopping, Flashing, Stunting Cash Rules Everything Around Me Swag
  22. 22. Acrostic Cash Rules Everything Around Me
  23. 23. Haiku Earling morning skate. Wind blowing through my afro. Beautiful sunrise.
  24. 24. Tanka Hat back like Caillou I be swaggin like Caillou I’m good mayne, how you? Throw back like my dude Caillou Straight PBS like Caillou