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Beyond removing impediments - Scrum Master as team coach


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Presentation from Keep Austin Agile 2014 and Scrum Gathering New Orleans. Coaching skills that a Scrum Master can use - metaphor and powerful questions.

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Beyond removing impediments - Scrum Master as team coach

  1. 1. Beyond Removing Impediments: Scrum Master as Team Coach Image by Pictofigo
  2. 2. Allison Pollard Firm believer in continuous improvement and the power of teams to affect change
  3. 3. Cherie Silas Strong desire to help people arrive at the place they define as success in both personal and professional life
  4. 4. Today’s presentation • What does “Scrum Master as Team Coach” mean? • What is a high performing team? • What tools can you use to coach a team to become high performing?
  5. 5. The Scrum Master role • VERY different from being a Project Manager • Responsible for ensuring Scrum is understood and followed • Servant leader The Scrum Master acts as the Team’s coach! Image by Pictofigo
  6. 6. Building a high performing team • Self-organizing • Cross-functional • Accountable as a team • Striving for AWESOME The Scrum Master reinforces the “team” mentality Images by Pictofigo
  7. 7. The High Performance Tree Constructive disagreement Consensus-driven Get the right business value
  8. 8. Activity: • Think about your current team • Add more roots to the values that are present • Color in the fruits for the benefits that are present Images by Pictofigo
  9. 9. How to use the tree with your team • Project kick-offs – Review the values, characteristics and benefits – Define working agreements • Retrospectives – Have the team evaluate the strength of the values, benefits in the team Images by Pictofigo
  10. 10. Coaching skill: asking questions • Not about eliciting more information for the Scrum Master • Provoke the team to think, feel, or react differently about the issue at hand The Scrum Master’s job is to stay curious Image by Pictofigo
  11. 11. What makes a question Powerful? • Open-ended • Move the team forward to what it desires rather than ask for justification • Not leading to a particular answer • Reflect active listening Image by Pictofigo
  12. 12. Activity: • Partner up; one person will talk about his/her team • Other person picks 3 powerful question cards. During the conversation, only ask these questions • To start the conversation, ask: Where is your team weakest? Image by Pictofigo
  13. 13. What did you learn? Image by Pictofigo
  14. 14. Scrum Master as Team Coach 1. Use metaphors to describe abstract concepts and feelings 2. Use powerful questions to invite discovery, clarity, and action Image by Pictofigo Practice these tools with your team to coach them to high performance
  15. 15. Resources • Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins • Images from Pictofigo,
  16. 16. Contact @allison_pollard @cheriesilas Images by Pictofigo