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Continuing careretirementhomes rightforyou

  1. 1. Continuing Care Retirement Homes: Right for You?
  2. 2. A tailored experience • Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are unique because they are the most flexible senior housing option. • Tailor your experience by choosing: – What you pay for – How and when you pay for those services – Whether you’ll own or rent your unit – Whether you want a roommate – Whether you prefer to live alone – Which activities, if any, you choose to partake in – What you want to eat – Whether you’d like to cook or be served
  3. 3. Things to Consider • Location – Do you feel comfortable in the neighborhood? • Services – Most offer all kinds of healthcare, personal care, social and convenience services. – Do they offer what is most important to you? – Are they offered regularly? – Are they included in your fees, or do they cost extra? • Amenities – What amenities are offered on site? – Many have beauty salons, fitness centers, computer rooms, outdoor gardens, patios – Do on-site amenities meet your requirements?
  4. 4. More Things to Consider • Quality of care – Ask about the community’s plan in the event of a medical emergency or hospitalization – Use Nursing Home Compare to look into its service history • Cost – Can you comfortably afford the entrance or buy-in fee, monthly fees and other regular costs while maintaining your insurance premiums? – If it’s a stretch now, it’s not likely to become easier later • Community Culture – Visit the facility in person – Several times, at different times of day – Stay a few nights if possible
  5. 5. Additional Considerations • Living Arrangements – Would you live alone, with a spouse, or a roommate? – Can you choose your roommate? – Are you comfortable with the situation? • Community’s Financial Status – Entering into a contract involves a serious financial investment – Community is responsible for demonstrating its ability to weather financial difficulties and meet your increasing needs as you age
  6. 6. Consider Alternatives • Evaluate independent living or assisted living facilities in your area • Compare them against the factors in this presentation • A continuing care retirement community isn’t right for everyone • It can be a wise investment if it makes sense for you
  7. 7. • Information in this presentation provided by senior housing writer Nikki Jong • is a free resource for seniors and families searching for housing and care services • Visit for more information on senior housing