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Game gestalt theraphy


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Game gestalt theraphy

  1. 1. The game The game is an activity that it is use for fun in many ways, it is also use as a educational technique… The game theraphy is a model of psicotheraphy aproximation that use the game to have an approach with the patient an have a better communication, it is used especially with kids ( and works great) .
  2. 2. The game is a way of auto-expression Can have the possibility of liberate feellings of tensión , or feellings that are stuck. It a way that we can feel freedom of our thoughts and autonomy Communicates It´s the look for our free expreccion Recreates Represents Reconstructrion of thoghts and life history Retake and Remove Reduce sintoms Repare Repeat – React
  3. 3. In the game we can find: Establish contact with the inner part that suffers inside of the person or the kid It is a way tha help us re-indicate the self –identity. Help us to express our fellings, thoghts, emotions The therapy The most important in this practice is that the persono r the kid find the way to feel confortable  that is going to help to libarate all this thoughts, emotions and express his/her fellings
  4. 4. The approuch To listen the other person To be there for the kid Total focus Presence Respect to the client/ kid Stablished limits and boundaries The kid lead the therapeutic sesión the therapist follow the kid
  5. 5. The 4 A´s (elements) for a good relation with the client 1 .- Attetion 2.- Appreciation 3.- Approbal 4.- Affection The game therapy is good for kids who have been suffer situations of severe stress or that show a social/emotional o conductive development rather tan the normal.
  6. 6. The fases of the theraphy Introduction Diagnostic Therapheutic work The finish line / or the end of the treatment The work with the parents
  7. 7. Tecnicques Contact Explore /experiment Move / express Glimps Proyect / represent Let go / acting out Imagine / dramatize Reflexions y have sense
  8. 8. Movement Music Simbolic proyective tecniques Plastic arts Narrative expressions tecniques – dolls Afective expression tecniques with animals Corporal motor games Relaxation tecniques Visual tecniques Creative tecniques Drama games for free expression
  9. 9. Adult theraphy / Gestal theraphy -Existential theraphy that one of the main goals is to lead the client to gain responsability of the present . It is focus on the here and now. -A research of the persons life and history -Motivates the person in the reseach of true meaning in his life -It is crucial to have a good relationship between client/ therapist -Find homeostasis in life -The present ( here and now) -Other goal is that the cliet realize the patrons in his life  that way the client is going to have more conciousness about his emotions, thoughts , and his actions.