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Carefor elderlyparents wheretofindit


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Carefor elderlyparents wheretofindit

  1. 1. Care for Elderly Parents: Where to Find It
  2. 2. Options for Care • 80-85% of elders who need care are in crisis • Options for elderly care have grown considerably • Our ability to uncover and understand what these options are continues to evolve • Huge amount of information and resources can guide us
  3. 3. Needs and Wants • Mary Ellen Pierce, R.N., principal of Care Management Associates of Vancouver, Washington: – Determining care for elderly comes down to baseline legwork – “Identify what an individual needs and wants in terms of a living environment.” – Take time for an assessment – Use it as a template – Add the amenities he or she finds important
  4. 4. Tips for Tapping into Senior Care Resources • After the care program is defined and plan of action developed, tap into the following resources: – The internet – Local senior publications – City and state programs – Non-profit organizations • Contact local hospitals and clinics • Government entities – Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Aging & Disability Services • Faith-based organizations • Health-related, non-profit organizations – American Cancer Society – American Heart Association
  5. 5. Make Use of the Internet • Many of these resources can be accessed online • Use keywords such as: – Aging services networks – Community resident referrals – Senior homes – Home and community services – Adult day services • Professional advice can be found by searching community senior publications or on the internet – search for senior care consultants • When the selection narrows, evaluate fee agreements and ask if it has been accredited by CARF-CCAC
  6. 6. Do the Legwork • Visit the facility • Check out the atmosphere, food, staff attitude, services, health orientation • Talk with nursing care residents and their families • Ask “How will your community enhance my loved one’s lifestyle?”
  7. 7. • Information in this presentation provided by senior care writer Leslee Jaquette • is a free resource for seniors and families searching for housing and care services • Visit for more information on senior housing