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Matter ppt


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Elements of matter

Published in: Education
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Matter ppt

  1. 1. The Structure of Matter
  2. 2. Matter • Matter occupies space and has mass • Most things in our environment are matter • Matter can be described using volume, mass, and density • Matter can occupy different states and can change state
  3. 3. Atom • The smallest particle of matter in an atom • Atoms make up everything • Atoms combine in different ways to form elements and compounds
  4. 4. Types of matter • Element: a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances, such as oxygen • Compound: a substance made of multiple elements linked together, such as water which is hydrogen and oxygen together
  5. 5. Atomic structure • Atoms are made up of three different particles • Protons have a positive charge • Neutrons have no charge • Protons and neutrons group together in the nucleus • Electrons have a negative charge • Electrons orbit the nucleus
  6. 6. Electrons • There are multiple regions around the nucleus in which electrons can move • These are called energy levels because the neutrons in each level have different amounts of energy • Each energy level can hold a set number of electrons
  7. 7. Element characteristics • Atomic number: the number of protons in each atom • Mass number: the number of protons plus neutrons
  8. 8. Isotopes • Atoms in this element have the same number of protons, but the number of neutrons is different • Radioactive isotopes have an unstable nucleus that can break apart • The nucleus breaking gives off energy