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Multimedia for csn


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Multimedia for csn

  1. 1. MultimediaInstructionfor Childrenwith SpecialYour Subtitle Goes HereNeeds
  2. 2. WHAT IS MULTIMEDIA• Multimedia is nothing but the processing and presentation of information in a more structured and understandable manner using more than one media such as text, graphics, animation, audio and video.
  3. 3. Multimdeia aims on:• improving accessible instructional design,• creating communication bridges,• promoting skill development,• making distance education possible, and• creating discovery learning experiences.
  4. 4. Types of multimediaand their classroomapplications• Talking books and speech synthesis-Digital texts can be read aloud using recorded human voice or synthetic text-to- speech programs.Ex. Speech recognition softwares
  5. 5. • CD-ROM storybooks- CD-ROM storybooks offer digital text in combination with features such as animations, illustrations, speech, and sound.
  6. 6. • Video/videodiscs- Video/videodiscs offer a means to contextualize curriculum content and instruction across the curriculum.- Ex. ASL video clips
  7. 7. • Hypermedia- Hypermedia refers to hyperlinked multimedia—the linkage of text, audio, graphics, animation, and/or video through hyperlinks- Ex. Interactive computer programs
  8. 8. • Computer simulations-Computer simulations are computer-generated versions of real-world objects (for example, a brain) or processes (for example, an election).
  9. 9. Samples of possibleresources ofMultimedia for CSN• Ablenet• Products for teaching students with disabilities. Products include wearable communication aids, a CD- ROM story about a student with disabilities, learning software titles
  10. 10. • AGS Publishing• Publishes assessment and test preparation software, textbooks, instructional materials, and more for students with a wide range of special needs.
  11. 11. • AutoSkill• provider of software based literacy interventions for underachieving students of any age or ability
  12. 12. • Granada Learning• Offers administrative tools, multimedia titles for life skills, reading, software for dyslexia, and much more for people with special needs.