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005 news letter july


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005 news letter july

Published in: Education
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005 news letter july

  1. 1. “If Life Is To Live, Love Is To Give” Another month has approached us with the value ‘love and concern’. This month witnessed many glorious achievementt# in curricular and co-curricular activities.These add much credit to the school in the annals of its prestigious stand. When I have a retrospective glance at the days passed by, I feel elated and proud because, you were admirably classic in your performances. Now we have a commentable past and prestigious present at hand. This gives me a hope to look forward to a radiant and covetous future. The bliss and blessings we got in the last month created a long lasting impression of dedication and integrity in our minds. This makes us hopeful to wait for the glittering and inspiring experiences. Welcome every new dawn with a smile on your lips which is a symbol of love and concern you have for every one. Fr. Varghese Kachappilly CMI Principal Ideas will be the most important currency of the future and innovation the most important skill. Ideas and innovations do not emerge of their own nor are they a matter of luck. Every successful idea in human history has evolved from a need. For eg. the wheel, the steam engine, google or facebook. It all began with a need and was spouted with observation, imagination, technology and passionate hardwork. Schools are the starting point for the free expression of ideas. Viswadhwani provides you the environment to develop your innovative ideas and to watch it grow. Here we included your fantacies, realities and dreams. Now we submit it for your perusal. Roopa Ann Mathew Editor Investiture ceremony is a part and parcel of the smooth running of a democracy. Viswajyothi CMI public School also invested its leaders chosen by the students The school PTA has been playing a vital role in Viswajyothi scaling the pinnacles of glory. Inspired and supported by the PTA President Speaks Mr. Joseph Kanichai President, PTA management we continuously strive to redefine excellence and shape a curriculum that meets challenges of the present and future. The PTA upholds this vision and is committed to lend all creative support to the staff and the management to attain this aim. Together, let us mould the new generation. on 5th July 2011. Dy. Superint endent of Police Mr. Bijo Alexander invested the leaders with badges It gives the student leaders a sense of duty and seriousness of the responsibilities they are entrusted with. Swearing in front of the whole school and teachers and above all God Almighty, makes the student leaders not to sway away from their duties. 1 Title Author Zzμz-bp≤w ae-bm-‰q¿ thcp-Iƒ ae-bm-‰q¿ km£n Im°-m-S≥ am¿Øm-fi-h¿Ω cma≥]n≈ imcZ H. N¥p-ta-tm≥ Cμp-teJ H.Nμp-ta-tm≥ DΩm®p Ddq_v m¿a-Sn-∏p-Sh kmdm-tXm-akv AS-bm-f-߃ tkXp adp-]n-dhn tkXp shfn®w tIdp∂p ]n.tIi-h-tZhv PmX-I-Ønse amfnI ]n.tIi-h-tZhv Fs‚ {]nb-s∏´ IY-Iƒ ]fl-cm-P≥ tIm´bw 17 DÆn B¿ Akp-c-hnØv Fw.Sn. hmkp-tZ-h≥m-b¿ Imfn-Zm-k≥ AP-b-Ip-am¿ F≥ aIs Aw_n-Im-kp-X≥, aßmSv Dƒ°-S¬ tPm¿÷v HmW-°q¿ C√w tPm¿÷v HmW-°q¿ Kpcp-km-Kcw hnP-b≥ kvamc-I-in-e-Iƒ ]q-Øn¬ Ip™-_vZp≈ DjvW-ta-Je Im°-m-S≥ s]cp-amƒ cta-i≥ªm-Øq¿ {^m≥knkv C´n-t°mc Sn.Un. cma-Ir-jvW≥ _¿k JZoP apwXmkv {Zu]Xn {]Xn-`m-dmbv ]´w ]d-Øp-∂-h¿ JmenZv slmsskn Xo°-S¬ IS™v Xncp-a-[pcw kn. cm[m-Ir-jvW≥ ]S-b-Wn-∏m´pw tXm-∂-Xbpw a‰pw tUm. Fgp-a-‰q¿ cmP-cm-P≥ apØ-∏≥ ]pcm-hrØw IÆ≥ Title Author ΩpsS ]≠-sØ-]m-´p-Iƒ ºq-Xncn Core CBSE Economics XII Agarwal S.K. Xncp-hm-Xn-c-∏m-´p-Iƒ Ia-eΩ cm{Xn ag kpK-X-Ip-amcn cm[-sb-hnsS kpK-X-Ip-amcn tZh-Zmkn kpK-X-Ip-amcn IrjvW Ihn-X-Iƒ kpK-X-Ip-amcn D÷-bnn H.F≥.hn kzbw-hcw H.F≥.hn Hcp-Xp≈n shfn®w, A£cw H.F≥.hn kvtln®v Xocm-Ø-h¿ H.F≥.hn hnP-b-e-£van-bpsS Ihn-X-Iƒ hnP-b-e£van IS-Ω-n-´-bpsS Ihn-X-Iƒ IS-Ω-n´ cma-Ir-jvW≥ Ihn-Xm-Iu-XpIw Aº-e-∏pg cma-h¿Ω Km‘¿Δw a[p-kq-Z-≥ mb¿ Ah-ÿm-¥cw Nhd sI.Fkv. ]n≈ ca-W≥ Nß-ºpg fnn Ipam-c-m-im≥ HmS-°p-g¬ Pn. i¶-c-°p-dp∏v A¿≤-hn-cm-a-߃ H.F≥.hn tIc-f-I-hnX 2010 sI. k®n-Xm--μ≥ cmP-]mX sNΩw Nmt°m Bt·-bmkv{Xw sNΩw Nmt°m mem-anSw sI. k®n-Zm--μ≥ sFXn-ly-ame sIm´m-c-Øn¬ i¶pÆn 8 Aiswarya, XI-B Shreya T.S., VIII-CChristleena Joseph II-B Divya Elsa George, VII-B Amal Jojan, XII-A Anjal B Padayattil, VII-BAiswarya Santhosh, VI-B Rose Mariya T. Paul, VI-D Kuria Mathew Ambat XII-B Published for private circulation among students of Viswajyothi CMI Public School, Angamaly Layout and Printing : Madonna 9447159638
  2. 2. We are living in a world full of love and concern. But we are not able to derive it fully from the outer confusions and chaos. We believe that we are the children of God, whose abode is heaven. We search for that abode which is abstract and unseen. In order to lead a successful life in this world, we should derive love and concern ,the most precious treasures, hidden in our own hearts. Move forward under the cool shade of God’s grace. Take truth and perseverance as companions. See only that brighter goal which is radiant far far away near the arch where imaginary heaven touches the real earth. Always think good, that will purify our heart. If anyone at any time commits a mistake, point out it with some sweet and soft words. Take care that we do not keep any ill will towards anyone. Prove ourselves as perfect human beings through our words and deeds. Thus derive love and concern from the world we live. If we give something we will get back the same in the same coin. Be good of heart. See God loves you. Let our minds be fragrant flowers with the scent of love and honey of concern. Ms. Lathika C.P., Dep. of English Our school celebrated St. Thomas Day on 1st July. The Holy mass and the programme followed were able to bring back the holy memories of the Apostle of Christ and the founder of Catholic churches in Kerala. The hymns that were sung in praise of the saint made everyone realize the path of virtue that St. Thomas followed. The skit performed beautifully by the students took us into a world of happiness and hope, and the presentation with the glimpses of the prestigious Malayattoor Hills and the historic church reminded us why we are here, in this world. The day inspired everyone to become a St. Thomas in future. The students with their patron name ‘Thomas’ were honoured on the day. Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI inaugurated the DCLActivities of the year 2011-12 on July 2 Mr. P. J. Thomas,DCL organiser of Kalady zone, welcomed all to the function. The Principals of the schools, that bagged 100 % result were adorned with ‘Ponnada’ by Dr. Sreeja S., the professor of Sree Sankara College Kalady. The keynote address was made by Rev. Fr. Joy Kilikunnel CMI, the director of Rajagiri Medical College. Adv. Charly Paul, Sr.Mareena, Mr. P. D.Antony and Sr. Theresa John felicitated the meritorious schools. Ms. Solly Mathew, the President of Kalady zone, expressed thanks to the gathering. 2 We the students of class XI B went to Rajagiri Engineering college on 19th July 2011, Tuesday for watching an exhibition with our class teacher Mrs. Jayasree Panicker. Over 40 projects were on display, offering an insight into the diverse skills of them in the field of electronics and communication.The exhibits included electronic toll and parking, soil moisture detector, boat security system, spy robot, vehicle speed interceptor, cashless canteen, traffic management system, etc. The quality of the projects was very impressive. For three hours, we had a lot to study, we came to know more about the field ‘electronics engineering’ and had a great fun and pleasure by the wide- ranging projects displayed by them. ANU THOMAS , XI B Project Expo 2010-11 Re. Fr. Eliazer Vadakkumchery CMI With utmost pleasure and pride Viswajyothi Family Welcomes you father, to our midst. WELCOMES YOU All of us commit mistakes. However much we wish to be perfect, we err and brood over it for quite a long time. It may be miscalculation, misjudgment or misconception of any aspect of life. When we realise our mistakes, we are full of tension, unable to concentrate, feel sleepless and even unable to find peace of mind. It is because we have come to know our mistakes. Subsequently, we develop the fear of making a mistake again, which is the worst mistake of all. Such a fear creates uncertainty and inferiority. It makes our image shrink. Should one continue with this inner fear? We must come out of that state of mind. After all, a mistake can be corrected, so why should we suffer endlessly? Why should we give up hope and belief in ourselves before we try to find out our potential to correct and improve? True greatness lies not so much in making a mistake as in rising above it. We are all mistake – makers, but thank God, we have the power to be mistake – breakers. The capacity to rise above a mistake is the beginning of success. Mistakes give us an opportunity to find out our true worth. We must see that we correct ourselves and do not repeat the mistake. Ms. Jayasree K. On Making Mistake One Friday evening, I came home to find a small duckling. It had been dropped from a crow’s beak while it was flying through our compound. My grandma picked the duckling and wrapped it in a piece of cloth. She gave it some food too. When I saw it first, besides the fact that it was wrapped in cloth, poor creature was shivering like anything. I took the duckling to my home which was near my grandparents’ house and gently put it in a cardboard box. I also lit a bulb in it to keep it warm. My mother gave her the name ‘Chakki’. She also gave Chakki some food in a bowl. But Chakki was too little even to eat. So we had to force its mouth open and put the food in it. Then we left it in a chamber. At night we gave little Chakki some warm water. The night was filled with melodious music as Chakki quacked and quacked. Next day morning my garandma said to me that she had found a perfect home for Chakki. One of our neighbours who reared ducks was happy to have her. Chakki was sent off to her new home, where she would have lots of friends and companions. Still each time I pass by the little cardboard box I remember Chakki and how she struggled for her survival. Aparna G., IX A “CHAKKI’ The Duckling A True Story Reading is a must Like a bread crust Hard to break Hard to speak Worst than Math I know that Listen English Speak English American English? British English Confused mind Eyes blind Oh God! I know not what I read and speak? MyMyMyMyMy Language Ann Jose, IV C 7 h¿Æn-°m-m-hptam AΩ X≥ kvtlw FÆn-Sm-mtam AΩ X≥ hm’eyw AΩ X≥ aSn-Ø-´n¬ n{Z sNøp∂p Rm≥ n¿`-b-mbn n¿∂n-ta-j-mbv F∂psS ZpxJ-a-Jnew am‰p∂ Cu Znhyamw kvtlsØ ad-°p-hm-m-Iptam cm{Xn-X≥ bma-ß-fn¬ n≥ Xmcm-s´-n-s°{X kuc-`y-ta-Ip∂p n∂psS kvtl-an-sX-{Xtbm n¿Ωew kqcy-N-{μ≥amcpw Xmcm-K-W-ßfpw Bkz-Zn∏q n≥ n¿Ω-eamw kvtlsØ F∂psS Km-a-e-¶m-c-lo--ambv h∂p n∂o-Sp∂p n≥ khnt[ Hm¿°p-tºm-f-¤p-Xw, n oa-Zm--߃ Cu sIm®p Iøn¬ o h¿jn-°p∂p Imew IS∂p IS∂p t]mbn-Sp-s∂≥ tate n≥ Zm-ß-tf-dp-tºmgpw F{X h¿jn-®m-ep-sa{X kvXpXn-®mepw F{X nI-Øp-hm-p-≠n-nbpw Tessmol Jose, X C AΩ
  3. 3. The PTA is always a perennial source of strength to us in all the activities of the school. Its support and encouragement can never be over looked. This year the PTA General Body Meeting The activities of ‘Malayala Sahithyavedi’ was inaugurated by Mr. Xavier Pulpad with the aim to develop the literary and artistic talents of the students in our mother tongue. The main aim of this organisation is to provide chances to get acquainted with famous personalities in literature. Kum. Mubeena, Kum. Sheethal, Kum. Maria Ann and Mas. G. Vishnu were selected as the President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary respectively. Malayala Sahithyavedi June 24th 2011, a red letter day in my school life. Elections took place in Viswajyothi and to my incredulity I am elected as the Head girl of this great institution great responsibility has been dawned on me! feel honoured to serve the exemplary Viswajyothians and the institution of which I have been a part for the past 14 Years.As John Wesley says “Do all the good you can By all the means you can In all the ways you can In all the places you can At all the times you can To all the people you can As long as ever you can” This is my inspiration and I seek the blessing of Lord Almighty to perform to the best of my potentials. Let us all move together to the royal path to name, fame and glory and thus hold high the name of Viswajyothi forever. Raimol Baby Head Girl Indebted To …… Piacco went to Chicago Once upon a time lived a little boy, Piacco, a very determined boy. His dream was to travel to Chicago. He studied hard. After his studies, the young Piacco could not get a job. He was sad and his latent ambition to work in Chicago was not fulfilled with all the qualifications he had. He prayed to the Almighty with all his heart and one fine day he received an invitation from his old time friend in Chicago. Piacco traveled to Chicago and got a good job. He thanked God for giving him a nice friend. Moral : Determination leads to success. Ann Jose, IV C For me, to become the head boy of the school is not a thing which we say a dream come true. I haven’t even imagined of becoming the head boy even about the month ago. But suddenly one day, my class teacher came to the class and asked everyone to nominate a person from the class and it came to me. It is the teachers in the school who have groomed the person in me to what I am today. Now I feel proud to be the head boy of the school. I understand that a great responsibility has come to my shoulders and I will try my best in the way I am for the betterment of the school. Anand George, Head Boy was held on Saturday 9th July 2011. The presence and earnestness of the parents once again proved that they are ready to stand together for noble causes. The seminar led by Dr. Siju Thomas on ‘Smart Parenting’and ‘Behavioural Patern ofTrain’ by Doctor John Philip provided great awareness regarding our children. 3 Viswajyothi is really proud of the exemplary performance of our former students in the Common Proficiency Test [CPT] in June 2011. This is an entry level entrance test conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The following are the students who qualified for CPT: Alan Mathew Amal Razick Anjana Joji Ansett George Asher Anto Amala Treasa Meera Tom Nakul Suriadasan Sam Tony P.J Paul Oh ! sweet parrot dressed in green. Looking truly like a queen Spread your wings and play with me I’ll feed you fruits and rice, And chillies full of spice In my home, please come and stay Oh! Dear parrot come and play I have been studying in this school for the past 14 years The very first day the tree, which was there in front of the ground floor staff room A little man Dressed elegant With an English accent People looked at him As an alien Along the town With an English attire Jovial man With strong terms For his realm With his country – men Holding flag Chanting slogan Pride in tone Was father of our Nation attracted me. It had been a great scenic beauty and an investable part of our school days. Now the old rubber tree is cut. I feel that as I step out of the school, the tree also leaves the school. Perhaps the tree doesn’t want to see us leaving the school. The shade of the tree was a chatting place for those children enjoying snacks and juice from the canteen and for us the 12th standard students it was more than that. The rythm and music of the leaves which fell down from the tree entertained us during the classes. But we should not forget that our school always does something good for the sake of the students. There will be a genuine reason behind cutting the old tree. May be our safety …… Sharon Babu, XII A Namitha Jude, IV D Helen Rose Dorphy, IV A 6 DetDetDetDetDeterminationerminationerminationerminationermination ®……ƒ E‰Ú Ω˛…l… l……®…‰ S…±… Æ˙Ω˛“ l…“ ®…È +…M…‰-+…M…‰ ¥…‰ +…ËÆ˙ {…“U‰Ù-{…“U‰Ù ®…È* E÷ÚUÙ n⁄˘Æ˙ §……n˘ {…Ω÷ƒ˛S…‰ BEÚ ®…Ω˛±… ®… ¥…Ω˛ ®…Ω˛±… x…Ω˛” ®…‰Æ‰˙ V…“¥…x… EÚ… {…Ω˛±…… EÚn˘®… l……* {…g¯x……- ±…J…x…… Ω˛“ x…Ω˛” ∞¸`ˆ ˆx…… ®…x……x…… ¶…“ ∫…“J…… J…‰±…x……-E⁄Ún˘x…… Ω˛“ x…Ω˛” J…÷ ∂…™……ƒ ®…x……x…… ¶…“ ∫…“J……* V…“i… V……B Ω˛®… +{…x…‰ V…“¥…x… ®…Â, +M…Æ˙ Ω˛®… S…±…i…‰ V……B i……‰* +…∫……x… x…Ω˛“ V…“¥…x… EÚ“ Æ˙…Ω˛, ±…‰ EÚx… Ω˛…Æ˙ ®…i… ®……x…x…… EÚ¶…“* Ω˛Æ˙ {…il…Æ˙ EÚ…‰ i……‰c˜EÚÆ˙ +…M…‰ §…f¯˘x……, S……Ω‰˛ i……‰ §…Ω˛… J…⁄x… {…∫…“x……* b˜Æ˙ ®…i…  EÚ∫…“ ∫…‰ ™……  EÚ∫…“ Œ∫l…i…“ ∫…‰, +{…x…… +…i®…§…±… §…x…… Æ˙J…x……* Ω˛®……Ɖ˙ Æ˙…∫i…‰ ®… EÚ…ƒ]‰ı Ω˛…‰ ™…… {…il…Æ˙, ®…i… n‰˘J…x…… =∫…EÚ“ +…‰Æ˙* S…±…i…‰ V……x…… +{…x…“ ®…Δ W…±… EÚ“ +…‰Æ˙, Ω˛Æ˙ EÚ `ˆ ˆx……<™…… EÚ…‰ i……‰b˜EÚÆ˙* ∫…÷x……‰ V……‰ +{…x…“ +…i®…… EÚΩ‰˛, x… ∫…÷x… EÚ…‰<« +…ËÆ˙  EÚ∫…“ EÚ…* EÚ¶…“ V…“¥…x… ®… ®…÷c˜EÚÆ˙ x… n‰˘J…x……, S…±…i…‰ V……+…‰ +{…x…“ ®…Δ W…±… EÚ“ +…‰Æ˙* Fathima Nazeer, XI C Sradha S. Kumar, V C ®…‰Æ˙…  ¥…t…±…™…®…‰Æ˙…  ¥…t…±…™…®…‰Æ˙…  ¥…t…±…™…®…‰Æ˙…  ¥…t…±…™…®…‰Æ˙…  ¥…t…±…™… V…“i… V……B Ω˛®… Viswajyothi Family honours our teaching and non teaching staff for their glorious years of dedicated service. Teaching Staff Ms. Rajeswary L. 19 Years Ms. Leena K.A. 19 Years Ms. Sandhya Vinod 19 Years Mr. Johnson T.V. 18 Years Ms. Ancy Thomas 17 Years Ms. Shaly Jose 15 Years Ms. Mini Martin 19 Years Mr.Sebastian P.P 19 Years Ms. Annie K.A. 19 Years Ms. Rosily Thomas 19 Years Mr. Peethambaran 19 Years Mr. Baby M.V. 19 Years Ms. Thankam Babu 19 Years Ms. Valsa Varghese 15 Yrs Non Teaching Staff Ms. Reshmi Sasikumar 15 Years Ms. Jayasree K. 15 Years Ms. Prema Nair 15 Years Ms. Maya Rani. G. 15 Years Ms. Ancy John 15 Years
  4. 4. Youth Festivals help to maintain a healthy spirit of competition and therefore nurture a feeling of loyalty and belongingness to their respective Houses. This year too Youth Festival was celebrated with much vigour and enthusiasm. Youth Festival 2011 was officially inaugurated on 28th July in the Kids Block and 29th in the Public Rev. Fr. Varghese Kachapilly CMI and Rev. Fr. Eliazer Vadakumchery CMI Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI, our Manager, wished all the participants the very best. Rev. Fr. Sebes Attokkaran CMI, The Vice Principal and Rev Fr. Joy Kilikunnel CMI, our former Principal was inspiring. Educational officer Mr. P. K. Rajan and Academic Co-ordinator Ms. Mary Koshy were also present to support us. The rocking performance of the participants kept the audience spell bound. All the students supported their house. The sprit of Viswajyothi was evident during these two days. The events came to an end with sharing of the experiences of the 2 days by Rev. Fr. Varghese Kachappilly CMI and Rev. Fr. Sebes Attokkaran CMI. An end is a beginning too and with this spirit the day came to an end. The spiritual and physical endeavours of our manager Rev. Fr Jose Padayatty CMI have crossed a milestone, when he completed 72 years.Fr.Jose Padayatty’s birthday was celebrated with pomp and show. The School had organized tantalizing variety enter tainment programmes. The Mangalapathram was read in honour of Father with great reverence. Words run short to depict the happiness, each of us had, on that day 4 Though you left your earthly abode to stand near God as his beloved, your smile and words will always shine !!!!!! …… Afresh in our memories. Obituary Dear to God Jose T.A. The inaugural ceremony of the Literary activities of the academic year 2011-12 ‘Samyuktham’ was conducted on 30th June 2011. The programme was blessed with the presence of our Manager Rev. Fr. Jose Padayatty CMI, Mr. Munna, our Principal Rev. Fr. Varghese Kachappilly CMI, Former Principal Rev. Fr. SebesAttokkaran CMI, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Joy Kilikunnel CMI, the cine artist and other school officials. Congratulations to our dear teachers Mr. Johnson T.V. who was elected as the President, KCSL Angamaly Region and Ms. Solly Mathew -President DCL Kalady Zone. May the good God bless you in abundance to fulfill the responsibilities. We are proud of .... The loveliness of a rose flower is profound, despite thorns on their stems. The beauty is not only its structure but also its fragrance. With good nurturing and care, rose buds develop Red Rose love,beauty,courage,respect. Deep pink Rose appreciation,thankfulness. Yellow Rose joy,friendship,delight,promise of a new relation. Orange Rose desire,enthusiasm,passion. Lavender Rose love at first sight. White Rose purity,innocence, humility. Blue Rose unreliable dreams, ambiguity,mystery. (Because it does not exist in nature.) into beautiful flower. Similarly love and care make children grow into good adults. Roses of certain colour have a special meaning. They signify: NEENU BABY, XI B Love, pleasure and happiness Never forgets their visit to home When mother is at home Hatred, Evil and sadness Do not have room at home. When mother is at home. Even before the sun eats his breakfast My mother does all her chores And even after midnight I see her out of bed She is there to help in every problem Although she has hundreds of works Even though tired she never forgets To peep at me when I do my studies She doesn’t care about herself But care about me and my family. I realise now that my mother Is not a human, but an angel Gayathri Shyam, VII A OUR CLASS …………. Once there was a class The class was full of bash With lots and lots of fun And bits of knowledge in each Filled with talent up to the brim Like scintillating musicians, Mesmerizing dancers, blooming artists And innovative thinkers Out of thirty one, few were naughty Few were silent but all were friendly The naughty ones were full of mischieves And teachers caught them so often. Each had a style unique from all Some were short and some were tall Seven had lens and frames for sight “We don’t know!” cried others in might The class was not made of brick and grit It was the product of our love and strength Our friendship was so noble and Shined out like a twinkling star The sky was bright and the sun ceased The birds flew with vigour Just as memories pass by ……….. Years from now, we’ll remember Those charming moments With heart felt thanks and gratitude We remember those faces Which made our days cherish As we walk down the stairs of our school Saying good bye……forever To our dear class XII B…………….. CLASS XII B Samyuktham presented by class 10 students, recited the universal tale of colours, culture and myrth. To add more colours, Mr. Munna, the cine artist entertained the audience with a melodious song. The function was grand. Class 7 also had their common literary meeting to in this month. Perfect colours, rhythm and music were there to ... the occasion 5