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Primary research from Audience Research Questionnaire


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Primary research from Audience Research Questionnaire

  1. 1. Primary research from Audience Research As part of our audience research to gain information about what people enjoy most about horror movies, we posted a simpleyet effective short 6 question questionnaire on Beth’s Twitter account.
  2. 2. 1. What is your age? 2. What gender are you?3. Out of the following: Supernatural, Slasher, Science Fiction, Cult and Thriller, which is your favourite horror genre and why? 4. What makes you want to go and see a horror film? 5. What is your favourite horror film and why? 6. What are you favourite types of characters in a horror film?
  3. 3. We hoped that by using both open questions(which allow the responder to answer with their own descriptions and thoughts rather than just picking from a multiple choice answer) and closed questions we would gain a good insight of what our target audience (teenagers and young adults 15+) would like to see in a horror film.
  4. 4. Altogether we got 7 answers back for thequestionnaire from people on Twitter. These were the answers…
  5. 5. @emmajoness_ –1. 162. F3. Supernatural4. The trailers that they show when I go to the cinema before they show a film makes me want to see a horror film.5. The Shining6. The monster/bad thing.
  6. 6. @benwrhynes_ -1. 152. Male3. Supernatural4. The posters always make me go to see a horror because they always make them look mysterious and it makes me want to watch it and find out more5. Jeepers Creepers6. The survivor.
  7. 7. @prwaliceee_-1. 172. Female3. Slasher4. My friends tell me about them because they go to the cinema a lot5. Amatyville Horror6. The monster!
  8. 8. @thefreshprinceoba_ -1.162.F3.Cult4.The trailers5.Jaws6.The monster
  9. 9. @lucyphillipssss_ -1. 172. Femalee!!3. Supernatural4. The trailers make me go to see a film because they never reveal much so they make me want to go and see more!!5. Psycho6. The monster thing
  10. 10. @jjjuuullliiieee_ -1. 172. F3. Supernatural4. Reviews in magazines always write about upcoming horror films so if they sound good and have good ratings I will go to see them.5. The others6. The monster
  11. 11. @gregdee_ -1. 172. M3. Supernatural4. Word of mouth… or sometimes reviews in myfavourite magazines5. The unborn6. The stupid girl that always dies first out of thegroup.
  12. 12. Findings from our questionnaire:5/7 people liked supernatural horrors over the other sub genres. Thisgave us an idea with our horror as we had to stick to what our targetaudience liked, so we decided to give our horror a supernatural theme.5/7 people preferred the monster as their favourite character in horrorfilms. This meant that we decided to focus specifically on themonster/thing in our horror and give it the main actor title in thesequence as the majority of people enjoyed this character the mostThe majority of people find out about horrors that they go to seethrough trailers.The people that responded to the questionnaire fitted the targetaudience well as they were all aged between 15 and 17 years old.There was a big variety of favourite horror films and none were thesame. They were also all from different sub-genres which meant thatalthough the majority may have preferred supernatural horror, theydon’t mind any horror overall.