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  1. 1. Time Flies “Tempus fugit!” you had carved Into the bottom of the dresser drawer The line has always left me starved For a taste of a little bit more My eyes had just begun to open As yours had started to close Yet you had decided to leave a token To someone you had wished to know Even in death, your words of advice Have carried into my own life Just to Let you Know I’m sorry that I never Wrote back, It just didn’t seem to matter Maybe next time you should Write me Something a little more pleasant Your letters are hidden in A place I hope I’ll never find Motherhood Mother Relentless, worn Working, caring, giving Home, love, small, fear Growing, learning, receiving Pure, new Child Steffi Cat Fat, lazy Sleeping, eating, drinking Never dares to leave the house Cat
  2. 2. Church bells are ringing As we step down the stone walk Leaves fall around us Park Leaves Book Wonder Drives Imagine