Evaluation 1


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Evaluation 1

  1. 1. Evaluation 1: In what ways doesyour media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? Allin Nuh
  2. 2. Media ProductsThe three media products we created are:• A Music Video• A Digipak• A Magazine advertOur music video is a Hip Hop/R&B themed genre, so we had to use unique codes and put real light on the artist. The codes and conventions we followed weren’t easy to go by as it was distinctive.
  3. 3. Types of Hip hop/R&B representations in MediaWomen:• Represented in a voyeuristic manor, where they tend to have less clothes or more revealing clothing to be exact.• They tend to worship money and love any man with a bit of money, that is a extremely negative light on female as they seem to have their independence stripped of them.• If you look at Lil Kim – Lighters Up, she really does highlight all the negative of Black females, as not only voyeuristic, but also violent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8l_0N8lLWYMen:• Men are represented in a money hungry, jewellery loaded, violent promoting way which is extremely negative and can be deemed offensive to many people.• They tend to wear a lot of jewellery to emphasise on how much money they have and how proud they are of it. They also look down on women as objects and really degrade them in a huge manor.• If you look at French Montana – Pop That (remix), this really shows where women stand in their lives, just as objects and nothing more. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X98HX5nbsCI
  4. 4. Conventions of music video (Hip Hop)Men in Hip Hop: Hip Hop music videos are usually• Jewellery explicit and very violent promoting• Baggy clothing stuff. Men are represented as the• Tattoo’s more successful sex, where ‘money• Sunglasses is power’ and women chase the• Jeans man with money. This way of• Gold Teeth (occasionally) thinking goes back to the 1950’s• Trainers Italian Mafia days where Hip Hop artists such as Rick Ross and Jay-ZWomen in Hip Hop: take inspiration from.• Minimal clothing• Fake hair 2pac – Keep your head up,• Jewellery challenges the stereotype• A lot of make up completely were he looks to women• Bikini (occasionally) as inspirational figure heads and how all men came from a women, so they should respect them.
  5. 5. Setting the lightingOur Music Video Drakes Music VideoThe similarities between both music videos is that we are pretty much usingthe same lighting in certain parts of the music video. I think this really doesshow that this is a hip hop music video as it is not too bright and has aelement of darkness in it, which again shows this is a hip hop music video.
  6. 6. Clothing Lupe Fiasco MusicOur Music Video Video Lupe Fiasco Music VideoOur Music Video
  7. 7. General TheoryThis is where the lyrics establish a general feeling and a sense of subject rather than a meaning. The tempo of the music often drives the editing. The Genre might be reflected in types of mis-en-scene, themes, performance, camera and editing styles. Camerawork, has a major impact on meaning, the movement, angle and shot distance all play a part in the representation of the artist/band (for example the use of close-ups will show inferiority and importance). Editing the most common form is fast-cut montage, rendering many images impossible to grasp on first viewing, so ensuring multiple viewing. Often enhancing the editing are digital effects, which play with the original images to offer a different type of pleasure to the audience. Intertextuality, not all viewers will recognise a reference which would not detract them from their pleasure in the text itself, but if he viewer was to realise the reference it should increase the audiences engagement regarding the product. Lastly exhibitionism, this is where the powerful independent female artists portray an image where the woman is being sexually provocative and apparently in control of and inviting a sexual gaze.
  8. 8. Andrew Goodwin’s Theory•• Visuals illustrate, amplify or contradict the lyrics and music. Genres often have their own music style/iconography. Close-ups should always be included. The artist/ band might want to develop their own star iconography, which becomes their star image. Voyeurism is a common theme within music videos. Intertextual references are also popular. Goodwin argues that the female performer is frequently objectified principally for display purposes, often through a combination of camerawork and editing with fragmented body shots emphasising a sexualised treatment of the star.• Looking at our music video, comparing similarities with this theory isn’t really hard; In fact it’s pretty easy. Our music video does place emphasis on the main artist by using camera angles such as close-ups on the artists face and jewellery. A star image was definitely created with the main artist being involved in the main ‘glamorous scenes’. However, voyeurism is also shown in the music video with the male lusting over the female.
  9. 9. Lyrics and Genre • Lyrics: • Once in love Strong Now its long, long gone Because the pain, pain, pain I remain all alone Because I want you [Repeat: x2] I been thinking bout I been thinking bout I been thinking about you lately Thoughts take me to when we were close Addicted 2 your love, feel I need another dose I know its a feeling That should be long gone Things seem to come up When I hear our song Golden brown girl, it seem so long Since I heard your voice Where did the king go wrong?•• Lyrics: These lyrics aren’t very visual but more or less have a deep feeling of emotion and love instead of visuals and physical motions. The audience should sense a type of emotion and love when listening to the lyrics, but the music isn’t really slow and mellow so it would be difficult at the same time.•• Genre: looking at the lyrics, it’s obvious that the mis-en-scene has to create a heart throbbing and warm feeling in the audience. This kind of feeling might bore young teenagers who aren’t really into all that lovey dovey stuff but maybe some elders in mature relationships or some who just got out of some might find this very interesting.•• Editing: the music tempo plays a huge part in the video; the cutting of the scenes is basically down to the tempo of the music. As the music is pretty fast in some parts, a lot of cutting has dominated in the music video.
  10. 10. Our Digipak
  11. 11. Conclusion (Music Video)How we used conventions:• The main artist is wearing a baseball cap with lots of jewellery which signifies the genre (hip hop/R&B)• The use of special filter effects such as Crisp contrast and cold steel to make key scenes from our video look similar to real media products.How we challenged conventions:• The female in video was completely modest and covered, this counter types the hip hop/R&B music genre as females usually tend to have little or no clothing.• The male representation is also challenged were the male has a really soft and subtle touch with the female, something you don’t usually see in hip hop music videos.
  12. 12. Conclusion (DigiPak)