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Online Learning Landscape


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Published in: Education
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Online Learning Landscape

  1. 1. Demographic Information – National Home Study Council Average age: 34 years 66% male 75% married over 50% with 25% with some college college education degree
  2. 2. Demographic Information – 1984 surveyApproximately 50% were at least thirty years old Two-thirds female More than 50% with at least one dependent Two-thirds married 80% employed, over half employed full-time while studying40% simultaneously enrolled full-time in on-campus classes
  3. 3. Who is the Audience? The most significant shift in higher education is the massive growth in the adult-student population. The current profile of the online distance learner can be characterized as progressively including a younger age bracket. (Sloan Consortium)
  4. 4. Go where the student is
  5. 5. Sample Guides g ine
  6. 6. Did you use the ENG 302 Library Resource Guide located at whensearching for resources for your Professional Resource Directory Project? Yes No
  7. 7. What tools or resources did you use to findsources for your Professional Resources Directory Project? Internet Public Library My current employer Personal Connections
  8. 8. How useful were the various sections of ENG 302 Library Resource Guide in helping you find sources for your Professional Resource Directory Project?181614 very useful1210 somewhat 8 useful 6 4 a little useful 2 0 not useful professional popular/mainstrea Finding two peer- scholarly books Finding two trade reviewed articles Finding two websites Finding two publications I did not use the Finding two m sources guide for this
  9. 9. Why did you not access the video tutorials located on your ENG 302 Library Resource Guide? I did not know they were there I did not think they would help me I didnt have time
  10. 10. How useful were the following video tutorials located in the ENG 302 Library Resources Guide?16 very useful141210 somewhat useful 8 6 4 a little useful 2 0 not useful Finding Scholarly Articles Finding Professional Finding Trade Journals Finding Scholarly Books Popular/Mainstream Websites Tutorial Sources Tutorial I did not watch this Finding video tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial
  11. 11. Do you think the viewing the video tutorials helped you use the library resources more effectively when completing research for your Professional Resource Directory? Yes No I dont think viewing the videos made a difference
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