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How might the New York Times introduce another touchpoint for its readers?

Working with CCA Design peers Kathleen Moynahan and Jason Harrow, we came up with a concept called the Sunday Review - a program to be aired on a new television station called New York Times Television (NYTTV).

This platform would add a new dimension to the paper's most prominent writers by airing their live discussions of pressing topics. Furthermore, NYTTV would allow readers to join the conversation with real-time social media commenting.

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  • Hi,my name is Anna Shvets. I'm studying in Instituto Europeo di Design Venice - ARTs-Management, randomly I found your presentation and I consider it very interesting!!!! really good job! We are also preparing some kind of the project - regarding art-education network. I think we can think about possibility to collaborate)
    Have a good day and good luck! Anna
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Sunday Review for NYTTV

  1. IxD Theory :: Kathleen Moynahan, Jason Harrow, Allison Leach February 23, 2012
  2. NYT Touchpoints TV Brand Advertise- ments Billboards / New York Buses Times Co Radio Logo LinkedIn Magazine Brick and mortar Complex Corporate Tablet Website Structure subscriptions Google Blackberry Widget NTY on the iTunes Chrome NYSE Browsing App Android RSS Feeds Other Hulu Blogs Websites Windows 7 Kindle Beta620 Facebook Times Reader 2.0 Multi Media iPod Touch Other Publications iPad App Email Boston Globe (paid /unpaid) 24 hour news Updates Twitter desk iPhone Facebook Herald Tribune Home Newstand delivery NYTtv Random Twitter Blogs Mobile / Apps Magazines Web / Newsbox Widgets Digg Social Newspaper Content Physical
  3. NYTTV :: Sunday Review• 1 hour news commentary• MSNBC, Sunday at 8pm• Top stories from the week• Funded through advertising• Advertised through other touchpoints • mobile • web • newspaper ads
  4. NYTTV :: Sunday Review Strategies• Extend the brand into television and video-hosting touch points, leveraging NYT’s reputation• Take a conventional news show and adds NYT depth of reporting and intelligence of readers• Broadcast readers’ comments and conversations in a new way
  5. NYTTV :: Sunday Review Benefits• Adds extra dimension to writers’ personas• Adds depth to top issues• Creates another opportunity for personal interactions around the news• Provides a new revenue stream
  6. Let’s imagine...
  7. Joel Jake
  8. Joel Jake
  9. JakeHislop@nyttv Can you talk aboutSantorum’s position onsame-sex marriage and howthat will play out in NYC?
  10. @algore@nyttv We are curious aboutSantorum’s position onclimate change. What’s yourinsight?
  11. He’s more like asmall-town mullah
  12. Next he’ll be banningBarry White. Fascinating...
  13. Joel Jake