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SIP Gateway


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Introducing SIP Gateway from Allstream.

Get the benefits of SIP Trunking with your existing PBX & phones.
Next generation voice services for your Canadian business from Allstream.

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SIP Gateway

  1. 1. Introducing SIP Gateway Get the benefits of SIP Trunking with your existing PBX & phones Next generation voice services from Allstream
  2. 2. What if you’re not ready for the costs and headache of upgrading your PBX to gain the benefits of SIP Trunking? You don’t have to.
  3. 3. Allstream’s SIP Gateway delivers the benefits of SIP Trunking with your existing PBX & phones: k No need to upgrade to a SIP-capable PBX k Replaces up to 4 PRIs k Pre-tested for easy, trouble-free installation k Available for a low monthly fee
  4. 4. Before SIP Trunking: k Separate phone and data networks k High long distance costs k Difficult to manage two networks k Lack of network flexibility
  5. 5. SIP Trunking with the Gateway k The Gateway device performs signalling and media translation between IP/SIP and TDM/PRI. k Creates a single converged IP network that is easier to manage and saves you money. k Delivers the benefits of SIP Trunking while connecting to your network like a PRI. SIP Gateway
  6. 6. SIP Trunking: The New Standard in Voice Services Leverages IP technology to converge your voice and Internet on a single network. S implifies network management and operations. Provides the optimal platform for deploying UC capabilities.
  7. 7. Why SIP Trunking Improves Your Business Savings: save up to 40% on telecom with free long distance and cost-­ effective IP networking. B usiness flexibility: get local phone numbers without setting up a new o ­ ffice and share capacity across all your locations. Network effectiveness: add just the capacity you need, when you need it. Save 40%
  8. 8. Start saving with SIP Trunking within two weeks Call today at 1-855-299-7050 Or visit A Guaranteed Difference Voice, data and Internet for Canadian business