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Jenny Hall and Allysea Thompson's Genre Analysis Project

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Genre english

  1. 1. Engaging in any social media site Genre Twitter Instagram Allysea Thompson & Jenny Hall Vine
  2. 2. Genre characteristics of Twitter The Hashtag Social -Allows people from all walks of life the opportunity to chime in or join the movement (trending topic) -Allows you to show your support to the victims -Lets others that may not watch the news know what is happening around the US. Cultural #PrayforBoston- shows as sense of caring; letting the victims know that “we” as in America & twitter truly care about their safety -Any threat against America is taken seriously
  3. 3. Genre characteristics of Instagram “Likes” Social -Nash Grier (Instagram famous) -you can see how many people liked his photo -5409 likes -115 comments Cultural -A lot of “average joe’s” want to become Instagram famous because people will who you are -Famous people & your followers will send you stuff
  4. 4. (Vine) Facebook Page Title: Vacuum Cam Video A guy goes up to this girl while she is sleeping and puts a vacuum up to her lips and she freaks out and wakes up! Social: Funnier vines means more followers -12.5K likes -1.4K comments Cultural: It is a type of video that is know becoming mainstream because everyone thinks it is funny and wants to create the best vines
  5. 5. Question #1: Social Media can be used anywhere a person has access to the internet (WWW) via a tablet, smartphone, cell phone, laptop, or even a desktop. On Twitter, you can tweet, retweet, favorite, post pictures/ videos and follow/ unfollow people and gain followers. On Instagram, you can post pictures and now videos of literally anything from food to your foot. On vine, you post videos; most of them are of funny situations/ scenarios. Anybody can use a social network; young or old. The objective of these sites are to connect and know what people are doing, meet new people, and to get likes. Question #2: “Tweeting”, “instagraming”, and “vineing” allows you to post/ express your feelings and for people to comment/ retweet/ like/ favorite with their opinion. Social networking also allows you to track your every move for someone whom you may not see everyday. Question #3: Anybody who creates an account with Twitter, Instgram, or Vine can use it to keep their friends, family, and the world update-to-date with what they are doing or what is happening in their life. It may not be obvious at first but depending on the mood a person is in while depend on what type of genre piece they will upload to the internet.
  6. 6. Question #4: On twitter, the subject of a tweet can be about anything; from the presidential election, to reality shows, to the death of Micheal Jackson, and even the beef between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor. On Instagram, there are pictures that most of your followers will be uploading depending on the day; for example, Monday is Man Candy Monday, Tuesday is Transformation Tuesday, Wednesday is Woman Crush Wednesday, and Thursday is Throwback Thursday. On Vine, you can post whatever just make sure it is funny! Question #5: Tweets and vines suggest that you have followers that can relate or understand what you have posted and that they will in return retweet/ comment/ favorite it or give you a “shoutout“ and that’ll hopefully help you can gain followers. Question #6: Funny/Comedy twitter accounts tweet or post pictures to get laughs, celebrities tweets or post pictures to promote their album or new single, and the average person vines things to make people laugh.
  7. 7. Question #7: To function and to use social media in the proper way you must understand that s lot of terms, On twitter, you should understand the infamous #, RT, DM, Favorite, NF, FB and basic texting abbreviations. On Instagram, you should understand emoji’s #mcm, #tbt, #wcw or #wbw. On vine, you must understand the situation that the person is acting out. Question #8: The label I would put on social media would be pure entertainment. Most people can look through hours and hours of vines (trust me, I know someone) and never stop laughing because it is funny to watch people reenact certain situations that have happened to everyone in person or even to watch someone fall. The internet is much better than reality. Question #10: The genres can either create a serious, funny or comedic, or tense mood on the topic of their tweet, vine, or picture. Question #11: By uploading a picture, video, or by tweeting by engaging in this activity you will be able to communicate with others, express your view point and to simply document your life publicly and for your followers to respond. It does not allow people to get to know the real you because on twitter at the end of the day, most people upload funny/ truthful/ relatable social media types for likes– it does not mean that is who they really are. Life has come down to the amount of likes and followers you have.
  8. 8. Question #12: Celebrities needs are most served on twitter and Instagram because it is not hard for them to get followers. People already know their names and naturally want to know what's going on with them personally and musically. On vine, the average person has a chance to become famous because eventually people will see how talented you are at making videos and anybody can become a star. Question #13: Vines, pictures and tweets do not show you the whole person because what you post is only a snapshot of your life, for a single moment; it won’t tell you that persons full story. On twitter, you have a limit on the number of tweets you can do in an hour (100) or you will go to twitter jail and if your twitter famous and get a bunch of DMs, there is a limit of the number of those to. Question #14: There are definitely inequalities in the social media sphere. The better your twitter posts are, the more retweets you get, the more retweets you get, the more people know who you are, the more people who “know” you, the more followers you get and the more followers you get, the quicker you can become twitter famous and your fans will basically do anything you want them to do!