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The Ultimate DIY Carnival Theme Party Games!

The ultimate carnival theme party games source for D.I.Y party games. Everything you need to throw the best backyard carnival birthday party.

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The Ultimate DIY Carnival Theme Party Games!

  1. 1. Check out these carnival theme party games Some of them are D.I.Y and require a little creative elbow grease from you, while other are as simple as pick and click to purchase. So whether you’re looking for great homemade games or convenient idea’s to purchase, I got a little bit of something for everyone.
  2. 2. Set up 25 plastic cups in rows of five. Let the children try to throw pennies or ping pong balls into them to win tickets. You can create bonus cups by putting a gold star sticker on the bottom of a few of the cups.
  3. 3. Have kids race on coffee can stilts around a flag and back. They can race two at a time or individually if you don’t want it to be competitive.
  4. 4. Have kids try and shoot ping pong balls off the tops of golf tees or two liters with a water gun. Push gold tees into Styrofoam block or set up about five two liters in a row with lids removed.
  5. 5. Have the kids try and toss a football through a hanging tire or hula hoop. Three chances per turn. For more of a challenge you can space the targets out and perhaps assign higher ticket values to the harder to make shots.
  6. 6. Have the kids reach into a decorated box(shoe boxes are perfect)and try to identify the object inside without looking.
  7. 7. Have one carnival booth set up for face painting. This is a traditional favorite at the carnivals and really adds to the carnival theme party atmosphere. Offer fun carnival tattoo's to double the fun.
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