User driven development


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User driven development

  1. 1.  Alline Watkins USER Driven Development& The Lean Enterprise
  2. 2. Alline Watkinssome enterprises worked: some startups involved: Brazilian Govern some presentations at:
  3. 3. 80% of the software developed is being wasted IAG Consulting, 2008CHAOS Report Standish Group 2002 &
  4. 4. + ENTERPRISESSTARTUPS USER Driven. Development
  5. 5.      ENTERPRISES         STARTUPSExperience Engaged EmployessLarge Scale view Focus on cost reductionStability AdaptabilityCustomers ≠ Users Customers = Users
  6. 6. Lean Startup Topics ●Customer Development ●Uncertainty ●Minimum Viable Product ●Build-Measure-Learn Loop ●Product-Market Fit
  7. 7. Customer Development Tools LEAN UX PROBLEM MATRIX KANBAN BOARD for Customer Dev
  8. 8. "A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty""Unless some of you have beenworking in a specific domain in thelast 20 years or so, the odds areanything you are thinking aboutcustomers and markets are nothingmore than a guess." Steve Blank
  9. 9. Experiments & Minimum Viable Product
  10. 10. Experiments & Minimum Viable ProductA version of a new product which allows ateam to collect the maximum amount ofvalidated learning about customers withthe least effort. (Eric Ries) Just the necessary amount of  features that will make the users use your software. "It is necessary to deeply understand the essence of a product in order to strip away the non-essential parts."  (Jonathan Ive, Apples chief designer)
  11. 11. "For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes." (Pareto Principle)
  12. 12. User Delight x Number of FeaturesCatherine Courage - VP, Product Design –
  13. 13. Small Improvement TheMinimum amount of tasks (MVP) Build-Measure-Learn(just enough to support the next Loopconversation with the end users) Measure How the end users are using the software. (early-adopters) (in a production environment) Learn Stay open to the new directions revealed by end users. (avoid getting stuck to your Product Backlog) Weekly !
  14. 14. Product / Market Fit"Achieving product/market fit requiresat least 40% of users saying theywould be "very disappointed" withoutyour product." Sean Ellis   "It’s very difficult to build a business around a “nice to have” product, so you should keep your burn low while you iterate your core experience to make it a “must have”." Sean Ellis"Product/Market fit is the only thing that matters." Marc Andreesen
  15. 15. MINDSETS
  16. 16. "Ironically, large companies size and culture make disruptive innovation extremely difficult to execute." - Steve Blank and Bob Dorf
  17. 17. Which one is a VIABLE implementation? NONE
  18. 18. While you dont have real usersusing the product, you cant say it is viable.
  20. 20. Cut the fat.“Lean”, is a production practicethat considers the expenditure ofresources for any goal other than thecreation of value for the end customerto be wasteful, and thus a target forelimination.” (From Wikipedia)Lean = preserving value with less work.
  21. 21. Product Backlog, No More!Plan for the current iteration No Upfront Planning
  22. 22. "Teams should adjust what they are doing based onwhat team members learn directly from their efforts."
  23. 23. Attending meetings lowers IQ
  24. 24. The UDD Process
  25. 25. Ideation
  26. 26. Small Improvements Meeting "Startup" Team TED video Its OK to Experiment
  27. 27. Task Breakout Just let Developers do it in real-time.
  28. 28. Development Full-time status exposed
  29. 29. User Experience Early Adopters
  30. 30. Metrics Vanity Payments Logins Visits Satisfaction Clicks AccessUsage Returns Performance INNOVATION ACCOUNTING
  31. 31. Minimum ViableNo backlog ProductNo Hierarchy "Startup" TeamNo Tasking Small ImprovementsNo estimation Task RecyclingNo Def of DoneWaste Not Usage Metrics
  32. 32. A Real Lean EnterpriseEnterprise softwareInnovativeUncertainAgile MethodologyDevelopers + UsersWell Defined VisionLean UXCustomers InterviewsMinimum Viable ProductBuild-Measure-Learn Loop
  33. 33. FEEDBACK , PLEASE !
  34. 34.
  35. 35. "You gotta start with the customer experience and works backward to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you are going to sell it.""Some mistakes will be madealong the way. That’s good becauseat least some decisions are beingmade along the way. And we’ll findthe mistakes and we’ll fix them."Steve Jobs, WWDC 1997