UALR Pre Departure Orientation Spring 2013


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  • Passport – Copy at home, with OIS, with group leader, with youInsurance – claim info and brochureEmergency Contact information – back of handbook – getting in touch with your faculty leader – Notify your credit card company of your travel
  • BE PROACTIVE Learn about your destination – travel.state.govVisit your doctor before you travelThink about your health status – disabilities, diabetes, other issues
  • Up-to-date Immunization Record
  • Original ContainersEnough to Last the Entire TripWritten Prescription from DoctorCommon for traveling – BlistersBandaids and SunscreenDiarrhea: Diarrhea is related to dehydration so remember...Drink lots of fluids - non caffeinated! East salted crackers or starchy foods - bread, rice, bananas Avoid dairy products If no improvement seen in a week and diarrhea is accompanied by a fever, see a physician
  • Drink bottled or boiled water – canned sodasAvoid ice cubes, tap water, fountain drinksAvoid dairy products unless pasteurizedDon’t eat food purchased from street vendors
  • Always go somewhere with a buddyAlways tell one of the faculty members where you plan to go and when you plan to returnGive your family the contact information they need to be able to reach you: trip itinerary, OIS phone number, etc.Carry contact information and lodging location on your personKnow the equivalent of 911
  • Assist AmericaISIC CardDomestic Insurance
  • KNOW THE LAW2,000 Americans arrested abroad each year One-third arrested on drug charges No guarantee of trial by jury, assumption of innocence or bail You could face stiff penalties, imprisonment, or the death penalty DO NOT TAKE CHANCESDropping change and taking wallet – touristy locations and crowded places Common locations?PreventionRoadside – Taxi Safety – meters AssaultDo not drink alcoholDo not leave your drink unattendedIf you are in an uncomfortable situation – don’t wait get help
  • Conform to local standards of behavior - if in doubt, ask! Repatriation in cases of unacceptable behavior at your own expense US Embassy cannot get you out of jail
  • Carry-on – what should I havePacking – currency for the country
  • UALR Pre Departure Orientation Spring 2013

    1. 1. PRE-DEPARTURE ORIENTATION UALR Programs Abroad Spring 2013
    2. 2. AS A STUDY ABROAD STUDENT YOU ARE: An Ambassador A Guest What Stereotypes Exist About Americans?
    4. 4. CHECKLIST• Travel Documents • Passport • Copy at Home • Copy with Programs Abroad • Copy with you• Have your Insurance Information with you at all times• Emergency Contact Information • Make sure you have contact information for UALR with you (keep with your passport)• Credit Card Company – Contact for dates of foreign travel.• Prescription Medication – Carry Original Bottles• Mail Picked Up/Forwarded• Confirm Travel – Send Flight Itinerary to
    5. 5. EXPECTATIONSHost Airport – Facilities – Cultural Interactions - Safety
    6. 6. BE PROACTIVE!• Host Airport – Research your host airport before you arrive. Look for details regarding exits, etc.• Facilities – Research for nearest hospital, doctor’s office, etc.• Cultural Interactions – Be prepared for cultural differences and plan on how to effectively process these.• Safety – Always be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of where you are and try to always travel with a partner.
    7. 7. HEALTH AND SAFETY ABROAD What do you need to know?
    8. 8. BE PROACTIVECenter for Disease Control and Prevention• Recommended vaccinations for travel• Information on disease outbreaks• Resources for Health and Safety abroad Is your Immunization Record up-to-date?
    9. 9. BE PREPARED• Mosquito Repellant• Prescription Medication • Carry all prescriptions in original containers. • Make sure you have enough for your entire time overseas.• Band-Aids and Sunscreen • Have on hand for blisters from walking, etc.• Motion Sickness and Diarrhea • Keep in mind that trying new foods could affect your system. Be prepared for these possibilities.
    10. 10. BE PROTECTED• Wash hands with soap and water often• Be careful with food and water • Drink bottled or boiled water and canned sodas. • Avoid ice cubes, tap water, and fountain drinks. • Avoid dairy products unless pasteurized. • Don’t eat purchased food from street vendors.• Don’t go barefoot• Do not handle animals• Wear bug spray and sun screen
    11. 11. EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION What happens if there is an emergency at home? What do you do if you get separated from the group? What is my emergency action plan?
    12. 12. INSURANCE AND EMERGENCIES Insurance Policy • Medical and Accident Insurance • Flight Delay Insurance • Baggage and Property Insurance • 24-Hour Emergency Assistance SMART Traveler Enrollment •
    13. 13. REMEMBERDrink lots of fluidsLet someone know if you are notfeeling goodTake care of yourselfNothing is worth your life
    14. 14. BE AWARE• Culture and Laws • 2000 American arrested abroad each year • 1/3 arrested on drug charges • No guarantee of trail by jury, assumption of innocence or bail • You could face stiff penalties, imprisonment, or the death penalty • DO NOT TAKE CHANCES• Theft and Pick-pockets • Carry your wallet in your front pocket • Backpacks an easy target• Roadside Safety• Assault • Know the local police contact information
    15. 15. STANDARDS OF CONDUCTUALR Student Code of Conduct - since you are still a student of UALR you willbe held to Student Code of Conduct if any issues arise while abroad.Host Country Laws – conform to local standards of behavior – if in doubt, ask!Repatriation can happen in cases of unacceptable behavior at your ownexpense. The US Embassy cannot get you out of jail.
    16. 16. Baggage, Packing, and Customs• Carry – on : Should have at least one change of clothing, and important medications.• Packing – Make sure to include currency for the country.• Customs – Be prepared to show your visa and have all required forms filled out. Have the address where you will be studying in case you need to include your residence where you will be.
    17. 17. Culture Shock and Adjustment
    18. 18. HELPFUL (U.S. State Department) (Center for Disease Control) (World Health Organization)
    19. 19. Resources available in Programs Abroad Pre- Departure Handbook Questions? Please contact Programs Abroad at