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Interview for Success


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Published in: Career, Business
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Interview for Success

  1. 1. Presented by: Lisa Tran, M.Ed.Allison Dupuis, M.Ed.
  2. 2. • Know the logistics of the interview• Bring a notebook and extra resumes• Arrive early – but not too early• Dress according to the culture of the industry – better to overdo it than not• Have a firm handshake and smile• Be nice to absolutely everyone! 1st impressions last forever
  3. 3. 1. Who you are and why Do you wantthe job?2. Have you ever done anything likethis before?3. What makes you better thananyone else?
  4. 4. Perfect your ElevatorSpeech!• Present• Past• Future 30 seconds to a minute tops!
  5. 5. *Past action helps predict future behaviorAlways use The STARTechnique:SituationTaskActionResult
  6. 6. “Knowing who you aren’t is just asimportant as knowing who you are”
  7. 7. Ask About: • The company culture • Leadership style • Day-to-day responsibilities • Challenges Never have • Vision less than 5
  8. 8. Career Express Drop-In Hours: Monday & Thursday: 10am-1pm Tuesday & Wednesday: 1pm-4pm Friday: 10am-12:30pm
  9. 9. Contact Information: Lisa Tran, M.Ed., ltran@smu.eduAllison Dupuis, M.Ed.,