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8th Grade Ch. 1 Sec. 1 The Nature of Magnetism


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8th Grade Ch. 1 Sec. 1 The Nature of Magnetism

  1. 1. Ch. 1 Sec. 1 What is magnetism?
  2. 2. Activity- Magnetic or Not No 12. cloth No 11. balloon No 10. bingo chip Yes 9. jean button Yes 8. key Yes 7. screw Yes 6. paper clip Yes 5. spring Yes 4. magnet No 3. cardboard No 2. plastic button No 1. foam Result (magnetic or not) Prediction (magnetic or not) Object
  3. 3. Where does each magnet hold the greatest number of paper clips? What do all magnets have in common? Bar magnet Horseshoe magnet Circle magnet
  4. 4. Strong magnets move this Japanese maglev train.
  5. 5. magnet any material that attracts iron & materials that contain iron one part always points north
  6. 6. magnetism attraction of magnet for another object
  7. 7. lodestone magnetic rock contains mineral- magnetite
  8. 8. magnetic pole 1 of 2 ends of magnet strongest magnetic effect Like poles  repel Unlike poles  attract Remember, opposites attract!
  9. 9. magnetic force attraction or repulsion between magnetic poles
  10. 10. magnetic field area of magnetic force around magnet
  11. 11. magnetic field lines invisible lines that map out magnetic field around magnet spread out from 1 pole  curve around magnet  return to other pole
  12. 12. magnetic field lines
  13. 13. The magnetic field of a single bar magnet is altered when another bar magnet is brought near it.
  14. 14. Magnet Song
  15. 15. Magnets… Magnetic field lines Some planets are magnetic Opposite poles attract-similar ones do not North and south pole Magnets attract 2 poles both have different forces World is one big magnet When you break a magnet, it still works Magnets make Japanese train move Magnets have a magnetic field around them