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Psychology homework help


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Psychology homework help

  1. 1. Psychology homework help buy here ogy.php Immediate access to solutions for ENTIRE COURSES, FINAL EXAMS and HOMEWORKS “RATED A+" - Without Registration!
  2. 2. Psychology PSY 280 Week 4 Individual Assignment Early and Middle Adulthood - $9 PSY 280 Week 4 Individual Assignment Early and Middle Adulthood Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you examine the psychological adjustments to aging and lifestyle that occur within individuals during early and middle adulthood. Be sure to include the following: · Discuss how social and intimate relationships evolve and change during early and middle adulthood. · Identify various role changes that occur during early and middle adulthood. · Examine the immediate and future impact of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced during early and middle adulthood. Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. to view the entire page, click here Employee engagement - $7 Employee engagement has become popular in HRM these days. Measuring it and determining whether a company’s employees are “engaged” are actually vendor services for which companies pay through the use of anonymous surveying tools. The science behind employee engagement is not yet perfected—there are many different ways that employers can help their employees get engaged! We’ll talk about this throughout the week and your professor will bring in additional questions and thoughts... to view the entire page, click here Gordon Allport - $15 Gordon Allport Perform in-depth research on Gordon Allport and present his/her findings in an 8-10 page paper bout value scales (excluding the title page, abstract, reference page, and Annotated Bibliography) which will address the following sections: Your Final Paper should include the following: Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only)... to view the entire page, click here Compliance Techniques - $6 Compliance Techniques This week, you simply need to reflect upon your own experiences as a victim (or
  3. 3. user) of compliance techniques. Specifically, you need to find personal examples of THREE different compliance techniques that you have either used to gain compliance in others or that others have used to gain your compliance. As such, you should focus on the foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, low-ball and/or that's-not-all techniques... to view the entire page, click here Methodological Issues Article Review - $12 Methodological Issues Article Review Read the following articles, which can be accessed through the ProQuest database in the Ashford University Library: Evidence-based practice in psychology: Implications for research and research training. Practice-based evidence: Back to the future... to view the entire page, click here Stability and Change - $6 Stability and Change "Stability and Change" Please respond to the following: According to the textbook, researchers who have followed lives through time have found evidence for both stability and change when it comes to an individual’s personality. Reflect on your own personality and describe the characteristics of your personality that have changed, and which have stayed the same as you have grown older. to view the entire page, click here Answer the following 2 questions - $4 Answer the following 2 questions 1.Visual perception is complicated because people’s cognitive systems are not adept at analyzing visual stimuli. To resolve visual ambiguities, people make unconscious assumptions that resolve the ambiguities. What are some examples of visual ambiguities that you have encountered today? What type of cognitive assumptions did you make to solve them? 2.perception involves identifying things through one’s senses. Unfortunately, each of the senses can be impaired. Discuss how perception can be impaired. Explain some methods you can use to cope with these impairments. to view the entire page, click here Human Development Research Study Proposal - $9 Human Development Research Study Proposal Human Development Research Study Proposal (Benchmark)
  4. 4. For this assignment, you will design a research study proposal to examine some aspect of human development. You may select any topic that is of interest to you, as long as it pertains to the life span. Refer to "Life-Span Development Resources," for useful life-span websites if you are having difficulty selecting a topic... to view the entire page, click here Patients Seeking Treatment - $11 Patients Seeking Treatment The vast majority of patients seeking treatment for an eating disorder do not meet full DSM criteria. What are the implications for diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders? What are the broader implications for categorical versus dimensional perspectives on the diagnosis of mental illness? Essays will be marked on the quality, structure and clarity of the argument, and the clarity and style of the writing. Your argument should be supported by relevant evidence from the literature, and should be referenced in APA format. Your essay should not exceed 2000 words. Minimum of 6 sources to view the entire page, click here Annotated Bibliography - $11 Annotated Bibliography Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography The purpose of this assignment is to utilize what you learned thus far. To do that you will be writing an annotated bibliography. One way in which psychology examines issues in life-span development is to review current research on related topics. For this assignment you will review current research and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography... to view the entire page, click here Public Media - $7 Public Media Public Media: Adolescence OR Young Adulthood Find an article in the public media (e.g., newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, web page) that relates in some way to the developmental stages we are learning about in Weeks 4 and 5 (Adolescence or Young Adulthood). Review the information and find the supporting evidence that was the basis for the article... to view the entire page, click here Motivation - $9 Motivation
  5. 5. 1) use the theories of motivation from the Motivation pdf which is attached 2) Do not have to use references from other resources, using your own words and own ideas would be better 3)remember the answer should include all questions and answer in specific way... to view the entire page, click here Big Five Trait Clusters - $6 Big Five Trait Clusters Choose one of the Big Five Trait Clusters for each person that best describes core elements of their personalities (for example, you might choose "neuroticism" for one and for the other person, "agreeableness") and describe 1) how each of their respective trait clusters help them get along with others and 2) how the same trait clusters can sometimes put them in conflict with others. Make sure to provide specific examples that support your points AND use trait terminology to explain your opinions. to view the entire page, click here Stress - $11 Stress To develop a presentation on strategies to cope with stress and promote wellness. The presentation will be an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint slideshow. Online students must provide detailed speaker notes (under the each slide - what will you say if this was a live presentation)... to view the entire page, click here Binocular Rivalry - $7 Binocular Rivalry In your "initial" forum post each week describe how one of the phenomena mentioned in this week's readings explains an everyday event that you have experienced or observed and then suggest how this phenomenon might have serious consequences (so first its everyday occurrence and impact and then ways in which it can have serious impact)... to view the entire page, click here Essay Psychology - $17 Essay Psychology Write an 8-10 page essay on one of the following topics. Marx describes ideology as being produced by material structures but then serving to control material flows through artificial networks of ideas. Explain why ideas are not true objects in any intrinsic sense and do not accurately reflect the world, even though
  6. 6. they play a propagandistic role in maintaining capitalism... to view the entire page, click here Abnormal Psychology - $4 Abnormal Psychology Develop an annotated bibliography. Abnormal Psychology Include 2 sources on contemporary approaches to treatment based on current research and theoretical models. to view the entire page, click here Perspectives on psychology - $7 Perspectives on psychology Write a 500- to 750-word paper in which you select and describe three different perspectives on psychology, including major theoretical positions and ideas. Describe why the goals of psychology are applicable to your life, and how each perspective you selected fit with those goals. to view the entire page, click here Questions Psychology - $4 Questions Psychology Select a research method, such as case studies, surveys, or experimental, from the text that interests you. 1. Describe how you would use this method in researching human behavior and what topics you might study. 2. Explain why you chose this method and where it fits in using the scientific method. to view the entire page, click here Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media - $12 Issues in Sexuality: Scholarly vs. Popular Media This assignment will help you explore the way a topic in human sexuality is covered in two very different sources: 1) a scholarly journal; and 2) a popular media source. Instructions Choose a topic on sexuality that interests you. Use the textbook as a guide in selecting your topic. Find a scholarly article Select an appropriate topic, and search the APUS online library databases to find an article from a “peer-reviewed” evidence-based scholarly journal. If you have questions on appropriate types of articles, you can use the library tutorials or contact a librarian...
  7. 7. to view the entire page, click here