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IT management & cloud monitoring made easy

Published in: Data & Analytics
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  2. 2. Over 70% of t he annual IT budget is spent on maintaining existing IT. Some of the top challenges of the IT departments are support for fast changing businesses (46%) as well as optimization and improvement of the IT (41%) AllProbe provides unprecedented, flexible, realtime management of all your IT Resources, monitor it and keep simple inventories.
  3. 3. SLA & Availability statistics Mobile app access & status Customized, advanced notifications Easy, fast, feature-rich UI in the cloud Easy Setup – wizards & auto-discovery Manage all of your growing IT resources Manage, visualize, organize: server maps Real-time monitoring & simple status indicators Feature Highlights
  4. 4. When it comes to IT manamement, simplicity & focusing on what matters is critical. AllProbe Provides easy to use tools to achive this goal by placing great emphasis on bulk operations. AllProbe Allows you to focus on management itself by transferring resources management to the cloud with all the benefits inherent in it, such as continuous improvement of the service according to the needs received from you and other organizations and companies with similar needs.
  5. 5. Manage simple inventories know where each resource is located Various self defined views & custom reports Configurable charts (including aggregated charts) Cloud based accessible from anywhere Easy visualization of buckets, data-centers, rack mounts, providers, subnets & VLANs Ultra Fast data points fetch (Big data modules) Data retention up to 5 years Simple & features reach UI
  6. 6. Visualize & sort resources by their relevance • Status indication by severity (5 levels) • Events list & sorting / advanced filtering • Notifications • Machine learning implementation (future event prediction opprtunities)
  7. 7. • Per resource SLA tracking & statistics • Alerts on sub-par SLA • Notifications
  8. 8. • Email notifications • Notifications via the AllProbe app (Push) • Notification groups (email)
  9. 9. • Fast, 2-click wizards for easy setup • Bulk forms & mass updates • Arrangement into buckets, DCs, rack.. • Auto-Discovery for the entire organization & IT Resources (based on subnets scans, beta) • Intuitive UI
  10. 10. • Visual resources maps & easy filtering • Arrangement via buckets • Live status indicators • Live events list • Information & details about each resource
  11. 11. • Status notifications & events • Websites & resources lists and info • Host quick information access • Mobile app for Android / Iphone (beta)
  12. 12.