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Published in: Business, Career
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  1. 1. Hi, my name is Alyson Bandemer and for my senior project I havechosen to learn how to manage a standard franchise business. I havedecided to focus my research on business because it is in a recentinterest in my life. I started working at McDonald’s in September 2010,and began to realizeabout a year ago that business fascinated me. Mywhole life, I saw myself in the healthcare field, but I never knew Iwould have a passion for business. I chose to learn more about businessmanagement and found that I want to focus on business in college. Ibegan working as regular crew, but after about six months I waspromoted to crew trainer, a position in which I perform duties similar tothat of an assistant manager. I want to continue work my way up thebusiness ladder and therefore wanted to use my own work atMcDonalds for this project. My product is merely a combination of all the work I have beendoing since the summer. Everything I took part in handlingis theresponsibility of the store manager, Norma Porta, who is also myproject facilitator. I took on responsibilities such as inventory, order,deposits, scheduling, training, running the floor, and so much more.Inventory was the very first responsibility I took over. Before I was acrew trainer, I was overseer of every item that needed to be counted,with the exception of items in stock room and refrigerator. All I neededto do was make a list of all the items outside the stock room and makesure every item was accounted for. Then I would add up the totals andturn them into Norma. As time went by, I wanted to learn more andNorma allowed me to shadow her and watch what goes on after Iturned in the counting sheet. She also allowed me to work with myother project facilitator, Eddie Benitez, who aids her in enteringinventory. That’s when I learned how excruciatingly boring inventoryis. We do a weekly census of all our products every Monday night.Then we do an end-of-month, which is even worse. On a typicalMonday, we count only the items that are edible. End-of-monthconsists of counting every item, including all cups, spoons, straws,even napkins. Issues that typically occur would involve human error, oreven laziness. Each crew worker is assigned a group of items to countand sometimes the crew person will not finish counting before the shiftis over or would confuse the person coming in to cover their station.We have multiple areas for some of our most popular items, so
  2. 2. recounting some items is a typical error as well. The order is something closely related to inventory that I also tookthe pleasure of handling. Order merely decides what type of product thestore needs.Inventory contributes to the order sheet. As soon asinventory is entered, the computer uses that information to determinewith items will run out before the next delivery. Because inventory iseasily miscounted, the order can sometimes become inaccurate. Eddieand Norma are also in charge of the order. Eddie walked me throughthe whole process of figuring out which items need to be ordered andwhich ones didn’t. The computer will sometimes not provide thecorrect amount of product, so a manager must double check that allitems are accounted for. The deposit was another important aspect to cover. As I was learninghow to do it, my facilitator mentioned that it was a safety violation toallow information about our daily revenue outside the workplace. Sowe came to the conclusion to use false information and create a pretenddeposit. I counted a deposit drawer, signed the check and the depositsheet. Then I left the store with Eddie who brought the real deposit. Heshowed me where the bank was and how to turn in the deposit. He alsomentioned that he always clocks out before he leaves the store. Manymanagers will go to the bank, and then come back to the store to clockout. This process is used most typically considering the deposit is anaction that is for the company and therefore the employee should bepaid. It was strange to me to think that Eddie doesn’t mind not beingpaid while he does drops the deposit off because I feel like manypeople are obsessed with making money. It feels good to know thatEddie is my manager and that he is not worried about just makingmoney, but rather what’s best for the company. Targets are another main aspect of being a manager. Before eachshift, the shift manager will print and distribute the projections for thatshift. Our restaurant has two target boards in which we write the timeswe are expected to have for the next few hours and the amount ofspecial items we should sell. It is the job of the manager to make itclear to all crew what our targets are and what our projected revenue is.As the crew, we work together to meet those targets. Training is the major aspect of being a crew trainer. When Normahires a new employee, he or she is assigned to a specific crew trainer
  3. 3. for a certain amount of time. Therefore, the trainer is responsible forthe new employee and determines which SOCs need to be completedand which ones are mastered. Training is also my favorite part of beinga crew trainer. It gives me opportunity to be someone’s first friend inthe workplace and I feel I succeed at being a friendly trainer. John andColin were two of my latest trainees. Colin is now in the process ofbecoming a crew trainer himself, and I value the fact that I could havebeen the one to teach such a successful employee. Misty has workedwith me ever since the very beginning. She has also been a crew trainerfor as long as I have. Her and I work together and give each otherconstructive criticism toward one another’s training methods. Mistyand I get praise for being great workers and for inspiring great workers.However, there have been a couple of mishaps, with both John andColin. Knowing the buttons on the register is extremely crucial forinstances in which all crew is busy and there is a customer who isordering too quickly and the employee can’t keep up. Great attentionneeds to be paid to each customer, and it is difficult to satisfycustomers when the crew is confused or behind. John was rushing anddidn’t know where a certain button on the register was. He had to askfor help, even though he had been working at McDonald’s for sometime. The simple question slowed the serving process and a fewcustomers became upset. After the instance, the manager asked why hedidn’t know the answer to the question; John answered, “Ally didn’tteach me”. Of course because I am a trainer, I can gain respect easily. IfI don’t do my job to the absolute fullest, some pieces of informationfall through and problems are easily created. A similar situationhappened with Colin a few months ago. Though I can’t remember theexact incident, I do know that it was a crucial point I should havecovered during his training. I have learned from both employees how tocover every detail, no matter how big.Sam was the first person I wasever assigned when I began my training. She gave me all theinformation quickly, yet effectively. Even though she trained me abouta year and a half ago, I remember much of what she said and howdiligent she was as a worker. I looked up to her from the verybeginning and only hope that my trainees will soon see me the sameway.Norma has definitely contributed the most to both my seniorproject and my management abilities at McDonald’s. She is always so
  4. 4. happy to help and never quits giving me advice or aid. Ryan was aclose friend of mine when I started working in September. Then, he gotpromoted and had to transfer McDonald’s. I was so excited when Iheard he was transferring back to my McDonald’s because I still hadtraining left to do before my promotion could be possible. I knew thatRyan would be the best person to train me on the station I was missing:grill. He’s extremely patient and supportive and I would like to adoptthose features as I train my crew. One thing Norma loves the most about being a manager iscongratulating her crew. She goes above and beyond to make sure hercrew knows how much she appreciates them. She has crew recognitionchart that tracks the progress of each crewmember. Once an employeecompletes and masters a station, she marks it on the recognition chartfor the whole crew to see. It’s a great way to track everyone’s progressand to display what each person needs more training with. Issues areinevitable with the recognition chart because many employees believethey are worthy of more recognition than they truly are. In those cases,employees desire more training, and that also improves the store andit’s customer service. I wanted to include the picture of Jon foremployee of the month because I believe his case is special. I love itbecause it shows that Jon could be proud of his accomplishments.That’s exactly what we aim for specifically for the crew: to make themfeel accomplished and appreciated. SOCs are a huge part of training aswell. It stands for station observation checklist. Each station has anSOC that describes how that station works and is also a grading sheetused to determine if an employee has mastered that station. Norma hasdivided each of us into groups with a manager at the head of eachgroup. I was chosen to co-lead my team. It’s an amazing privilegebecause I will have even more responsibility for training newemployees. I am looking forward to the summer when we begin todistribute SOCs and improve the store. I love this last slide because it shows how much fun employeescan have together while working. It is an amazing feeling to besurrounded by people who love and care about you. I have learnedabout stores that do not allow any talking unless it is strictly related tothe restaurant. However, if there is no personality, there isn’t muchroom for enjoyment. When people are so constrained to certain limits,
  5. 5. freedom appears untouchable and the crew is less content. I want to bea manager who can relate to and understand my employees. I want toteach them that we are all here for help and support. When employeesare comfortable with each other, they are more likely to respect oneanother and have a desire to do better. The positive and friendly attitudewill rub off on customers giving my restaurant a pleasant ambiance. Because of this project, I have been forced to learn aboutbusiness management and therefore found it to be a seemingly perfectopportunity for my future. I have learned how much work my managershave to do to keep a business successful. This project made me realizethat, regardless of the extensive work, the enjoyment of the words “Iown a business” is all too fulfilling. I have also learned that I will onlywork at McDonald’s for about another 2 years. I love and enjoy thecompany and have a guaranteed promotion in August, but I would liketo expand my experience beyond just fast food. I am excited to seewhat the future has in store for me. Thank you for your time, I hope you all have a wonderfulevening. Goodbye, and thanks again.