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Speech Pennsylvania


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Speech de Luiz do ALL 4 do ALL Stella Maris.

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Speech Pennsylvania

  1. 1. Pennsylvania
  2. 2. Introduction• It’s capital is Harrisburg.• “State of Independence”• Declaration of Independence
  3. 3. Introduction• “Keystone State”• Pennsylvania has held a key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States
  4. 4. Introduction• "The Coal State", "The Oil State", "The Chocolate State", and "The Steel State" were adopted when those were the states greatest industries• The tallest tower in Pennsylvania is the Comcast Center, with 297 meters in Philadelphia
  5. 5. The tallest building in Pennsylvania
  6. 6. Harrisburg (capital)
  7. 7. LocationPennsylvania is located in the northeastern. TheState borders with Delaware, West Virginia, Ohio,Maryland, New York, Ontario, Canada and NewJersey
  8. 8. Map of Pennsylvania
  9. 9. The largest city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia
  10. 10. The Zoos
  11. 11. Museums- Art, Independence and Music
  12. 12. Amusement Parks
  13. 13. Hunting - For men
  14. 14. Places to Stay Resorts: always a good optionChoice between cheap or expensive hotels