4th Grade-Ch 8 Lesson 2 How Are Sedimentary Rocks Formed


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4th Grade-Ch 8 Lesson 2 How Are Sedimentary Rocks Formed

  1. 1. Ch. 8 Lesson 2 How are sedimentary rocks formed?
  2. 3. Activity-Sedimentary Sandwich Cenozoic Era- flowering plants fossils Mesozoic Era- dinosaur fossils Paleozoic Era- fish, insect fossils Precambrian Era- jellyfish fossils Layer of geologic time scale- description 2 nd slice of bread Jelly (old decaying plants) Peanut butter (mud) Bottom slice of bread (sand) Layer of sandwich
  3. 4. Precambrian Era Paleozoic Era Mesozoic Era Cenozoic Era Sedimentary Sandwich
  4. 5. conglomerate sandstone sedimentary rock form when layers of materials & rock particles settle on top of each other & harden plant & animal fossils examples:
  5. 6. A fossil of a dragonfly, from Germany, about 150 million years ago.
  6. 7. types of sedimentary rock
  7. 8. sandstone
  8. 9. limestone
  9. 10. mudstone
  10. 11. sediment <ul><li>eroded material that settles on land or on bottoms of lakes, rivers & oceans </li></ul>
  11. 12. Weathering and erosion have created this rippling red sandstone landscape. Sedimentary rocks such as sandstone weather easily compared to some other types of rock.
  12. 13. After an animal dies, its skin, muscles and other soft body parts decay. Its skeleton, shell, or other body parts are left.
  13. 14. Sediments such as sand or mud settle on top of the remains.
  14. 15. More layers form. Eventually, materials in the remains may be replaced with minerals in the sediment that harden into rock.
  15. 16. Over many years, the rock layers weather and erode. The fossil appears at the surface.