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Viswadhwani monthly-magazine-december-2015


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Viswadhwani monthly-magazine-december-2015

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Viswadhwani monthly-magazine-december-2015

  1. 1. — ‘W ~-:1‘-TTr‘T"V“”—' ' ‘ —/ —L_f. .‘. -._. .. J . ' ‘ ‘ : , . ;f; <’ E-.7’: «~ {n- I Al "N §_. g,. ... ,) U 0. x . ~ . I 7' in. ‘ . _ _. '1 ! ‘--—A‘ ‘ . T1‘ - NEWSLE1TER FROM VISWAJYOTHICMI ' PUBLIC SCHOOL, ANGAMALY In _ g ‘ ‘ VPSINL -15l07 - DECEMBER - 2015 4 . , l 01,, ’ | . . . ‘ L A‘ Jubileaaad-lines I If you‘z'fiavc; g)f§1“t? iE'/ i;‘a§s: ,"a grain of mustard seed, $ you willsaygjgggyfiiir mountain, "move! ” and it will move. .. - and notfiing will 5e impossi6[e for you! (flvtaufiew 17:20) ‘ / (Dear ‘Viswajyotfiians, /‘E1 fiuitfizl year Iias come to an end and we flzoliforward to a New ‘Year witli lots Qfliopes and great expectations. ‘Wfien we tum 5acl{, to salute 2015, t/ ie trail of ac/ iievements is seen. (But t/ iere were fizilures as demons, clialleriges as Earriers and certain imperfiections tfiat made crisscross on ourpatfi. ’ godjilmigfity Elessed us to get t/ irougfl. Wew ‘Year resolution is very important as it focuses on our goals wfiile we move forward: New ‘Year is not afiout cfianging tfie date or calerufizr. It is tfie straigfit szgnfioard to ourgoals. It is a vital commitment to malép ourselves feel contented eliememlier; experience is tfie great teaclier. Evaluate tfiefizilures anddrawfiaclis qftlie Eygone year; derive experience from tliem andmarcfi afieaaf Lyre is a crossword puzzle wfiere a single alpfiaiiet may lead us to loss orgain. for all qf us, wonfisfiouliffie worship and ‘ ' E - " L‘ " 7 ' 7 attitude sfiould reffict gratitude to tfie jilmigfity. It sliould 5e regardless of E « ' F v ' ' v V? ‘ ' jruits or expectations Qf rewards, Eut 5e witli regard to firm faitfi in tlie presence qffllmigfity witfi us. I ntrospection, selfteacfiing, selfleaming andexperience sfiould 6e tlie motive forces Eeliirid our 9 efforts. vs ‘ “Success is wfienyoursignature cfianges to autograpfi”, says (Dr. }1¢ZZ7j16dul'fICal'arn. ‘Die rnontfi of July 2015 saw tfie disappearance qftfiispliilantfiropic star. fls fie says, “You Have to dream fiefore your dreams can come true. Man needs his di_'fj‘icu[ties Iiecause tfiey are necessary to enjoy success. great dreams of great dreamers are always transcend”. Keeping tfiis in mind; a year of unparalleled acliievement is to 5e createdfiy us witfi time in ourpllms trust in ourLord, ' nopeplus confidence in ourmind} ngfiteousness in our tflougfits and rigfit innovation in ourdeeds. Clfiere is won‘g¥fe; r,§ilp L ~ , ' ‘£3. :3 '1 f£%‘e. t tfifg tfie wise 6e lamps at our fiet, andtfie ligfit may 6e tile gbrious illumination along tfie corridor to 0153‘ _’fu5t«ur. e. £? e’t%iis, continue to ‘1EflC}fI. ‘N. S'Q’IQ{E qawxrsroqm. Let us cekfirate, rejoice and 6e gflzd in the god ggftedlflfwew-‘°1fizar, 201 6. I wisfi all qfyou, aver, y{liap}r)rand7pros}rero1i. s3/ ?:w‘1’ear. ' - tax. A g p p ' ‘ g p l Zifarlin 4 $- V fix‘-$741.. -5:5 :1: Izmmaolzm
  2. 2. ’: ‘,§" V‘ Lv‘vI. ‘|} : p. v]. ‘_<| n - l / x; . A New Year is waiting ahead to be filled with new and fresh aspirations, dreams and so on. A year has yet again passed with many to behold in our life it can be failures or success but these are all experiences for us to build up our ‘' coming life. This year let us try not to , /,lmake useless and false New Year resolutions. Instead let us try to make changes in small and simple things which can spread fragrance of love on people around us. Let us welcomethis New Year with a touch of kindness, mercy and love. Wishing everyone a Happy and 1 P9perousNewYear I — ~: ‘V1 _k 'i. _,/ ‘O )‘ - P'§? :=4Irin Francis, Student Editor ~~—, «-— . ~. ' V “ TEACH! INSPIRE‘ TRANSFORM On 3" Dec the holy mass was led by Rev. Fr. Jose Alukkal CMI , the former Principal of Viswajyothi. He shared his memories while he had been the Principal of the School in the preliminary period of the development of the school. The teachers and other staff who had rendered their service during that period also shared their memories. Fr. Jose who celebrates his golden jubilee of ordination this year has great appreciation of his life inviswajyothi. His relentless hard work and simple thoughts have raised Viswajyothi to its heights. The offerings, readings and prayers for the faithful was done by the students of Class Vlll, well guided by theirteachers. Afterthe holy mass Fnloseand theteachers who worked under him shared their experiences of togetherness which was a heart touching moment for everyone. The chat was ended with a group song by the teachers. Ms. Chithra presented a thought provoking mono act . Rev. Fr. Martin Mundadan CMI, the Principal and Ms. iayasree K fellcitated the occasion. Rev. Fr. Jose Alukkal was presented with a Mangalapathram by Fr. Martin Mundadan CMI. The poem of praise was written by Ms. Rajani of Malayalam Dept. All the staff members gathered in the AV room thereafter for a cake cutting which added sweetness to the day. ' ~ Q6 [1 iff ‘F iii ‘Trr: iii‘? it iwfi? 4"‘ December bloomed in a prayerful mood in the Kids Block. Rev Fr Martin Mundadan quietly recited this prayer: "Cleanse me, O Lord, and purify my heart that being made white in the blood of the Lamb I may havethe fruition of everlastingjoy" and led the Holy Mass. Students from class I to IV were present.
  3. 3. ae- TEACHI INSPIREO TRANSFORM ; r T‘, “-: lTHE JOY OF , ,;, ;,, a,. :, H ,5 TRIUMPH s_ The CM] Kalotsav held on 5" y ' ‘ _ A’ J December 2015 at Rajagiri ‘ -‘ Publicschool, Kalamasseryhas ‘ . ;i once again given us an i’; ‘X -)3‘ 91. 1-‘ ii" at. J ). J“ , i . J ‘i_, .,f -“iii opportunity to prove our l __] , i,_]_j __l, l '13- 5: I ' ; ] mettle. 26 students from our ‘ V 6 . school participated in various ‘ ' - ‘ 11"‘ December sawthe peakofworshipping art and culture by stage and off stage events . It was a great opportunity for us to mingle with various people, know them &theirtalents and comparing it to our own. It motivated us to extend our boundaries and strive for the best. We won the prestigious overall trophy and received it from the Chief Guest of the day, Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil, the Bishop of Mandya. It was really the blissful moments for us. the classx students. They had a vigorous starting and rigorous practice from June onwards and performed on the stage for the first time. The ceremony was started with a prayer. The Gurus received Dakshina from the disciples and they got blessed. The felicitations by the School Manager Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty and the Principal Rev. Fr. Martin Mundadan inspired them and a door to performance and progress was opened. The classical dance performances, Karnatic vocal, Pop & Instrumental music orchestrated the culture. The art and craft forms like drawing, painting, sculpture, craft works with paper, fabric painting and cut work on cloth etc. were glorious expressions of creativity of the class X students. Their performance wasthe best Da kshina to their Gurus.
  4. 4. TEACH0 INSPIRE‘ TRANSFORM , I Til‘ 1:; .. .'il : : 'i'‘'‘''r Iri: -iii: :F, ,:*7““: I". :f: I -v‘ 1 On 12"‘ December, 20 students along with 3 teachers and our 1 principal visited the general hospital at Ernakulum. It was a ‘ ; _. ! first time experience for most of us. When we reached there, ' we had a class on cancer and then we were taken to the hospital wards . The Doctor who took the class told us that the patients admitted there suffered severe pain. The patients told us to pray to God for them so that they may be relieved from their pain and sufferings. After visiting these patients we realized that high positions and all possessions of _ lifeare only short| ived. There is another darkside of| ife. There I were some exceptions. Some of the patients expressed their optimism and faith in God. Theydo not even care for the pain whichthey suffer. At the end of the day we understood the value of life and realized how lucky we are. Such visits provide a different and ‘ solemn occasion to celebrate Christmas, the birth of our ’ savior. r 'Servethe poorand the needy Visit the neglected and the sick‘ These are the words of Blessed Chavara. Viswajyothi has always followed these words. The students and the Management ofour school filled the blessed month of Christmas with charityforthe needy. As a part of this on 15"‘ December the students of classes 6, 7 and 8 visited ”Aakashaparavaka| ude Koottukar", an old age home at Malayattoor. The students of class 7, 8, 9, & 10 along with the teachers, visited the Providence Home at Vilangu, a home for the specially challenged children. The students and teachers also visited "Missionaries of Charity” , Pookkattu pady, a home for the destitute . These were moments for the students to experience the reality l‘ of life. They had collected 2 rupee each per day from the beginning of this school year and handed over ‘ the amount to the inmates of the Providence Home. The students shared sweet moments with them by cutting delicious cakes. An amount was also contributed to them. The students celebrated a wonderful . Christmas with the inmates. The experience and lessons of life that the students gained from thesevisits l are so precious to be kept for ever.
  5. 5. TEACH! INSPIRE! TRANSFORM l ; ::; <;; ::: ' u i. .xv. v/-m: w/-ml *1 »‘*{1L_ ‘xx +- . P3 $79‘. J" . 4‘ (77 ‘V . Merriment Echoed on 16"‘ December when the '. school celebrated Christmas. The festivities '_ began with the school choir singing melodious J4 Christmas carol. The music was a feast to our ears. The students of Classes 6 and 7 presented various dances and other programmes. They also presented a skit on "why we should not touch sin”. The Chief Guest Fr. George Karintholil felicitated the gathering through a wonderful story with a Christmas message. Later the programme was felicitated by the school Manager, Principal and Bursar. Viswajyothi always lends a helping hand forthe poor and the needy. The Management contributed a sum of Rs. 50000 to the flood ‘ victims at Chennai and the cheque forthe same was handed overto thecirculation Manager of Mathrubhoomi Mn Sinu Chacko. A sum of Rs. 50000 was contributed to the treatment of a 3 month old child Christy suffering from a major heart problem. The amount was handed over tothe child's father Mr. Binu Augustine.
  6. 6. '1 i‘f3ls', l,<YC}il3 . . lsrll. la: TEACHI INSPIREI TRANSFORM l ‘God sent a star to light the night for The Way, the Truth, the Life--His Son. He sent the Light of Life to prove His heart . So we would invite His Son into our own. God has given us all the light we'll ever Need to find peace on earth, Goodwill to men. In the KG Block, Ch ristma‘s celebrations were solemn and vibrant. It — brought in joy and effervescence. Afestival mood was created by the cute and. colourful butterflies. They made the Gm memorable. ""'—
  7. 7. TEACHI INSPIRED TRANSFORM l , - V, "'l>~'‘A". ‘.‘| l=K'A'I‘>‘ll . L ‘-— . T l On 17"‘ December, 2015 the members of the Social Service League of Viswajyothi, the Samaritan Task : Force (STF) put up a food stall and it functioned from 10 o'clock in the morning till 12.30 pm. The stall was ready with around 15 items including ice creams , bhel pu ri, guava juice, chocolate cakes, cupcakes, lime . juice, chocolates and so on. This was the joined effort ' . _ of the students ofclasses 10, 11 and 12 . l Since it was the sports Day, the tired athletes and the staff on duty felt great relief. It was a great success and the profit was added to the STF charity fund. Then the league members and teachers visited the Govt. LP School, Kothakulangara to celebrate Christmas with the tiny tots. The celebration started with the carol signing and Santa arrived . The kids enjoyed their dance with Santa and his gifts. There were games, cutting the cake and presenting Christmas gifts and cards. Cutlets and puddings were served to all the 13 children and 6 staff members. They expressed their heartfelt grititude by presenting us Ladd us. It was indeed a very different and heart touchingexpeiriegce _for_both of us. ‘-3’; . _ ls ‘ ‘.4 . —'. ,‘a 4 ‘x 7 w .1‘: : ».. *' 4 llllllilllli Silllli T On 18”‘ December, the staff of Viswajyothi celebrated l ; Christmas. The celebration started with a prayer by , Mrs. Prema Nair and Mrs. Abhishya Bayer. The staff — '1 enjoyed the shows like dance, Nativity scene, carol Singing, an intenriew with Santa etc. The day was filled with fun and frolic. All had selected their Christmas friends earlier and were ready with love and concern to ' their friends wrapped in colorful papers. The gifts were exchanged. After the variety entertainments and exchanging of gifts there was a sumptuous feast — arranged bythe Management. . .:.
  8. 8. ($5) TEACH! INSPIRED TRANSFORM WORLD OF SPORTS AT VISWAJYOTHI A DAY or’ Hllerll DENSITY WGOUR The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual starsin the world, but iftheydon't playtogether, the cIubwon't be worth a dime. -Babe Ruth Viswajyothi conducted the Annual sports meet on 17‘" December which was officially inaugurated by Olympian Adv. Joby Mathew a well versed sports person who brought 18 medals forthe nation. He puffed with pride when he said that physically challenged people can reach up to the stars ifthey sincerelytry for it. lfone loves fellow beings that isthe greatestgift in life. The ceremony started in the morning with the march past of the four houses led by their captains. The heart of the annual sports day as usual was the March Past which was led by the Sports captain and the captains ofthe various houses. The oath taking ceremony was led by Mas. Martin Kachappilly, the General Sports Captain. Flag hoisting marked the advent of the day . The torch bearers with the flame exhibited a great accord of prestige as they ran to light the cauldron creating an enthusiasm in children. The cheering teams and audience added flavor to the whole event. Participants proved that hard work and dedication were thetrue qualities ofa sportsman. 54 students of our school participated i n t h e M u n s h i Memorial Athletic Championship 2 0 1 5 h e I d at M a h a r a j a ' 5 Synthetic track, Ernakulam. We won 1 gold medal 9 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. Aditi S Prasad of class 4 got individual championship for the Kiddies Girls category. «is Adlti S Prasad e alumni of Viswajyothi gathered in the Silver Jubilee Hall on 26"‘ December to reminisce their good old days in the school and for a grand salute to their affectionate Alma mater. Former Principals ofthe school Rev. Fr. JoseA| ukka| CMI, Rev. Fr. John Pynadath CMI, Rev. Fr. Joy Kilikunnel CMI, Rev. Fr. Varghese Kachappilly CMI graced the occasion and blessed the students. The school Manager Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI Principal Rev. Fr. Martin Mundadan CMI and the Bursar Rev. Fr. Angelo Chakkanattu CMI and the former Vice Prlncipal_Rev. F1‘; Sibin Periyappadan CMI were present for the ceremony. Many of them"bro » : _~ . . theirfamilles. Therewererockingperformancesandasu , _ ‘
  9. 9. TEACH0 INSPIREO TRANSFORM owataavem Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. One more successful year has ended and the New Year has dawned. When we look back, the milestones from June to December are fluorescent with our brilliant achievements in academic and co-curricular activities. We would like to acknowledge and emphasize the home work, team work and hard work of the parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff that made each and every activity and achievement, a precious memory to record and cherish. We feel proud to present our achievements in brief for your reference: Agadgmig Achievements: The Silver jubilee Year bloomed with the fragrance of a resplendent victory with the AISSCE [Class X11) and the AISSE [Class X) 100 % results. distinction “““°“‘”""°"'°“ T AISSCE (Class Xll) 169 169 159 AISSE [Class X] 168 168 131 It is heartening to inform you that the CBSE has developed a tool called SARANSH which enable us to look at/ analyze Schools/ students performance in scholastic areas with all CBSE schools at National/ Regional/ State levels and also help parents to compare their wards performance within the School, State, Regional and National level [Please log on to SARANSH Portal http: //saransh. n1'c. in). The performance reports of the school for the past 3 years by the CBSE shows that our school scales higher as usual. We are extremely happy to underline that our school is magnificently outstanding according to the report. The details are given below for your reference. VISWAJYOTH| 'S TRIUMPHANT JOURNEY TOWARDS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. .. PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS CHART OF CLASS XII FROM 2013-2015 ISSUED BY THE CBSE Comparative study of School vls CBSE performance Average 4‘; . . 1.5,. .5-.4 , Economics I Maths l P11 in I Chemistry l Bioloy l School 2013 CBSE 2013 School 2014 CBSE 2014 School 2015 l I . , ’ . I Accountancy h: ,I: ?j: ::‘ Computer I English ‘ i VISWAIYOTHI V/ S CBSE at National LCVCI (2013 -2015) 1 l we ole 6.0 633 Foo wt? - Comparative study of School VII Stale performance Average $1:hoo42O13 Slate 2013 School 2014 Stale 2014 School 20l5 Stale 2015 l VISWAJYOTHI v/ s CBSE at State Level (2013 -2015) l P00 “.9 Comparative study of School v/ s CBSE Average (Xll.2014-2015) VISWAIYOTHI v/ s CBSE (2014-15) at National Level 909 F09 xx“ Comparative study of School vls State Average (XIL2014-2015) VISWAIYOTHI v/ s CBSE (2014-15) at State Level Avg Marks
  10. 10. Avg. Grade Point Avg Grade Pain! Avg‘ Grade Pom! E g ‘E U S“ < KVISWADHWANI 100 75 TEACH! INSPIRE! TRANSFORM VISWAJYOTHTS TRIUMPHANT JOURNEY TOWARDS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. .. PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS CHART OF CLASS XFROM 2013-2015 ISSUED BY THE CBSE Comparative study at School v/ s CBSE parfomlanco Average - School 2013 IILIIII MALAYALAM MATHEMATICS PAINTING HINDI COURSE- SCIENCE SOCIAL B SCIENCE Comparative study of school v/ s slate pevfovrnanco Average 1 CBSE 2013 1 School 2014 1 case 2014 - School 2015 10> VISWAIYOTI-ll v/ s CBSE at National Level (2013 - 2015) ENGLISH COMM 1/2’ MALAYALAM MATHEMATICS PAINTING HINDI COURSE- SCIENCE SOCIAL ENGLISH B SCIENCE COMM Comparative study cl School v/ s CBSE Average (X,2Il14-2015) -School2DI3 -SIaIe20I3 -Schoo|20I4 -SIala2014 -5chooI2015 -SI. ale2OI5 VISWAIYOTHI v/ s CBSE at State Level (2013 - 2015) - School MALAYALAM MATHEMATICS PAINTING HINDI COURSE- SCIENCE SOCIAL ENGLISH B SCIENCE COMM. Comparative study of school v/ s Slate Average ()(.2014-201 5) 1 case VISWAIYOTI-ll v/ s case (2014-15) at National Level 1 School 1 Stale VISWAJYOTI-II v/ s case (2014-15) at State Level For more details Log on to SARANSH Portal http: //saransh. nic. in MALAYALAM MATHEMATICS PAINTING HINDI COURSE- SCIENCE SOCIAL ENGLISH B SCIENCE COMM. : Since this is our jubilee year, and we have many programmes on the anvil, we participated only in a few interschool activities. Even then, wherever we participated, we could put our golden signature by winning the overall trophies NO. OF COMPETITION SCHOOLS VENUE ACHIEVEMENT Kindergarten Rajagiri Kids Fest Rajagm Ki“de”g“"°“' 62 Kalamasse Angelic Voices Inter Naipunnya Kindergarten, Kinder arten Carol Festival Trikkakara Public School 4-0' Position 3"‘ Position 2'14 Prize for Ananthapadmanabhan, Class XII South India Level Biological Quiz (SlLBiQ] All Kerala Viswapratibha Quiz & Debate FABULA All Kerala CMI CBSE State Kalotsav. Sahodaya Kalotsav (Only Individual Items) Karunya University, Coimbatore Viswajyothi CMI Public School Rajagiri H S School Rajagiri Public School 15‘ Runner up in Debate Winners - overall trophy Winners - overall trophy Nirmala School, m . . Muvattupuzha 8 posmon Best Artist Award, 2"‘ Prize for Fashion Show Raj agiri Christu Iayanthi FRESCO Public School, Kakkanad CHRYSALIS- 1 5, All Kerala . . . 19-‘ P ' Iumor Chef Competition nze Naipunya College, Pongam
  11. 11. TEACHI INSPIREO TRANSFORM I Si V qmfin u ‘ The achievements in the field of sports were fabulous. r, _-:3 , r¢ . w. v.~m , -1 : xv. v1.~ . - I‘: T EVENTS VENUE SCHOOLS ACHIEVEMENTS All Kerala CBSE Invitational Cricket Tournament Central Kerala Sahodaya Throw Ball Cham n ionshi . Central Kerala Sahodaya Football tournament Central Kerala Sahodaya Sports Meet Viswajyothi CMI Public School Viswajyothi CMI Public School Viswajyothi CMI Public School Marygiri PS Koothattukulam A1lKerala CMI CBSE Sports Meet 16 98 Winners Winners 4”‘ position CMI PS, Chalakkudy 18 Runners up 14-31 Ernakulam Dt. Junior 8: Sub junior A uatic Cham - ionshi - 32nd Kerala State junior & Sub junior Aquatic Championship 28 Aquatic complex, Thrissur National Junior & Sub junior Aquatic Championship CBSE South Zone Swimming Competition Pune Shivamogga. 2"“ Runners up Two of our students were selected to represent National level Two of our students reached 7“! position in the National Level. Won Bronze Medal 1 1”‘ Anu Memorial Aquatic Championship Thoppans Academy Won 6 gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals & 7 Bronze Medals All Kerala Interschool Viswajyothi Chess Tournamaent Viswajyothi CMI Public School First Runner up WORDS OF PROFOUND GRATITUDE: This Iubilee year has witnessed many programmes in which our team work invigorated every one. We proved our team work in the following activities. MAIN SCHOOL EVENTS : > Lighting of the Silver jubilee Lamp - Mar lose Puthenveettil, the Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulam — Angamaly Archdiocese Inauguration of the Silver lubilee — The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Oommen Chandy Viswa Fest - School Youth Festival Thirumulkazhcha — Honouring of Senior Citizens Onasadya - All staff and students from KG to Class XII Annual Sports Day Christmas Celebration MAIN INTER SCHOOL EVENTS WE HOSTED & ORGANIZED : > VISA — Viswajyothi Inter School Activity Fest for Rev. Fr. Ioy Kilikunnel CMI Endowment Ever Rolling Trophy&Cash Award > VISMAYA — Viswajyothi Inter Kindergarten I-‘est > VISWAPRATHIBHA QUIZ & DEBATE for Rev. Fr. John Pynadath CMI Endowment Ever Rolling Trophy & Cash Award All Kerala CBSE Viswajyothi Invitational Cricket Tournament for Rev. Fr. lose Padayatty C M I Endowment Ever Rolling Trophy & Cash Award
  12. 12. .vvswAo»+wA~r > All Kerala Viswajyothi Interschool Basketball Tournament for Rev. Fr. John Pynadath CMI Endowment Ever Rolling Trophy 8; Cash Award > All Kerala Viswajyothi Inter School Open Chess Toumament for Mas. Sarath Hareesh Memorial Trophy 8: Cash Award > Central Kerala Sahodaya Football & Throw ball Tournaments > Viswasandhya - Alumni Meet ACTS OF GOODWILL I "We make a LIVING by what we GET but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE. ” We have a great contentment in saying that we could collect Rs. 15,33,891 and contributed Rs. 9.93.000 for helping the poor and the needy people in and around us. Details of contributions are as follows. Particulars Orphanages/ Old Age Homes/ Home for the Destitute etc Hospital Treatment 1,25,000 Cancer Treatment 40,000 Kidney Transplantation 350,000 Ieevadhara Renal care Foundation 1,00,000 Heart Surgery 65,000 Marriage Help 30,000 Education Help for Physically Handicapped 88 000 Students ' Flood Relief Fund - Chennai 1,415,000 D®lC'U'l-§UJl)lH 9.93.000 We express our deeper debt of gratitude to all those who rendered their helping hand for making this noble venture a grand success. We hope that you may extend to us the same inspiration and cooperation in the coming years too. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM : "Constructive criticism can serve you well if you let it. ” Your constructive criticism is welcome. We request you to be an integral part of our development process through your feedback. Please log on to www. viswajyothi. org CONGRATULATIONS CBSE STATE LEVEL 7. > M R OD W | SCIENCE EXHIBITION MHTUABY 4 Dept published her maiden Two students of our school ’ naked 1'0‘-he abfme OEGOCI-u book of 35 poems In Daniel Sunny 8. Alan Paul _ Malavamm [med -1; nu, Thomasofdass 11 pamopated 5 Mrs. THRESS| A SOURU beloved mother—In— G’33"‘3'“" In the CBSE State Level Science °f wrdear Ms’ Reji K1 (Maths Dept‘) Exhlbmon 3‘ Bhavan-S rs. KAMALAKSHI KUTIAN beloved mother Eiamakkara on 17*” '38!" and ' of Mrs. UmavathyM K(HIndI Dept. ) 19'" They mesemed 3 device Mr. Muralikrishnan, the father of Meera M '1 with which Energy can be saved nair (331 and Roshni M Nair (1 B1 and energy consumption can be reduced Mr. Thomas Kunan A of the department ol Physics ‘ Accompamed them. in their soul rest In peace" ; Published for privabe circulation among stude ms of Viswajyothi CMI Public School, Anymaly, 0484- M53544, 2454034, 2457794 Designingfi Priming : Madonna 9447159638