T he elizabetha era


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  • T he elizabetha era

    1. 1. Elizabethan Period
    2. 2. Who was queen Elizabethand how long did she ruleQueen Elizabeth was the Queen of England Ireland andScotland. Sh ruled over the Elizabethan era which wasthought to be the golden age. She ruled from1558-1603.
    3. 3. Who ruled England after shedied?The person that ruled England after Queen Elizabethdied was James I and VI, James I of England, James Viof Scotland and James I of Ireland.
    4. 4. Give the approximate datesof the Elizabethan periodThe approximate date of the Elizabethan period isQueen Elizabeths reign which was 1558 to 1603.
    5. 5. Identify the social classes duringShakespeares time. What was a peasant?What was a noble? There were for social classes at that time. These were The nobles (royalty, wealthy people or knights) The clergy (men who belong to religious orders The merchants (the people who bought and sold items to gain money Finally the peasants. These people were very poor and had no money or usually no land.
    6. 6. What were commonpunishments for crimesIn the Elizabethan era small crimes were punishedbrutally and mercilessly. For stealing anything over 5pence resulted in hanging. Even stealing birds eggs itcould result in te death penalty. Begging was also acrime. The most common crime was death.
    7. 7. What was the Bubonic plague and how didit effect Elizabethan society The Bubonic plague was a plague that spread through England. It killed 3 out of 4 that had it in 4 days. It effect the Elizabethan Society as new rules came out to stop it spreading. If someone had it they could not go out of their house or anyone go in. This essentially killed the whole family. Shakespeare himself was affected as some of his brothers and sisters were killed as well as actors and and friends
    8. 8. What were the sanitationand health conditions? There was very little sanitation especially in the cities. Streets had lots of garbage and animals could release there faeces wherever they pleased. There was lots of diseases
    9. 9. PrimogenitureThe state of being a first born child.
    10. 10. What kind of education didQueen Elizabeth receive?Queen Elizabeth had a good education and wasextremely bright. Many of her tutors were the smartestpeople at cambridge university. Sh shared hereducation with her half brother.
    11. 11. What kinds of entertainmentdid Queen Elizabeth enjoy?She enjoyed hunting and riding as sports and she alsolove music, dancing and poetry.