Resume Templates Can Be Your Career's Springboard


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A résumé professionally designed for you and your position can jump-start your career. Recruiters give you an average of 6 seconds to impress them. If your skills and achievements are easily taken in at a glance, you’ll be on the fast-track for the interview! Almagreta has résumé templates for every career path Pick one. Filling out your resume has never been easier! People often get discouraged in their job search due to lack of response. A résumé with a crisp, clean and well-presented layout makes sure you get responses!

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Resume Templates Can Be Your Career's Springboard

  1. 1. Improve your chances of getting a job with a good resume template
  2. 2. Resumes can make or break a job application.
  3. 3. A job opening receives an average of 250 resumes.
  4. 4. 61% of recruiters reject resumes with typos
  5. 5. Recruiters scan a resume for 6 seconds
  6. 6. To pass initial screening resume should be:
  7. 7. eye-catching error-free easy to scan
  8. 8. It’s better to approach the application process in a strategic yet creative way
  9. 9. A perfectly crafted resume will increase the chances of landing an interview
  10. 10. Almagreta Resume Templates can help to make it happen within minutes
  11. 11. Almagreta Resume Templates include stunning designs and professional formatting
  12. 12. " Our templates help a job applicant to stand out and stay ahead of others in the most economical and practical way. " Kay Ravier, Marketing VP, Almagreta.
  13. 13. Instead of starting from scratch, job seekers can focus on presenting their achievements
  14. 14. Almagreta Resume Templates come in Word .docx format and are very easy to use
  15. 15. Add content seamlessly and navigate through the layout easily
  16. 16. Fill out the resume content in seconds, include more entries with just one click
  17. 17. Visually highlight the skills using clickable stars
  18. 18. Add pages that automatically display the name and contact details
  19. 19. Almagreta’s five resume templates are elegantly designed to fit different job positions Copywriter Photographer Web Designer Marketing Sales Representative Public Relations Director Executive Senior Manager Programmer Software Engineer Graphic Artist
  20. 20. Executives or Senior Managers can create a compelling resume with the Minimalist Silver template
  21. 21. Programmers, Software Engineers, and Web Designers would use Professional Blue.
  22. 22. Fresh Green template is tailor-fit to sales representatives and students
  23. 23. Striking Orange might be a good fit to Marketing and Public Relations
  24. 24. Stylish Black is suitable to art directors, copywriters, graphic artists, and photographers
  25. 25. " The question about my resume design was one of the first I was asked at the interviews, everyone was so impressed " Andrew Roberts, Art Director
  26. 26. " After I've used AlmagretaTemplate I got so many calls for an interview you won’t believe what a difference resume design can make " Mary Wayne, Retail Clerk
  27. 27. Powerful yet attractive and easy-to-use templates for resumes, presentations, newsletters.