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Almiaad ppt


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Almiaad ppt

  1. 1. On your behalf WE CONVEY YOUR MESSAGE to a larger audience... Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  2. 2. Almiaad-Lingua provides integrated solutions for translation and proofreading requirements by businesses to tap emerging markets at international platform. Our translation services will help you efficiently express your services and products in the respective language for better penetration and influence. We are expert in English Translation services, Arabic translation services, French translation services, English Translator and French Translator services. Translation services are offered in over 50 language pairs and our large professional team provides translation with any kind of specialization you need. Almiaad-Lingua offers quality interpreting services for host of purposes. A qualified and skilled interpreter like Arabic Interpreter is the need of the hour during crucial executive meetings, international conferences, diplomatic meetings etc to ensure that the communication interchange occurs smoothly. A qualified interpreter eg. Arabic Interpreter also has to maintain confidentially of the key personal and business information learnt during the Interpretation process. For Interpreting services, you can completely rely on Almiaad- Lingua for efficient work. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  3. 3. ALMIAAD-LINGUA for Translation and Language Services is a translation company that groups a team of professional translators and language service providers to provide high- standard quality work. Our educated, competent, experienced and well qualified team of freelancers is dedicated to providing high quality output. We have expertise in Arabic Translation, Document Translation, and provide interpreting, translation services, all language translation, e.g. Arabic English Translator and Arabic Translator services. We work as a team geared by a local coordinating committee which recruits new members and manages current projects. We generally operate online with a reputable network of professionals. As a company undergoing rapid expansion, ALMIAAD-LINGUA provides result-oriented high quality services at reasonable cost through its social network of qualified professional translators. At ALMIAAD-LINGUA, the main exclusive focus is to provide high-quality translation, document translation and language services. What helps us achieve this is COOPERATION and GROUP WORK, the key words underlying the philosophy of the company's name and its mission: ALMIAAD. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  4. 4. ALMIAAD-LINGUA is a professionally managed translation company and provides Arabic English Translator, French Translator, all language translation, and English to Arabic Translator services. It derives its name from the past local self-governing units of locally-managed social groups to promote principles of independence and democratic management. ALMIAAD-LINGUA views translation as an effort to build bridges of understanding and peace building as well as an attempt to promote cooperation and business development. Hence, we are dedicated to allocating a specific importance to the cultural magnitude. This includes, not only communicating the content effectively and accurately in the target language, but also ensuring that your message reaches its target audience to convey the set of intended meanings effectively. Our philosophy values our clients Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  5. 5. ALMIAAD-LINGUA aims at establishing long-term cooperation and partnership with clients operating at the global level, i.e. industrial companies, educators and professionals in the translation field. Through the assurance of effective communication with our clients, we aim at reaching sustainable partnership and long-term cooperation. Your evaluation of the various services that we provide helps us achieve these strategic objectives. ALMIAAD-LINGUA seeks to expand its partnership and cooperation scope through the provision of a high-quality output for a reasonable price. We offer our clients special discounted rates if they intend to establish a sustainable partnership with us. The 'regular client' scheme applies if the customer submits more than 500,000 words per year for translation. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  6. 6. ALMIAAD-LINGUA has a strong commitment for customer satisfaction by providing professional high-standard translation, interpretation like French English Interpreter and other language related services. With the world getting smaller and companies exploring various foreign markets for their products, ALMIAAD-LINGUA through its various services offered will help you efficiently know the nature and culture in foreign land, adapt to the foreign market, market your products, and get success. Our translation with localisation will help you seamlessly target and connect with new customers in foreign land. ALMIAAD-LINGUA is a team of highly skilled professionals who work cooperatively by establishing an online social network of customers and highly qualified language service providers. We help you transform any of your document, software, website, advertisement, and brochures into any language enabling you to better communicate with foreign clients and improve sales. We offer a spectrum of Translation and Proofreading, Interpretation like French English Interpreter, Cultural Orientation Services, Language Learning Services etc with fast responsiveness on projects and on-time delivery. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  7. 7. Almiaad Lingua offers professional and high-standard translation services in almost any language, based on the requirements and needs of the clients. We have a team of experienced and highly skilled translators who specialize and have in- depth knowledge of different fields like legal, medical, automotive, financial etc. We can translate into virtually any language and there is no limit to the language pairs we handle. We now provide translation services in more than 100 language pairs. There is no upper ceiling on the language pairs we offer as we can recruit on demand, based on the market and clients' requirements and specifications. We provide translation services in almost all the European Languages and the major Asian and African languages. We currently operate with more than 100 languages! The number of language pairs increases as our team expands. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  8. 8. Almiaad-Lingua has gained expertise in translation and other services after successfully executing a number of projects of varying difficulty levels and gaining customer confidence. The core competency of Almiaad-Lingua that lies in translation and language services provision has been developed over a period of continuous learning process, experience, and robust exposure to various projects at the international level. Almiaad Lingua has proven expertise in the services it offers like Translation and Proofreading, Interpreting, Brand Name Analysis, Typesetting and DTP, Subtitling, Voice over and Transcription, Marketing, Video Production, Cultural Orientation Services, and Language Learning Services. Almiaad-Lingua provides integrated solutions for translation and proofreading requirements by businesses to tap emerging markets at an international platform. We are expert in English Translation services, Arabic translation services, French translation services, English Translator and French Translator services, German translation, Italian translation, Spanish translation, Swedish translation, Russian translation, etc. Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  9. 9. Peer training Program Trainer Documents (downloadable files: MS Word, PPT, or Excel Assessment Free sources Links For more details, please text: +44 7552367043 OR +216 96515395 Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  10. 10. Almiaad bolg: BLOGS: blog-b1.htm http://arabic- blog-b1.htm Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  11. 11. About Us Services Company Contact Us Freequote Our Vision & Mission Why ALMIAAD LINGUA Language Combinations Areas of Expertise Training Join our Team Pricing Free Quote Job Order Clients & Partners Our offices and countries Links Sitemap English Homepage Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  12. 12. "I have been using Almiaad Lingua to translate our websites into Arabic for more than a year now and I am very satisfied with the work. I often have urgent requests and they have always responded promptly and efficiently.' Marina De Santis Web Editor for the UK International Study Centres "Study Group" The staff at Almiaad Lingua for Translation and Language Services helped to provide answers from Arabic respondents for Brand Name Checks, They returned with replies to follow-up questions on time.' Marcin, Project Manager @TransAtlantic Powered By – Ewittas Technology
  13. 13. Powered By – Ewittas Technology