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Assignment5 – motivation


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Assignment5 – motivation

  1. 1. ET500-970 Intro to Inst Design/Tech Spring 2011<br />Assignment 5 – Motivation <br />#5 Motivation - Click this link to submit <br />I am making a conscious effort to use Keller’s ARCS model in this week’s assignment. My first job is to capture your attention. Watch the following video clip (look down below this assignment). <br />Here’s a link to this YouTube video in case the video doesn’t show up on your screen. <br /> <br />Hopefully, after watching this video I have your attention.  Yes, teaching and learning can be very dull, and seemingly irrelevant.   But your job this week is to think about how to make instruction more interesting and meaningful for your learners.<br />Relevance – Everyone I’ve ever met who has a master’s or PhD has had to give a workshop to adults.  At some time or another you will be asked to give a workshop if you haven’t already. According to Kellers theory we can improve that experience if we include a few important elements into our planning (ARCS).<br />This week I would like you to write a description of a workshop you might give for your co-workers or to an audience of adult learners. Choose any topic you would like for your workshop. If you can’t think of anything, here are some suggestions:<br />Photoshop<br />Basics of Digital Photography<br />Editing Photos in Photoshop<br />How to Create a Training Video<br />Internet Search Strategies<br />Troubleshooting a Computer<br />Instructions: <br />1.     Start with a brief description of your workshop, what you will cover,  (about 1/2 page).<br />2.     Make sure you briefly describe who your learners are, and identify the learning outcomes.<br />3.     Explain specifically what you would do to get the attention of your learners.<br />4.     Describe how you would make the workshop relevant to your learners.<br />5.     What would you do to build confidence in your learners as they learn the tasks or outcomes?<br />6.     How can you make sure that learners will be satisfied with the training they receive?<br />7.     Refer to Chapter 9 – ARCS model if you need more information/examples.<br />No more than two pages total. Everybody should have at least one reference: your textbook. Make sure you remember to cite any sources you use in APA style. <br />In order to help build your confidence with this assignment, I will provide feedback and give you a chance to revise your work. <br />You will then post your revised assignment to a Discussion Board so that others can see your excellent work. Hopefully this will help instill in you a sense of satisfaction about what you learned in this assignment.<br />You will receive instructions about the Discussion Board later on.<br />Total 15 points for the final 2 page paper, 5 points for the discussion board.<br />Please submit your papers by Friday, March 11  at Midnight.  <br />  Motivation Video Clip <br />Watch this video clip first!<br /> <br />lefttop<br />