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Yesterday & Today: King Street Station in Photos


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King Street Station, located on Jackson Street between Third and Fourth Avenue S., is a brick and granite three-story building with a twelve-story clock tower. The ground floor, accessed from King Street, is clad in granite. The walls of the second and third floors, as well as the clock tower, are faced in pressed brick with decorative terra cotta elements such as cornices and window lintels.

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Yesterday & Today: King Street Station in Photos

  1. 1. Yesterday & Today: King Street Station in Photos
  2. 2. King Street Station under construction (1904-1906)
  3. 4. ALL ABOARD!
  4. 7. Main Waiting Room (looking northeast)
  5. 8. Main Waiting Room (looking northwest)
  6. 10. Women’s Waiting Room The area once known as the “women’s waiting room” will be restored and may be the future location for a coffee shop or restaurant
  7. 11. Looking north toward downtown King Street Station (left), Smith Tower (middle) and Union Station (Right)
  8. 13. Present Day King Street Station
  9. 15. Restored Compass Room Restored in 2005, the main entry provides a glimpse of King Street Station’s original historic character
  10. 17. View of original ceiling from main floor
  11. 18. View of original ceiling and top of lowered ceiling from second floor
  12. 19. King Street Station clock tower The station’s 245-foot signature clock tower was modeled after the San Marco bell tower of Venice, Italy. It houses four clocks, each of 14-foot diameter.
  13. 22. Damaged clock face
  14. 23. King Street Station clock gears
  15. 25. Tower roof
  16. 27. King Street Station tower and microwave dishes
  17. 29. Elegant original finishes remain intact amid evidence of neglect on the station’s second and third floors
  18. 34. Restoration Underway! A contractor removes the northern clock face hands
  19. 35. New paint is applied to clock face
  20. 36. 45’ microwave tower is removed
  21. 37. New roof tile is installed on station roof
  22. 38. View of roof installation (looking east)