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9 frame

  1. 1. Nine Frame AnalysisFoster The People – Call It What You Want
  2. 2. Slide 1 2 seconds longThis frame shows a group of girls in a long shot all holding their hands to their ears in preparation for the wall to explode and reveal Foster the People performing in the next room. They are all wearing stereotypical ‘sexy’ outfits such as the colour blackand leather which can be used to show their stronger side to their womanhood. Theyare all positioned in the frame on different areas of the sofa so that they are all visible in the shot. The location that they are in is a fancy looking mansion, which makes them look out of place in a way as they are all wearing the same colour.
  3. 3. Slide 2 1.8 seconds song This shot shows the actual band performing in the next room through the hole that has been cracked in the wall. They are shown through an extreme long shot but this is gradually zooming in to reveal more. The idea of the camera peaking through a hole makes the audience feel as if they are spying on the band, and that they are a secret that has been revealed accidentally through the hole. The band are all holding/playing their instruments (guitars, drums etc.) which is a typical convention of indie genre because they like to show off their musical talent. We canfaintly make out what the band are wearing: skinny jeans, shirt, leather jacket, the typical fashion style of indie. The high key lighting through the hole helps to make the band stand out.
  4. 4. Slide 3 2.6 seconds long This shot shows the main singer Mark Foster in a medium close up shot. The plainbackground makes him stand out more in the frame. His facial expressions and the way he is frowning shows the audience his strong passion for singing. Again, hesupports the typical ‘indie’ look, with his long, flicky hair, and black leather hooded jacket.
  5. 5. Slide 4 4.4 seconds long I personally think this shot is interesting as the clocks on the mirrored image of Mark Foster reflect on the lyrics ‘we’ve got nothing to lose’ talking about time. The mirrored effect makes the close up shot look more quirky and interesting, and even the clocks match the genre as they have a ‘vintage’ look with roman numerals and an old fashioned pattern in the middle.
  6. 6. Slide 5 4.1 seconds long In this long shot we see a showcase of two girls, each wearing one half of a bearskin. In terms ofexplanation this shot is quite random like other shots throughout the video. The shiny gold coloursin the background make the girls look ‘desirable’ and the turning showcase effect make them both look valuable and more as an object rather than a person. Laura Mulvey’s theory states that women are often objectified, and especially in this video this can be quite provocative for the women who are watching it. The bearskin adds a quirky, random side to the shot – a convention that’s quite popular across the indie genre as the meaning of the video is often more difficult to identify compared to a video in a pop genre.
  7. 7. Slide 6 3.1 seconds long I personally think this medium long shot is quite strange because Mark Foster has just shot his fans outside (who are all wearing a different letter of ‘FOSTER’ on their t-shirts), when bands are meant to be flattered by people being fans of their music. The girls are falling down together in a right to left order, but by their facial expressions they look quite happy about what has just happened. The blue bloodsubverts the usual colour of blood (although I am unsure whether the paint is meant to symbolise blood).
  8. 8. Slide 7 3.9 seconds This is a birds eye view medium close up shot of the band laying down on the floor(Mark Foster in the centre). The band are all holding bright blue lights which, to show the thought beats in the song, they cover up so the light shines/is covered by thebeats. I think the blue light creates a distorted effect which, again, matches the theme of the whole music video.
  9. 9. Slide 8 In this shot Mark Foster is presented in the left vertical side of the frame, looking down concentrating on playing the keyboard (which is featured in the song as aninstrument) itself. He is deliberately not in focus to suit the instrumental part of the song. Mark Foster also had his hood up in this shot, which could be to do with the fireworks going off in the background.
  10. 10. Slide 9 This extreme close up of the woman’s leg with ‘People’ handwritten on her thigh symbolises the end of the song. This shot had been repeated from another point in the song and the fact the song ends on the name of the band helps people to remember their name. The handwriting is quite feminine and the woman covers theword up. Laura Mulvey’s theory could also be mentioned here as the woman is almost being used to advertise their name.