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Growth of judaism


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Answer sheet for part 3

Published in: Education
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Growth of judaism

  1. 1. Section3: The Growth of Judaism I. Exile andreturn a. Jewishtemplesare called____________________________________ b. Why didJewsreturnto Judah? i. The ____________________________ empire tookovermuchof the Chaldean empire ii. _________________________ was the kingwhoallowedthe Jewstoreturnto Judah c. What isin the HebrewBible? i. The HebrewBible ismade upof 3 groups of writings 1. _______________________________________ 2. _______________________________________ 3. _______________________________________ ii. The firstbook iscalled________________________________ II. The Jewsand the Greeks a. ______________________________________ was the Greekkingwhoconqueredmuch of the westernworld b. What was the Diaspora? i. Many Jewswere livingoutside JudahandIsrael ii. The HebrewBible wastranslatedinto_______________________________ c. Who were the Maccabees? i. In 168 BC, _________________________________ wasthe kingof Greece ii. ___________________________________ leda rebellionagainstthe Greeks
  2. 2. iii. The removal of GreeksfromJudahis commemoratedinthe holiday ________________________________________ III. The JewishWayof Life a. Clothing i. Jewishmenwore _________________________________________ ii. Jewishwomenwore _______________________________________ b. Diet i. Dietarylawsespeciallyappliedto ______________________________ ii. Inspectedfoodsare called_________________________________ IV. Ruth andNaomi a. Because Ruthhad no husbandor children,she didnothave any _____________________________________ b. Ruth workedgathering__________________________________ V. The Jewsand the Romans a. The Romans namedJudah_____________________________ b. One kingwas __________________________________ i. There were three groupsof religiousleaders 1. _____________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________ ii. The scrollsfoundfromthisperiodwere ____________________________________________ c. Jewishrevolts i. Some Jewishpeople wanteda_____________________________ fromGod
  3. 3. ii. Others,called__________________________, wantedtofightthe Romans iii. A militaryleaderwholedasuccessful battle was ____________________________________ d. Jewishteachers i. Leaderswhotaughtfrom the Torah but were notpriestswere called _______________________________ ii. _________________________________ convincedthe Romansnot todestroy Yavneh