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Viswadhwani january and february 2015 16


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Viswadhwani january and february 2015 16

Published in: Education
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Viswadhwani january and february 2015 16

  1. 1. _Y . NEwsLE1'rER FROM vIswAJYo1'HIcMI PUBLIC SCHOOL. ANGAMALY A . . g ; e, VPSINL - 1am - JANUARY- FEBRUARY - 2019 Le ' i" ‘ [. f‘; 4 " . ;<_ / , I I I , , Snlver Jubilee Lead-Imes $« | ‘ ‘”i-Vfiere tfiere is rig/ iteou. mm*s in tlie Heart, t/ iere is Eeauty in tfte c/ iamcrter. '2. ‘VI/ ‘.5211 tfiere is 6ea. uty in the ciiaracter, tfere is liarmony in. tlie fiome. ' ‘fig . .4‘? ‘M/ iien t/ iere is / iarrnoizy in cfie iiome, tfzere is onfer in. tfie nation. ‘£4// ien there is orcfer in tfie nation, tfien-r is peace in t/ ie worfzf: — _ _ , J. j4‘6zfu[? {a[am X: (Dear ’Viswa]yotfiums, 1» h‘Ifie a6ove quote, I tfiinlé, is very relevant to tlie present times. flvtorafvafues estafilislieif as traditions never cfiange. Qut today, tliere is a major a'i_'[7‘er'ence in the point of view qf younger and" olifer generations a6out Iiuman values and‘ social values ranging from Religions to §Rel21tions/ iips. The present generations lacléprecious values essential for peacefizf living. It is indispensafile to prolie into tfie reasons Eefiimftliis. Religion fias Become instrumental to some lielievers to fiifiilf tlieir profit motives. Tor tfiem, refiztionsfiips are Eondages. ‘Die strong linficonnecting "fiuman Eeing” to tfie “welfare worlif" / ias now Eecome very wealfi ‘rlieprotikm is severe, its reasons are vague ana‘so[utions are Iiard (Parents and"1’eacfiers, it is liigli time to rise to tlie occasion. Cliiflfren are to 6e corrected'amfd'irected'to'war¢s tfie rigfitpatfi. Their Iieart sfiouliffiefilleifwitli rigfiteousness. ‘Do not 5e reluctant to correct t/ iem or to give tfiem positive punisfiments tliey do wrong. The cufture qf’Viswajyotfii is manifest in its core values. It is aliin to the values tradition amfculture of our ’ great nation. It may 5e the passion for fzsfiion tfiat compefs a person to imitate anotlier culture Efindly. ‘Ifie influence of media may 6ring a6out negative results. Tliis is because afscrme wrong notions and it is / iigfily contemptilik. Afiection of parents to tlieir cfiififren fieyonzl limits turns tliem to 6e selfish and Erveless. ‘Teacfiers are afraid’ of correcting cfiil'a'wen 6y giving punisfiments. ‘Ifiis creates in t/ iem a fiaeling of limitless freedom ‘w/ iicfi results in cfangerous indiscipline. J4 cflilif may tfien 6e fiollfenougli to oppose parents orteacliers. J4 solution to tliis serious profiém is tfie appearance of a role mozfef ‘Faith in golf, (Personality, cfreams goa£s, commitment, inspiration, confidence, support ancf punctuality are tfie marks of a rok model (Parents sfioul2{6e rok moifeis at fiome amf teacliers sfiouflf 6e role moa'e£s at scfloof ‘Iliey can perfect a cfiiflf to 6e a V’ _ role moifel in future. So (Parents anzfteaclieng 6e tfie Eest you can 62. We can Ering Ty; ;;; ';n"; 'g; ;;; ;gg§; ;;7;g; ggfggv a6out so many gooif results witfi t/ ie liéssings of golf and the love they brought In our lives. We will miss you ‘ ' I wisfi alltfle stuzfents a fruitfizf summervacation. E . agD__ Mia-_v‘tI‘ie. «soul rest in peace _ h'1‘eamféIt'cundoIence5 to the bereaved family Marfin C ‘ A ) filxgil ‘. ‘-. :m€‘s‘F: i.~J 1 , - , .4 V
  2. 2. I ‘.1 L‘'A'I: I} I X'A‘I: C I‘ FROM THE EDITOR'S PENQ, / Examinations are fast approaching. We have to work hard. The past academic year provided us so many opportunities and we had made use of them to express ' our creativity and positive thoughts. ' Now it's time to get back to studies. We "should have the mentality to help our follow beings in their studies because it adds much to your knowledge. Always remember'We rise bylifting others’. Irin Froncis, Student Editor , '. ..J- 4 1 A S‘ C l l S on 6 IA 9 Hail a new year Chavara Day Padayathra Jyothis Utsav Jubilee Finale Getting rejuvenated Reverence to the Republic Day Chocolate Fest Holy Mass (the two holy mass may please be clubbed together) The golden chain of unity Fare thee well Sanchal Enhancing confidence Alunnai talk Some food for thought A wonderful step by STF Adventures at Wonder Ia Civil service lmpasto Annual Sports Casa Congrego Facing Exams Bibox Innodome V—creation5 Viswa Aqua Happy Birth Day A Memorable get-together On the way to Thenmala Seeking the Blessings ONV anusmaranam Creativity l we were a year ago’ ~ ‘Ring out the false, Ring in the true‘. fr, 3 Cutting the cake and burning the JV old man on the new year day was quite suggestive. It was the symbol of accepting positive ‘ thoughts, making new resolutions j > and burning the evil deeds of our : _ I’ past transforming us to new with new soul, new eyes , new feet and - new back bone. it was a call to '35 start afresh and embrace a 1;’ ‘ beautiful future. awn’- L. “ - *5»! TEACH! INSPIREI TRANSFORM
  3. 3. TEACI-l-lNSPl| i.E-TRAN$FORM 5} 3:? ‘ "LW'-‘/ N : x'. 'I ‘n QBQQ V m: zm6I4-no iziumnsmioflmnamilaaalélgladiaaso auamaealxamamnaalaniougioug ‘‘ damimoeumnnximmmmadimnmmmflniflunaaummmflmuaglmaadflmmmw 1 nimmagalamoélmomuuaomobfl. f ) Jllfi‘? ‘:rl’i‘lrlll1"[}l3>liylily. Lu! l (i i ll 1», l. ‘ 7. ll lllliv‘ -? 7,772‘ -—. _ S‘ 3'1‘ l q l Cm] l , — *1" ‘L -. L". .. . -3.2.. ’ ‘— . J ‘; l'- ‘flit " '3‘ Vi ' , ‘.i. li. '1“"lm’l ‘ We saluted and supported the cleanliness drive initiated by Rev. Fr. George Peter Pittappillil through _ ‘Padayathra’ 2016 on 5"‘ January. Viswajyothi took side of them in this great deed and supported itby welcoming the rally in front of the school's gate. The students and teachers didn't forget to cheer them up with slogans.
  4. 4. TEACHO mspme- nmusrom ( y “ , .1} . s x. ’ ' . 1 «T'- . Q . ) ‘ (77. or M Jyothis Utsav and Silverlubilee Grand Finale ofour school once again proclaimed its glory through its novelty and exuberant performances. The presence of eminent personalities like Bishop His Excellency Mar Gratian Mundadan, Honorable Home Minister Mr. Ramesh Chennitha| a,Justice Kurian Joseph (Supreme Court), Rev. Dr. Jose Cletus Plackal CMI (Provincial of S. H Province, Rajagiri), Mr. Suhas ( Sub- Collector, Kochi), Adv. Jose Thettayil (M. L.A, Angamali), Sri Anwar Sadath (M. L.A, Aluva), Smt. M. A Gracy (Chairperson, Angamali Municipality) Ex Principals Rev. Fr. Jose Alukkal CMI, Rev. Fr. Joy Kilikkunnel CMI & Rev. Fr. Varghese Kachappilly CMI made the day highly prestigious. Presence of cine artist like Mr Nadirshah, Ms. Shivada Nair, Major Ravi (Film Director), Mr. Aju Varghese and Oscar nominee Madhu Vasudev gave the daya spectacular look.
  5. 5. 4'! ‘ ~. _~ swaumwam II T . .3. i E . - l‘l'l = = . . u ‘. ni gang The lost mini. tor a lllllllllt ls tI. eIlII; It. ... ‘ . ..»-oZ/ Jvothis Utsav ' the word synonymous to Viswaivotni came with its proud and pomp show on 16" and 17” of January it is hard work that makes things happen and creates a change The secret behind its success lies ~ ~ in being better than what we were - yesterday
  6. 6. ' '1L: *.'. 'I u : -.'. 'I . ‘i
  7. 7. ‘ _ : iu'I. -.. ‘II . . .13.. .. . ../ _. / ... uM« , , __2. , . . _.r. _n_ _, ._. V . . TEACH! INSPIRED TRANSFORM j
  8. 8. On 23" January Viswajyothi family got rejuvenated and refreshed themselves through a memorable one day outing to Thattekad ‘Seventh Heaven Resort‘. The resort on the bank of the river provided a cool atmosphere. The cool shade of the woods was really refreshing. Some of us enjoyed boating along the cool stream. A day full of enjoyment away from our busy schedule kept everyone revived. ', rriirw»* yr * «Ti ‘H ‘fl; Efl
  9. 9. *** TEACH! mspmeo TRANSFORM l A‘. ' 15:? ’ *~‘l». ‘wM, I1:sv. vI: ‘I-‘ll On 26” January Viswajyothi celebrated the Republic Day. Fr. Roy Kannanchira (Kochetta n, President of DCL) hoisted the flag. The echo of national anthem and the message of the guest once again ignited the patriotism in all. um ‘I‘''‘‘ MII| l'= I|' Ir lilauwai-l‘n1l ulvlIlII~! I?“Il= W“'t= -hip. :icii' i"ilr: m-, .iufl? l»= ii=1v'I'-U iii: -.~iivi-‘lziuii-wt-i'~vli: i->: . II, w: L~. .l-—i-‘I’-x's iii-. -euamvnit§i= nui= i6hsulI= i-is: -5» lg iv (km-'i= iiiIll 1'. 5» mail: mbiuionaiarm-it'll fl CHOCOLATE FEST On 26“ we conducted ‘Chocolate Fest‘, DCL State Talent Fest . 117 schools participated and Ernakulam District wonthe first prize.
  10. 10. Bond and brotherhood among the staff is the fact that keep Viswajyothi unique. On 30"‘ January the Management has organized a treat to the staff and their family. A talk on the topic ‘Family' by Mr. Nljo Puthussery DCL Ernakulam province secretary was very inspiring and a different experience. The mesmerizing performances and the sumptuous dinner made it memorable. TEACH! INSPIRE! TRANSFORM
  11. 11. TEACHI INSPIRE! TRANSFORM ' run V7rvvvv‘Vv~ l . ’H0t- xv .90” v . - 0 a . » v n 0 «_-_-A~_s_y_v‘v‘«_-; _o_oA¢ “Fare thee well, and if for ever Still for ever fare thee well" On 29'" January we bid farewell to our beloved Fr. Angelo. It was very painful but we gathered together and made it a memorable one. His relentless service was appreciated by all and it expressed the deep . ..a Grnxilunk ' * . l . . affection all felt for our dear v—un! v-I -mg: -at father.
  12. 12. nun lih a river. ... ... .., Dan’: stop. itu have miles to go. ... ... On 23"January ‘Sa nchal', the prayer session 8: farewell party of class XII was organized by the school. It was conducted by class XI students and teachers. Students were given the lighted candle and - recited the prayers uttered by Rev. Fathers and teachers. Tears welled ‘ up in the eyes of all students as they touched the feet oftheir beloved teachers and felt proud when they received their ‘course certificate‘.
  13. 13. TEACH! INSPIRE! TRANSFORM '. F 3' , _saav@lvle‘@©; Naoeilcs . V l l f ' FUTURE PROSPECTS Master Vimal George, an alumnai of 2014-15 batch , gave a thought provoking talk which motivated our students especially of commerce batch. Being an IIT student , he could inform the students about the different courses there and the future prospects that lie outside their Bl The Samaritan Task Force (STF) has been collecting each drop of kindness and compassion to wipe off the tears of the needy in our society. As another step of this venture, the School has planned to build a house for one of our senior citizens. On 28th Jan. the Manager Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty has laid the foundation stone of Mr. lames's house at Vengoor. On 4th of March a group of class 11 students along with the teachers and respected fathers took part in the first concreting ofthe house. 13 In order to revive the spirit and to control the stress level, a class for the staff was conducted on on 28“ January by Ms Reethu from ‘Brahmakumaries‘, Mumbai. As a part of cultural exchange programme , madam Barbara , a teacher from one of the Canadian schools came to VPS for an interactive session with class 8 students . The class was lively and interactive. The students got information about Canadian culture, natural vegetation etc. in Canada. ‘M1’-2'1‘1rIz'1‘. I.(. rum. . ‘W
  14. 14. u - -" 9 . , -as ; »,': ",‘. 2.’: -'«, s=5,'«. ,«-vs" . _ J is; % I 2- 1 . ll! “ "‘-? "£$ . u, ill‘ ' L 5- 1 Before they leave their beloved school, the students of class XII made a day of theirs and visited ‘wonderla' at Kakkanad. It was a thrilling experienceforall the students and teachers .1’ hey kept the pressure of studies aside and madethe daya memorable one. Civil service aspirants of Viswajyothi CMI public school long with students from many other schools got a golden opportunity to interact with our Dist. Police ChiefG. H Yathish Chandra IPS. who spoke on various aspects of Indian Civil Services. His motivational talk ignited the budding minds of the young civil service aspirants. Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty & Rev. Fr. Martin Mundadan felicitated the occasion.
  15. 15. e fabulous show was held on‘ February 13, 2016. Major General Dr. M. N Gopinathan Nair, Medical Director Rajagiri Hospital inaugurated lmpasto 2016 and Rev. Fr. Poulose Kldangen CMI, Prlnclpal, Chavara Da rsan Public School, Koonammavu delivered the keynote address. All ourschool officials graced the occasion. TEAcH- INSPIRE! TRANSFORM KG Annual Day lmpasto-16, th The tiny tots of K6 rocked the stage with their stunning performances. The Innovative team of teachers under the guidance of The HM Mrs. Jyotsna sobti made the tiny tots travel around the world through the skit based dance performance. ‘Alice goes wandering | ands'- was ' an adventurous journey of Alice with her rabbit and grandparents from one continent to the other. Indeed it was as colorful as a beautiful rainbow.
  16. 16. TFAD10 INSPIRE0 TRANSFORM ll '- . _ _ l . , -,9, «TL 7. -4" r‘ Keg: , ) ' 9:. ‘ §‘ Q 4 . ""'Nr‘ningI«mnos»siI1ie" * r . .9 . ; _ "" "' ‘ Mr. ‘Tony Mathew ‘.3 ,1 . '~ I ‘ ' l ’ . q, __, ‘A ‘7. ‘ , la, ., 4 } a_ 1. . _ . >' : ,.m: « V x . _ ' I . - O . I . ’ . _. _ '. ~ ' ' ‘ . . fl; ‘ . ~ ‘ . --. '<~' - J “bl ‘ ‘ g‘ I ‘ V | ‘ ‘r . . : ‘ l‘”. ‘, I ' « V. .. A . A ‘ . v ‘. . A _, x ' ' ‘ , I ' '1: ' n ‘V ’ | ‘ . , V . F
  17. 17. TEAcI-i- INSPIREO TIANSNRM . - G . x . On 21" February Viswajyothi celebrated parent's day 'CASA CONGREGO'. 3‘ ' Rev. Fr. Joy Kilikunnel was the guest of the day. Our smart and vibrant parents & teachers made the day mind-blowing. The fun thrilling games and cultural fest pulsated the veins ofthe audience. The PTA president Mr. Rlfon Joseph welcomed the gathering. Our Manager Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI and Principal Rev. Fr. Martin Mundadan CMI and Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Joshy Koottumkal graced the occasion with their presence and felicitations. The splendid day ended with a vote of thanks by PTA Vice President E. P Javachandmn. There was a sumptuous dinner.
  18. 18. On 11"‘ FebruaryfIswajyothi school arranged a seminaron the topic ‘Facing exams and career options‘ for classes 8 to 12. The class was given by Dr. 1'. P sasikumar, a former — space scientist. The class was informative and interesting. Dr. Sasikumar pointed out the importance of s t u dents to be encouraged to learn new C‘: =- things, to avoid the unnecessary ‘ ' ' ~ and to relearn the concepts which were misunderstood. He / , <; j’~ added that it is not to teach the N 2 ‘ studentstu drive on all roads by different vehicles, but to make them learn driving any vehicle on any road. M. /V . - I la, TEACH‘ INSPIRE‘ TRANSFORM V Sl'lhB| ' ll| 'h ee mg e essmgs 0 mg ly " _ : ,,. .v—“--~»_ - God's grace leads and ’ "- guides us in all the " endeavors in our life. February 12"‘ was a V day dedicated to the A’ 3 class Xllseekingthe - blessings of Almighty. ‘- 2 V V Rev. Fr. Joy Ooroth -. CMI conducted the " V, mass and guided the school in the spiritual mood. . . r/ /‘W: -1 '. V V/ V r __; ‘, Viswajyothi always encourages the innovative ideas and provides the platform forthe students toexcel in it. Bibox team initiated the children to come out with new ideas and made February 24"‘ a memorable day In Viswajyothi byinaugurating 'lnnodome @ Viswajyothi'. The techno savios of our school from classes 5 to 8 presented new models in the most innovative way. Rev. Fr. —_ , 4 V Jose Padayattyand Rev. ;_ I L” ' = ‘ ' ’ Fr. Martin Mundadan . ,. _-; —,. {*. "= waft‘; :35 , Hr inaugurated the ‘I *’~’ , -,’ H, initiation in the school _ ‘V _~ ‘ V " ‘ ' V‘ 3.- assemb| y.lndeed that ‘y -: . " UV ‘- wasthesreat effortof I ~ “ -‘ ‘* a group of students and the bi-box team fora coupleofdays. "~‘ll ‘ N
  19. 19. 7.? u; .wmt-z: sv. v1,-an ll Viswajyothi always encourages the innovative ideas of students and teachers. This quality keeps it always in the lead role . On February 18"‘ the school organised an art exhibition under the leadership of the art department which was inaugurated by Mr. Saju Thuruthil, a renowned Mural artist from Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit. The paintings of students and teachers were exhibited in the auditorium . The chief guest amazed the school with his wonderful painting which was created during the inauguration. He started the wall painting which was continued and completed by the students and teachers of the art department under the guidance of the department head Mr. Johnson T V. Along with that, a personal collection exhibition was also organised in the same venue wherein the students brought their unique collection of coins, stamps, perfume bottles, soap and l toothpaste covers, sweets wrappers , toys , artificial jewellery and many more. i, .]
  20. 20. TEACH0 INSPIREI TRANSFORM i The mermaids and dolphins of Viswajyothi swifted to and fro in the pool on February 19"‘ with much vigour and enthusiasm. Students of classes 1 to 8 participated in the 3'” Viswa aqua swimming tournament which led the school with the true spirit and fun. Prof. Ajay Sachidanandan from Raiagin‘ school of Engineering and technology graced the occasion. Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI, flagged off the tou rnament. . u _m- | ’1 12:‘: .1»; _ , s., M ,2 gags- :8-L 'Matured, calm and erudite’ , these beautiful words described Rev. Fr. Joshy Koottumkal , our Vice Principal whose birthday was celebrated on 3rd March . The simple and sweet cake cutting ceremony accompanied by the chorus of ‘Ha ppy birthday ’ by the staff was made sweeter by the felicitation renderd by Ms. Dhanya P M from English Department. In his reply note Fr. Joshy reminded that birthdays are occasions to remember , pray and be thankful to our parents. 20
  21. 21. :“ ‘ILA'. 'l -, :x'. '/ . ‘| E o E m 3 5 in I Z '0 TI E A group of students with their class teachers enjoyed a day at Thenmala. They started their journey on Friday 19" aftemoon and retumed on Sunday morning. It was a day of fun and curiosity where they enjoyed Thenmala Musical Fountain, Adventure Zone, Kallada Dam, Deer Park & Palaruvi Water falls. Pilgrimage to Mamtartam in. Class X students visited the hometown and : ~. in prayed atStJoseph's church fortheir success :5 '}‘§‘-. i:r5ii§’ri§n-. .
  22. 22. TEACH0 INSPIREI TRANSFORM N oiacrnelg 6i. ..mnfi. m1.a.3n3en1ni‘ nilrzjarilitilaacré oarata3am“eiIa. «iI orao. oig;3.aeiun: §nvonnIou fmOf1lIJ§l63EJ arramirajramco ssegam annniaafieago mamsaiaafieoso same moileilo aianumnnantmminajj ollemmoiuilofi oramgcrraaaimo cranium; a1.9.aerr§'La. iw3m3uij3n. i=err6 nnmcitbglné ngamasmge, erauijmoerago, mirziaalidlegao eniiénri‘ GT3GI3o0(lJl'U5l6)(1fi a!33fl)l3nllL(O)ml5lm3 ognnioii uanelaiadgjm msturo‘l. arramgml'eraam nucoamrormlni islaerjnotuimisanfi Liraermmio ennrmesao, mmmjeosm-glmi o@B(lT)(l'U3o mieimltrflerangtrnruigmo mamsmaggo crgeiaiigja. ; =.~. -- 3: NEW YEAR iigooiisr 1 when the New Year blooms New resolutions I make Should know myself Before the merry year ends Got lots to do And lots to change Really tough Is to change my ways Sorrows has passed As well as happiness Got lots to do Before the merry year ends My master Allow me to change my ways To make me a new being Before the merry year sta rts Antonin, Gautham, Haris, George, Adithya SN C 22
  23. 23. TEACH! INSPIRE! TRANSFORM A9(emoraB[e : fl Getrtogether On 12* February, the Class X students had their class social. In the morning, there was a special prayer session for them ‘i. as they are appearing for the Board examination. Rev. Fr. F’ ‘ Martin Mundadan CMI, enhanced their confidence through his motivational talk. They enjoyed the get—together with their beloved teachers. J R‘'‘''ll'‘' “"8 “("6536 = “""’ ‘ IIBITUABM nfImg3é'. .. es<rirm'knJmta3<r1') kuagzfilmzgo _ _ CTJ3<fl§03°--- (‘U097 0-“Sm m0§"@6‘3° 5’= =J036§‘" “ ‘ I - u 3 Mrs. Elia Vnrglnese, beloved °“”53'°"‘““ ‘mam “-n°3“fl°3‘”“”3- ‘ ~ mother oflohnson sir “mcrélg ocumaafi. .. 9133 v . e='Si: nflua3strr>a11oI}“ aa}. es>'ls. e.m<9.. .. 11.050130 nJOU1l30 m'iogg— I i — ‘_ . smoené’, mo g3 emisggacmg, cncnsrurm _ 1 = C. nine? gnmihamdieooob mnlhemm tmamcrb nnO3n. “O3fDTU)3 I’ ' Loving you always “ mcralg mo. eammilmfi e. ‘g‘| cn1ia3s>cmss§Iasé“ ‘ . _ Forgetting you never" gmagcag‘ eaooomneisaracrbesiismfleiieacm‘ auaoyifi ' A . MAY THE soul asias. e6$i§]ir2i1ga. ... ." eaasas e&9¢5Gl2!“EJ@'B§3o. ... ... k , ~‘ BEST IN PEACE"____ "Your presence we miss Your memories we treasure omo ongicxvem fll'ibOJ§3o. E i J’
  24. 24. viyu-: —'j. sf‘; _‘_. r1., ;;—. :<a. .~. ._, ~.. ;., v_: VISVVADHWANI Entries were invited from the students for the cover Page of the Jubilee souvenir. Many students submitted their creative entries. The best one was designed by Nimisha Ramesh ol Class Xl C which reflected the jubilee dictum TEACH INSPIRE TRANSFORM. YIMu. n-1r, ii~(. ‘Yi-It-afitzilrj;