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Government services

  1. 1. Government Services By: Jasmine Zhang
  2. 2. Banff National Park Like the view? This national park, along with many others, is paid for by the federal government, from your tax dollars and revenue made.
  3. 3. Canadian Citizenship All new immigrants and refuges are allowed to be Canadian citizens if they pass a test, set by the Federal Government.
  4. 4. Marriage (and Divorce) Gay marriage laws, and all marriage in general, are set by the federal government.
  5. 5. Criminal Code of Canada The federal government sets out the laws about criminal activity, provinces and municipalities are allowed to modify them a little bit.
  6. 6. Drivers Licenses Provided by yours truly, Ontario.
  7. 7. Provincial Prisons For criminals and felons alike.
  8. 8. Snow Clearance Services Cities are responsible for their own snow.
  9. 9. Community Centres For citizens of the city.
  10. 10. Libraries Provided by municipalities.
  11. 11. Public Transit Services Provided by the city, for the city.