Digital technologies used in our media coursework


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Digital technologies presentation.

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Digital technologies used in our media coursework

  1. 1. Digital technologies used in our media coursework.
  2. 2. BloggerWe used blogger to: Record all of our coursework, evidence and products in one place.Benefits: Kept all work in one place. Easy to view. Easy to access on any computer wherever you are. Keeps it safe and reduces the risk of loosing any work.
  3. 3. Unsigned.comWe used to: Find the artist and the song that we would make our video for.Benefits: We could search thousands of artists from all different genres of music. Use search filters to refine our searches to help find the right artist for us. Able to listen to songs by the artist. Receive contact information for the artist.
  4. 4. YouTubeWe used YouTube to: Research all sorts of music videos to see different styles of videos and identify conventions of music videos from our specific genre of music. Upload videos to receive feedback.Benefits: Able to search thousands of videos from many different genres in a matter of seconds. Able to pause, skip and rewind videos to concentrate on certain aspects.
  5. 5. Smart PhonesWe used smart phones to: Take possible location shots on the move and share with other members of the group through e-mail. Contact all other members of the group to discuss coursework and plan filming, editing and ancillary days.Benefits: Allowed us to keep to our tight schedule. Easy contact with all members at the same time. Send messages in seconds. Good quality camera and able to upload to the blog straight away.
  6. 6. HD Video CameraWe used the HD Video Camera to: Video all shots for the rough cut and the final cut of our music video.Benefits: Easy to use. High quality picture. Allowed us to easily film the shots we wanted to film. Able to fit to a tripod to get rid of any unwanted camera shake.
  7. 7. iMovieWe used iMovie to: Edit the clips and add the music to create our finished music video.Benefits: Easy to sync and cut clips. Able to use stabilisation on clips. Able to add transition effects between clips. Able to add effects to the clips such as black and white or glow. Able to publish the movie in high resolution for better quality.
  8. 8. Microsoft Publisher We used Microsoft Publisher to: Create each single digipak panel so that we could construct it all together. Benefits: Could use a CD template on the software to get the exact measurements and leave a professional looking finish. Able to edit pictures on the product for a black and white effect.
  9. 9. Microsoft Word We used Microsoft Word to: Create our poster for our ancillary task. Create our questionnaire to give our for our target audience research Benefits: Easy software to use. Easy to construct the product and make it neat looking.
  10. 10. Facebook We used facebook to: Upload videos which could be viewed by lots of people so that we could receive our vital feedback. Benefits: Easy to upload videos. Popular social network so we can receive a wide range of feedback.