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Express Yourself Education


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Working with Interaction Theory classmates Kelly Green and Shayna Proctor, I helped to develop a concept for a start-up business that promotes social education for high school students called Express Yourself. On this project, I served as the lead writer and strategist.

Express Yourself is a curriculum designed for twelve to sixteen-year-old girls who would benefit from guidance to feel more confident as they grow up. Express Yourself is a participatory experience that empowers girls to be proud of themselves and to feel like they can assume a meaningful role in a larger social culture.

Our product is a boxed game-like lesson introduced in Health classes in public schools throughout the country. It is a 2-4 week program that is taught by a team of strong and successful local women volunteers. Lessons take place in the form of team building exercises, card games, and discussions on relevant student-chosen topics. The curriculum is supplemented by a safe online space featuring a public forum and a private journal.

Our preventative-measures program ultimately aims to reduce populations of at-risk youth - making for an overall happier and healthier society.

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Express Yourself Education

  1. 1. Kelly Green, Allison Leach & Shayna Proctor
  2. 2. Express Yourself?? • 12-16 y.o. girls • A curriculum designed to empower girls • Participatory experience within a safe environment • reparing girls for a confident powerful future P as adults
  3. 3. The Bigger Picture We are addressing a modern need - we live in a time of social media oversharing, in a reality-TV nation where high school students would prefer to be the assistant to a celebrity rather than lead their own companies .
  4. 4. A Healthier Society Preventative Measures to Reduce: • Teenage pregnancy • Low socioeconomic status • Drug use • Shorter life span • riminal or antisocial C • Mental health problems behavior (violence, theft, etc.) • Lower IQ • High school education or lower
  5. 5. Self- - Esteem Sociability
  6. 6. The How • A 2-4 week program integrated into health classes • A team of trained strong successful local women • Games, team building exercises, discussion • A series of triggers applicable both in out of the classroom environment There are 2 levels: • Level 1 is for junior high students (gender-separated) • Level 2 is for high school students (gender-mixed)
  7. 7. THe What
  8. 8. Revenue Plan • File for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status • Grant writers • entors instructing the class will be local M volunteer role models • Low-cost materials • Single-cost web development • Projected implementation plan: Begin in San Francisco public schools, and expand gradually to underserved public schools nationwide.
  9. 9. What mattersmost to you?? ?