The journey begins......


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Jo and Lesla's journey through Web 2.0

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The journey begins......

  1. 1. THE JOURNEY BEGINS “The computer is more than a machine that gets us online, it is a studio, stage, and community”. MarcoTorres.
  2. 2. Web 2.0 – Week 1 Personal Learning Network for Victorian Schools Blogs Feedly Firefox Google Chrome Our goals “There is a lot that I don’t understand.” Jo “Oh my goodness, where to begin?” Lesla
  3. 3. Week 2 – Communication Tools Twitter Tweetdeck #Hashtags TwapperKeeper Ning Skype “Love the Ning, not so sure about twitter.” Jo “Wow, this is a whole new world. I think the Ning is exciting.” Lesla
  4. 4. Week 3 – Professional Learning TED talks FUSE State Library of Victoria TLVirtual Cafe First elluminate session Anne Mirtschin Interaction with students and teachers in other countries “My first experience with an elluminate session. Great way of becoming involved. LoveTED talks” Lesla “TheTED talks are so inspiring, will be checking these out regularly!” Jo
  5. 5. Week 4 – Learning & teaching tools Google docs Google earth Google sites Google for Educators Flickr Gliffy Essay Map Wallwisher Publicity Accelerated Reader Evernote “I have set up Wallwisher to use in publicity. No more sticky notes. So many sites to investigate .” Lesla “ So many great tools that I knew nothing about until now.” Jo
  6. 6. Montage of cupcake photos found using Creative Commons
  7. 7. Week 5 – Digital Citizenship Jenny Luca Creative Commons Managing online risks Cyber Bullying Tim Kitchen Budd:e Smart Copying eSafety Copyright Agency Limited Safer internet ThinkUKnow Cyber(smart) Richard Byrne Wizard of Apps “Digital citizenship is such an important part of our lives today. This week’s sites are very informative.” Lesla “We need to teach our students to be responsible digital citizens.” Jo
  8. 8. Week 6 – Learning & teaching tools 2 Digital Learning Objects in FUSE edmodo Teacher Tube YouTube Teachers TV Shelfari “Help! Brain overload. FUSE looks really useful and Shelfari is a lovely way of keeping track of books and networking.” Lesla “FUSE has some absolutely brilliant resources, will definitely recommend this to teaching staff.” Jo
  9. 9. Week 7 – Research Tools Ergo Diigo Google Search Posters Collection Resource Guides Library Press Display Google Custom Search Engine Google News Timeline Jon Herford “Diigo well worth joining. Many great sites to investigate further.” Lesla “Lots of terrific research tools and sites to discover this week.” Jo
  10. 10. Week 8 –Presentation Tools 1 Animoto Glogster Voicethread ToonDooWikispaces Wordle Tagxedo “Oh this is such a fun week. Tagxedo intrigues me.” Lesla “How much fun isToonDoo – check out the next slide.” Jo
  11. 11. ToonDoo This pretty much sums up our reactions to the SLAVWeb 2.0 course!!!
  12. 12. Vic PLN Wordle
  13. 13. Week 9 – Pedagogy or Technology Anna Maria Menezes Life Feast blog It’s not about the tools, it’s about skills. Sylvia Tolisano Jenny Sargeant Whated said Technology shouldn’t drive, it should empower! “Technology shouldn’t drive, it should empower.” I couldn’t agree more.” Lesla “We shouldn’t use technology just for the sake of it, it needs to be relevant to the lesson.” Jo
  14. 14. Week 10 – Gaming for learning Jane McGonigal TED talk Social Gaming Computer Games Video Games Wii for learning Nintendo DS “This week has opened my eyes and mind. I was so sceptical about gaming. A great tool to use educationally.” Lesla “I love the idea of games in the classroom, what a great way to engage our digital students.” Jo
  15. 15. Week 11 – Presentation Tools 2 Slideshare Scribd Storybird Google LitTrips “Storybird is a winner and I love Google LitTrips . It could be used by many faculties.” Lesla “These are all great tools, I particularly like Storybird – a great resource for primary teachers.” Jo
  16. 16. Week 12 – Digital Story  Lesla’s story I was quite apprehensive about starting theWeb 2.0 course. After all, my computer skills are not great, I’m not a teacher, would I be able to understand anything? The Personal Learning Network has been the start of a wonderful journey of learning and sharing. As the weeks went by, I found that I was progressing and becoming more inquisitive and more confident. I have found the networking to be invaluable. The sharing of knowledge is wonderful. My role is changing and evolving and I now feel that I have better skills to be able to meet these new challenges. I would like to thank Judith and all the mentors for your endless support.  Jo’s story I had thought that I was reasonably well informed about the resources that were on the web. After all I have four children and have been involved in their discovery of new technology. How wrong I was.There is so much to discover and being part of a Personal Learning Network is a great way to start. I have enjoyed every part of this journey and fully intend to use what I have learnt whenever and wherever possible. My role over the next few years will involve a lot more interaction with both students and teachers and hopefully I can share my knowledge with them and they can share their knowledge with me. THE JOURNEY NEVER ENDS....